February 2020

New content in the BIM library of IVAR!

For manufacturer IVAR, a large amount of new Revit content is added to the BIM library. The VARIMIX, TECHNONMIX, COMBIMIX, MULTIMIX, UNIMIX / UNIMIX-C, POLIFEMO / POLIFEMO PLUS, Dirtstop / Dirtstop XL, Fan-Coil Unit Kit, EASY-RADIANT and EASY-LOCK Modular manifolds and EQCP1 Equicompact Metering Module are now available as Revit file format.

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Climaveneta units are now on

Mitsubishi Electric is pleased to announce the launch of the Climaventa Branded i-BX / i-NX Chillers and i-BX-N Heatpump series in BIM format on

Climaveneta is a Mitsubishi Electric leading brand specialized in hydronic systems for Air conditioning in Comfort and Process Cooling applications.

Established in 1971 in Italy, Climaveneta rapidly became a premium brand for high efficiency chillers and smart heat pumps in the most demanding projects worldwide. In 2015 Mitsubishi Electric acquired Climaveneta together with RC, another premium Italian company specialized in IT cooling. Since then Climaveneta and RC are key brands in Mitsubishi Electric portfolio. The products are manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems: the Mitsubishi Electric Group company specialized in hydronic systems and IT Cooling solutions, resulting from the merger of Climaveneta and RC. Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems is headquartered in Italy and has 12 manufacturing plants in Europe, China, and India.

More information about Mitsubishi Electric and Climaveneta brands can be found on the Mitsubishi Electric brand page and the Climaveneta brand page.

The first series released are: the i-NX, i-BX and i-BX-N series.

i-NX series - Air cooled liquid chillers for outdoor installation from 43,9 - 129 kW

The i-NX units are high-efficiency chillers for outdoor installation, with inverter-driven scroll compressors driven, using R410A refrigerant, micro-channel condensation coil, brazed plate heat exchanger and electronic expansion valve as standard.
A flexible and reliable machine that adapts to the most diverse load conditions thanks to the accurate temperature control combined with the use of inverter technology. The precise design and use of innovative fixed speed motors together with variable speed motors (inverters) ensure a high level of energy efficiency both at full load and at partial loads.

i-BX series - Air cooled liquid chillers for outdoor installation from 4,3-35,1 kW

The i-BX units are chillers for outdoor installation, with inverter driven hermetic rotary compressors and R410A refrigerant, air side heat exchanger with copper tubes and aluminum fins, water side steel brazed plate heat exchanger. The unit is equipped with electronic expansion valve and integrated hydraulic module as standard. A flexible and reliable unit that adapts to the actual load conditions thanks to the accurate temperature control combined with the use of inverter technology. The precise design and the use of innovative variable speed motors (inverters) ensures a high level of energy efficiency both at full and partial loads.

i-BX-N series - Air cooled heat pumps for outdoor installation from 4,2-35,1 kW

The i-BX-N units are reversible heat pumps for outdoor installations, designed for the production of cold / hot water and domestic hot water production, with hermetic rotary compressors with variable speed (Inverter Driven) in a single-circuit configuration using R410A refrigerant, air side heat exchanger with copper tubes and aluminum fins, water side steel brazed plate heat exchanger. The unit is equipped with electronic expansion valve and integrated hydraulic module as standard. i-BX-N adapts to the most diverse load conditions thanks to the accurate temperature control combined with the use of inverter technology, ensuring a high level of energy efficiency both at full and partial loads.

All models are available as Revit .RFA files, AutoCAD .DWG files and .IFC files. Download the files now and work directly with Climaveneta models in your projects!

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January 2020

Smoke shutters Kamouflage and Avantage series from Rf-Technologies

Newly available on MEPcontent: BIM files for the Kamouflage and Avantage smoke shutters from Rf-Technologies.

