July 2019

Design MEP sanitary systems with high-quality, manufacturer-specific content

DYKA, Marley, Ostendorf Kunststoffe, POLOPLAST, Wavin, Aco, Akatherm, Blücher and Nicoll all in one App for Revit

The Product Line Placer for Sanitary Systems App for Revit allows MEP engineers and MEP contractors across the world to use a variety of manufacturer-specific products.

The Product Line Placer for Sanitary Systems combines localized, specific product- and trade data from 10 leading manufacturers with a powerful designing tool for Revit. Using the in-app Autorouting functionality, designing piping systems is done swiftly. Using the optimizer functionality all fittings are automatically updated to your self-set preferences.

Done designing? Simply create a bill of materials by the hit of a button with up-to-date content.

10 manufacturers, 36 Product Lines for rainwater, sewerage, soil, and wastewater

Interested? Spend 2 minutes to download the app from and experience the time this app can save you. Try the App for free and upgrade to the full version to make use of everything the App has to offer.

The Application has localized content for Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Sweden and the United Kingdom but can also be used in all other countries.

Make your life easier with the new Revit apps for pumps and sanitary systems!

Recently, two new Revit apps were developed by MEPcontent: the Product Line Placer for Sanitary Systems and the Product Line Placer for Pumps.

Product Line Placer for Sanitary Systems

Design sanitary systems with high-quality, manufacturer-specific content with the Product Line Placer for Sanitary Systems App for Revit. The auto routing functionality saves time by automatically adding the right manufacturer-specific fittings to your system as you draw. The innovative optimization functionality allows you to set optimization preferences for different scenarios and to optimize your entire system at a click of a button. Use the in-app predefined schedules and order your items directly from the material lists with a guaranteed up-to-date content.

The following content is included in the Full version of the App: DYKA, Marley, Ostendorf Kunststoffe, POLOPLAST, Valsir, Wavin, Aco, Akatherm, Blücher, Nicoll

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Product Line Placer for Pumps

The Product Line Placer for Pumps App for Revit allows MEP engineers across the world to easily place pumps in Revit from multiple manufacturers. Save time by searching for pumps on keywords or by filtering on technical properties to find the pumps that meet your requirements in a matter of seconds. Even more, you can use the predefined schedules equipped with 100% reliable manufacturer-specific data to order your pumps directly from within your project environment.

The following content is included in the Full version of the App: KSB, Biral, Grundfos, Wilo

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Busch-Jaeger Switch Range Configurator App for Revit

With the Busch-Jaeger Switch Range Configurator App, you can easily design, manage and configure complete sets of switch ranges, even for the largest BIM and MEP projects.

All switches and inserts for a project can be configured and managed using Revit BIM software. Experiment with the variety of design options and functions with the correct annotation offered by this App to streamline your design in both 2D and 3D.

The newest update also includes the Busch-axcent®️ switch range. Straight lines and bold edges perfectly correspond with the modern style of furnishing. Primary colours can be used as a colour-key for quick and efficient organisation of appliances and equipment.

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System VIROTEC®️ from Salzgitter Mannesmann

Salzgitter Mannesmann offers a series of steel products in all dimensions and grades - raw or industrially prefabricated. With many years of experience in steel processing, Salzgitter Mannesmann stands for the highest quality standards, also in flame cutting of special steels.

Recently added on MEPcontent as Product Line Sheet for Stabicad is system VIROTEC®️ from Salzgitter Mannesmann, the comprehensive system for piping construction of sprinkler systems. System VIROTEC®️ is a coordinated product range of pipe connection elements, for use in pipeline construction, especially for sprinkler systems (automatic, stationary fire extinguishing systems).

These are innovative and efficient products with features like easy and quick installation, high reliability, an extensive assortment, appealing design and high-quality workmanship.

The development, production and distribution of the products take place under the conditions of a recognized QM system according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
June 2019

New DWG and IFC files for Ubbink Air Excellent

The Air Excellent air distribution system from Ubbink is ductwork designed to distribute air for central mechanical ventilation systems with (and without) heat recovery used to ventilate residential and small commercial buildings.