Smoke shutters of the Kamouflage series have an aesthetic finish as well as a high air-tightness and thermal and acoustic insulation. Its plasterboard panel replaces the finishing grill and enables a decorative finish to be applied to match the adjacent wall finish. The shutter offers a fire-resistance of 60 or 120 minutes and ensures a minimal pressure loss.

Smoke shutters of the Avantage series are noted for its superior airtight properties. The shutter offers a fire-resistance of 60 or 120 minutes and ensures minimum pressure loss.

The new content is available as Revit .RFA file format on the BIM files page of Rf-Technologies. Also, the series is available in the Product Line Sheet of Rf-technologies in Stabicad for Revit and AutoCAD.

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General update for DP-Pumps files on MEPcontent!

Major update of BIM files from DP-Pumps

DP-Pumps has realized a major update of their BIM library on MEPcontent. Existing Revit, AutoCAD and IFC files have been replaced with up to date data for the HU1 Single Line and HU2/HU3/HU4 Base Line and Premium Line. Also, you can find Revit, AutoCAD and IFC files for the new Utility Line which have been added as of now. The coming months the Utility Line will be extended with new models. Keep an eye on the newsletter and the DP-Pumps page so you will be notified when new models are added in the future!

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December 2019

Mitsubishi Electric System Designer update for AutoCAD!

There is a new update for the Mitsubishi Electric System Designer App for AutoCAD!

The latest features within the MMESD App is AutoCAD functionality which includes:

  • Drawing Pipework function makes it easier to draw, for instance, refrigerant pipes in AutoCAD within the App. This way you can directly connect them to your Mitsubishi Electric equipment

  • Export Mitsubishi Electric products and piping systems from your AutoCAD drawing to the Mitsubishi Electric's "New Design Tool"

  • Export Mitsubishi Electric products from your AutoCAD drawing to a .csv format completely ready to send this export file to your Mitsubishi Electric dealer to order the articles

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Viega Smartpress now available!

Viega Smartpress is the next major step in flexible floor installation. The innovative press connector system combines know-how gathered over many years, tried-and-tested technology and high-quality, corrosion-resistant and durable materials in a single connector. It furthermore combines speedy processing and minimum pressure losses to ensure safe and economically efficient drinking water and heating installations.

For Stabicad for Revit and AutoCAD, users can now import the Viega Smartpress Product Line Sheet with 178 types of pipes and fittings. Additional Revit families are also generated to work in Revit. Download all content now and update your projects!

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New - Junction boxes from Attema added to JUNG Switch Range Configurator!

The junction boxes from Attema are now available in the JUNG Switch Range Configurator. The junction boxes from Attema will give you the best and fastest solution. The junction boxes can be easily selected after you have finished the configuration.

The free JUNG Switch Range Configurator App for Revit enables you to easily design, manage and configure complete sets of switch ranges, even for the largest BIM and MEP projects.

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November 2019

MEPcontent Cyberdeal 2019 = 90% discount on three selected Apps

Black Friday / Boxing day / Cybermonday / Christmas / New Year.
It’s the season to look after each other and be generous.

So we got you a deal. Oh, actually two great deals.

1) Check out our promo video showing a shopping mall under construction to find the discount code to get 90% off for the Productivity Tools App, the Openings for MEP App and the Export and Import Excel App.

2) For those of you in America, we also offer a great estimating solution called TruEst.
We will be offering 50% off a 12-month subscription for TruEst, so 6 months free. 

Regular price: $780
Promotional price: $390 (50% off)
Promo Code: CYBERMEP50

Go to this link to get the Cyber TruEst deal.

Act fast!

These offers last until Dec 6th and will be a one-time offer.

How to optimize your work with Raccorderie Metalliche products in your projects?

Did you know that for global manufacturer Raccorderie Metalliche, you actually have different options to choose from to work with products in your projects? Raccorderie Metalliche has made it easy for you as a user to choose which way you prefer.