Besides the Revit template and families, there are also DWG and IFC files available as of now to complete your projects.

Download Air Excellent files

Henco manifolds available as Revit families

Nowadays it is possible to add underfloor heating manifolds to your designs in an easy and quick way, thanks to the Henco Product Line Placer. Next to the existing data, such as the PVDF, Super Sizes and Vision ranges, you will find Henco underfloor heating manifolds in the Henco Product Line Placer.

The Henco range includes both composite as steel manifolds. One of these composite manifolds, is the UFH-MDK manifold, which is suited for both housing and utility buildings. It is compact in construction and has adaptable fixing brackets, which enables a smooth installation. This manifold is equipped with flowmeters, control valves for each circuit. Outlets are connected with a euroconus 3/4” connection. Discover our MDK-manifold here.

Take a look at the complete Henco range here:

- Composite manifolds
o MDK-manifold > Composite manifold with adjustable flow meter, thermometer washer and air vent.
o CD > composite manifold , adjustable with flow meter
o CDP > composite manifold, adjustable with flow meter and A-pump
o CDT1 > Composite manifold, city heating with A-pump

- Steel manifolds
o SECO > steel collector with A-pump
o SLT > Steel collector with A-pump (low temperature)

General update Product Line Sheets

Last month, the newest version of Stabicad, Stabicad 12, was released. Stabicad 12 includes a new module for integrated electrical calculations in Revit, greatly improved high-quality uniform content and extensive functionality for prefabrication and recesses.

With the release of Stabicad 12, there was also an update for several Product Line Sheets (PLS) on MEPcontent and in Stabicad. This general update includes a new supported connection type for the PLS files of SANHA, Raccorderie Metalliche Spa, Geberit, Henco, DYKA, Wavin, Viega and VSH. Also, new PLS files were added for manufacturer Valsir (BRAVOpress®️, Pexal EASY®️ and Pexal BRASS®️ series) and for manufacturer IVAR (MP, MPL, MPLC, MPC and Press series).

More information about Product Line Sheets can be found here.
May 2019

New content for Remeha

New files are available for the Remeha's Mercuria, Eria Tower and Neptuna indoor units, the Aqua Cella 1000L load tank and the GAS 310 Eco Pro gas boilers.

Remeha is a European manufacturer and distributor of innovative heating and hot water systems and services. Remeha is part of the BDR Thermea Group, a world-leading manufacturer and distributor of smart climate and sanitary hot water solutions.

Download the new Remeha files here!

New products for Mitsubishi Electric available

Specific Italian localized content has been made available for many products of Mitsubishi Electric in RFA, DWG and IFC file format.

View here the complete overview on MEPcontent.

Want to optimize your workflow in Revit and AutoCAD for products of Mitsubishi Electric? The Mitsubishi Electric System Designer App is the perfect choice to efficiently design air conditioning systems.

Download the free app!

Optimize your work flow in Revit with the Raccorderie Metalliche Product Line Placer

The free Raccorderie Metalliche Product Line Placer App for Revit makes it easy to design piping systems with accurate and localized Raccorderie Metalliche content. You can select products from the InoxPres, InoxPres Gas, InoxPres HT, InoxPres Steam, SteelPres, AESPres, AESPres Gas, MarinePres and Uniko product series.
Download the app!

All mentioned product series are also available as Product Line Sheets in Stabicad. You can import the Product Line Sheets as of now in Stabicad.

Work with Rf-Technologies products in Revit

Rf-Technologies is a prominent European manufacturer of fire-resistant solutions for compartmentation and smoke evacuation. The wide product range encompasses fire and smoke evacuation dampers, fire resistant grills, collars and sealing material.

Country-specific Revit files can be downloaded here.