Raccorderie Metalliche BIM App

The free Raccorderie Metalliche Product Line Placer App for Revit makes it easy to design piping systems with accurate and localized Raccorderie Metalliche content. You can select products from the InoxPres, InoxPres Gas, InoxPres HT, InoxPres Steam, SteelPres, AESPres, AESPres Gas, MarinePres and Uniko product series. Download the app here.

Product Line Sheets for Stabicad

For Stabicad users, all mentioned product series are also available as Product Line Sheets in Stabicad for Revit and AutoCAD. You can import the Product Line Sheets directly in Stabicad.

More information about Product Line Sheets can be found here.

Extensive BIM Library

Lastly, to complement the content available in the Product Line Placer App for Revit and the Product Line Sheets in Stabicad, separate Revit files are available to download from or directly via the MEPcontent Browser (also available in Stabicad). For the complete overview, please visit the Raccorderie Metalliche library here.

New on MEPcontent: UKV buffer tanks from NIBE

The UKV buffer tanks from NIBE are now available as .RFA, .DWG and .IFC files.
The NIBE UKV series buffer tanks can be used together with heat pumps to increase the volume of water in the heating system for more stable operation. The series consists universally applicable buffer tanks with a capacity of approximately 40 to 990 liters.

The 40 and 100 liter versions are damp-proof insulated. Due to the wide choice of formats and the large number of connection options - for some types also for electric heating elements - with this series of buffer tanks, NIBE offers a suitable solution for many installations.

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New content for De Dietrich Thermique

For manufacturer De Dietrich Thermique, the Evodens Pro gas condensing boiler cascade systems are available in Revit, AutoCAD and .IFC format.

Evodens Pro

The new Evodens Pro boiler is ultra-high performing with an output range from 109.7 kW up to 877 kW in a cascade of 8 boilers, thanks to its compact packaged heating body made from aluminium/silicon alloy with a large heat exchange surface area and high resistance. It requires a very low irrigation flow rate thanks to the burner regulator device which manages the transition phases within the installation. The front access facilitates maintenance and saves time. Its stainless steel premix burner means it is high performing, its surface made from braided metal fibres means it adapts perfectly to all requirements with its output modulation from 18 to 100%.

Update your projects now with the most recent data!

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October 2019

New files for ABB DPA 250 S4

New Revit, AutoCAD and .IFC files can be downloaded for the ABB DPA 250 S4.

A DPA 250 S4 tem uma arquitetura modular de alta eficiência que oferece a melhor fiabilidade para organizações ambientalmente conscientes e com tempo de inatividade zero e baixo custo de propriedade. O DPA 250 S4 foi especialmente projetado para ambientes de computação críticos e de alta densidade, como data centers de tamanho pequeno a médio.

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Update Sprinkler System for Henco

Manufacturer Henco has performed an update for their Sprinkler System. This system offers installers a complete solution with great flexibility. It consists of, for example, the Sprinkler Multilayer System, Sprinkler fittings and the Sprinkler Cup. The Henco multilayer pipe PE-Xc/AL/PE-Xc offers all the advantages of metal and synthetic. Add herewith the proven qualities of PVDF press fittings together with the easy to use tools and you get a state of the art sprinkler system.

The Henco Product Line Placer app for Revit is updated with the latest information. Also, a Revit family for the Xpress Sprinkler Cup is made available. Stabicad users can download the new Henco PVDF Product line Sheet additionally.

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New files available of manufacturer SMA in cooperation with Rexel!

As of now, Revit families, AutoCAD .dwg files and IFC files are available for manufacturer SMA.

Electrical engineering wholesaler Rexel works closely together with SMA (System, Mess and Anlagentechnik),a global solar energy equipment supplier.

Rexel, worldwide expert in the professional multichannel distribution of electrical products and services for the energy world, addresses three main markets - residential, commercial and industrial.

Files for a variety of inverters and the SMA Home Manager 2.0 / SMA Data Manager M are now available to complete your project!

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MEPcontent = Trimble

You have probably noticed this already, MEPcontent has been acquired by Trimble as part of the Stabiplan B.V. acquisition back in January 2018 (MEPcontent is a brand of Stabiplan B.V.).