Place and export Flamco hangers and rails: Introducing the Productivity Tools and MEPcontent Browser

Combine the free Productivity Tools with the MEPcontent Browser apps and place/export Flamco products! Rails and brackets can be selected with the MEPcontent Browser, while the Productivity Tools app makes it easy to attach hangers to pipes. The available Flamco content is of high quality with all the data you need. Watch the video for the complete workflow.

Download the free apps: the Productivity Tools and the MEPcontent Browser.

View the complete library of Flamco content here.

UPS Conceptpower DPA500 from ABB

ABB's UPS Conceptpower DPA500 is available on MEPcontent and can be downloaded as RFA, DWG and IFC files as of now!

Conceived for medium-sized and large data centers, ABB’s UPS Conceptpower DPA 500 fulfils power requirements from 100 kW to 3 MW and provides maximum availability for those who aim for zero downtime as well as a low cost of ownership.

The principal mission of the UPS is to protect the servers. The UPS function can be located centrally or located beside each row of servers so-called “end of row”. The Conceptpower DPA 500 is a perfect fit for both, centralized and decentralized “end-of-row” power protection – thanks to its truly modular and scalable architecture.

Download the content here!

Brand new JUNG app for Revit available for free!

The free JUNG Switch Range Configurator App for Revit enables you to easily design, manage and configure complete sets of switch ranges, even for the largest BIM and MEP projects.

Experiment with the variety of design options and functions with the correct annotation offered by this App to streamline your design in both 2D and 3D. Always up-to-date with the latest JUNG product data available in your country.

Information about this brand new free App is also available in German, French and Dutch.

Download the free JUNG app!

New supply systems available in the Valsir Product Line Placer

The free Valsir Product Line Placer App for Revit enables MEP engineers to draw Valsir supply and waste systems twice as fast with up-to-date and localized Valsir content. We would like to inform you about important new functionalities available for the app.

Besides waste systems, it is now also possible to draw with Valsir supply systems. This means that besides the waste connection of a washbasin, you can also connect the tap. In addition to placing rigid / straight sewage pipes, you can now also place flexible pipes from the supply systems product series.

For the supply series the BravoPress®️, PexalBrass®️ and PexalEasy®️ product series have been added. The Valsir Mixal®️ and Pexal®️ pipes can also be combined with the BravoPress®️, PexalBrass®️ and PexalEasy®️ fittings.

Download the app!
April 2019
March 2019

Energy Reduction & Acoustic Comfort with Sabiana Fan Coil Units

"Offering BIM files for our products is no longer a choice, it's a must" according to Luca Binaghi, Commercial Director for Sabiana. "BIM is an essential part of the workflow of our customers nowadays. Offering accurate 3D content, equipped with correct technical and product information is very important to us. MEPcontent is an important partner in our BIM strategy, offering both a BIM platform with a global reach and expertise when it comes to BIM for the MEP industry."

MEPcontent users can download the BIM files for Sabiana products for free from the MEPcontent platform.

Sabiana Carisma

The Sabiana Carisma extensive fan coil range includes wall and ceiling mounted units, exposed or concealed with either tangential or centrifugal fan options, delivering one of the most versatile ranges of fan coils on the market today. Units covers are made from strong plastic lateral corners and galvanized frontal steel sheet. The plastic top grid has fixed louvres and is reversible in order to distribute the air in two different directions.

Sabiana SkyStar

The SkyStar ECM series uses an innovative brushless electric motor controlled by an inverter card that varies the air flow continuously by means of a 1-10 V signal generated by Sabiana controls (versicontrollersIR) or by independent contollers (version SK-ECM). The extreme efficiency, also at a low speed, makes possible a great reduction in electric consumption (more than 75% less in comparison to a traditional motor) with absorption values, under normal operating conditions, that are no greater than 10 Watt in the entire range.

About Sabiana

Sabiana is an Italian company which conceives, designs and manufactures appliances for air-condition spaces where people work and live. The company builds equipment and systems to heat and cool any type of space: factories, offices, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and houses. Always based on the most natural element in existence: water.