As a MEPcontent user, you know what has to offer as the largest BIM library for MEP engineers with manufacturer-specific content for your Revit or AutoCAD projects.

What can Trimble offer?

In this article, I would like to show you what Trimble has to offer on top of what you are used to working with.

Next to MEPcontent which helps you with your Design & Detailing workflow (to do the work) Trimble also offers Estimating and Takeoff software (to win the work), such as TruEst for estimators in North America.

We just launched a new campaign called: "We have an App for that", showing you an overview of all relevant Apps, from TruEst up to the MEP Apps.

The great thing about these Apps is that you can buy them from our e-com store without any hassle to get you started right away. You can just order it from your own PC and start working with it in a matter of minutes.

Are you a SysQue user? I got good news for you. You can use the MEP Apps for free for five years as part of your SysQue subscription. So this is also great news if you are considering buying SysQue.

Do you rather talk to one of our sales staff for more specs? Sure you can, just fill in the form with your Product Interest and we make sure you are contacted by one of our experts asap.

Thanks to Trimble, we can offer you more content, more manufacturers, more products and more value.

Have questions? Just drop us an email:

Product Line Sheet KSB updated with BOA-Compact and BOA-H globe valves

The KSB Product Line Sheet (PLS) for Stabicad has been updated with BOA-Compact and BOA-H globe valves.

BOA-Compact valves accommodate two functions in one small space: shut-off and throttling. Used in hot-water heating and air-conditioning systems, the globe valves offer reliable and maintenance-free operation. The BOA-H globe valves are known for their absolute reliability and energy efficiency. The short, easy-to-insulate bonnet minimises heat losses.
Update the KSB PLS file in Stabicad now to get access to the new content.

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September 2019

ABB Switch Range Configurator app for Revit

With the ABB Switch Range Configurator app, you can easily design, manage and configure complete sets of switch ranges, even for the largest BIM and MEP projects. All switches and inserts for a project can be configured and managed using Revit BIM software. Experiment with the variety of design options and functions with the correct annotation offered by this App to streamline your design in both 2D and 3D

The newest update also includes the Busch-axcent®️ switch range. Straight lines and bold edges perfectly correspond with the modern style of furnishing. Primary colours can be used as a colour-key for quick and efficient organisation of appliances and equipment.

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August 2019

New! Duck Strip files for manufacturer Sabiana!

For Sabiana, Revit files of the Duck Strip have been added. The Sabiana Duck Strip radiant panels are produced in 8 different models, with 2 standard colours, and others upon request. Each model features elements measuring 4 and 6 metres in length (3 and 5 metres upon request). Each element can be easily connected by pressfittings or by welding the pipes (in the latter case the pipes are supplied with belled ends to assist coupling and welding).

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July 2019

Pumps to join the Trimble MEP Apps family

Pumps, Valves and Piping Systems Apps for an MEP seamless workflow

MEPcontent, part of Trimble, launched a new App to place manufacturer-specific pumps into Revit projects to allow MEP specialists around the world to save time and work with high-quality detailed products build based on the data delivered by manufacturers to give an accurate representation.

The Product Line Placer for Pumps App for Revit allows MEP engineers and MEP contractors across the world to easily place pumps in Revit from multiple manufacturers.

Save time by searching for pumps on keywords or by filtering on technical properties to find the pumps that meet your requirements in a matter of seconds.

Even more, you can use the predefined schedules equipped with 100% reliable manufacturer-specific data to order your pumps directly from within your project environment.

Download the App, install it on your PC and start working with it to experience yourself how helpful it can be while working on mechanical projects in Revit.

4 famous pump manufacturers, 30+ Pump Product lines including double pumps

KSB, Biral, Grundfos and Wilo are all included in this plugin. The MEPcontent Product Line Placer for Pumps for Revit plugin can be downloaded and tried for free on The Application has localized content for Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom but can also be used in all other countries.