March 2022

Vent-Axia Uniflexplus+ program expanded with new diameter

Vent-Axia unburdens with products aimed at convenience. The Uniflexplus+ air distribution system is designed to make installing a ventilation system as quick and easy as possible. Thanks to the unique click system, the ducts are connected to the distributors and valve collectors in a fraction of the time. Just a few clicks for an airtight connection.

Until now, Uniflexplus+ was available in a 1xØ90mm and 2xØ90mm version. Now Vent-Axia presents an extension to the Uniflexplus+ flexible plastic air distribution system: Uniflexplus+ Ø69mm. With this extension, they have a complete plastic air distribution system that is suitable for any type of residential construction. As of now, the Uniflexplus+ 69 is available for download on MEPcontent.

Uniflexplus+ 69

Uniflexplus+ 69 builds on the trusted click principle. Few components are required for a fast airtight connection. Ø69mm is suitable for new construction and renovation with a more limited construction height. Compared to systems with smaller duct diameters, such as Ø63 mm, there is less air speed, noise and energy consumption. These important advantages are the result of a lower pressure drop at the air flow rates to be achieved. Air flow rates that are easy to calculate in multiples of 25m³/h at a speed of 2.5m/s. There is sufficient margin for balancing and achieving the flow rate, so that installing an extra duct and/or valve is not necessary.

New with the Ø69mm duct, is the meter indication on the duct. This makes measuring the duct unnecessary. The duct is also easy to cut with the new Uniflexplus+ cutting blade. The new clickable bracket is easy to break off for 1, 2 or 3 ducts.
Uniflexplus+ 69 will be available in the second quarter of 2022. For data management of our wholesale customers, all information is already available now, to encode and publish this category in the systems.

Ready for the future

Vent-Axia tailors product features and components to maximize installation time. As a manufacturer of the flexible plastic air distribution system, Vent-Axia always has an eye for the future. Uniflexplus+ is continuously being developed. Building faster and smarter means, among other things, ensuring lower air velocities while preserving air volumes, flexibility and ease of installation. With the arrival of the new diameter, Vent-Axia Uniflexplus+ is prepared for the future and suitable for every type of housing construction.

More information about the flexible plastic air distribution system can be found at

Russian BIM content no longer available on

MEPcontent has BIM content available for the Russian region via the selection option for Russian localization on and in several branded manufacturer Apps.

Because of the Trade Embargo and and on behalf of the U.S. Government, Trimble will no longer actively host Russian content on their network.

We would like to inform you that based on the Trimble statement this content will be made invisible and no longer reachable for the MEPcontent users and App users until further notice. We will make sure to update you once the situation changes.

Trimble Statement on Ukraine

Trimble strongly condemns the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by the Russian government. As of last week, we ceased selling our products and services in Russia and Belarus. Our primary focus continues to be on the welfare of our employees and partners in Ukraine and Russia. Through the Trimble Foundation, we are also contributing to urgently needed humanitarian relief for displaced Ukrainian citizens. For more information:

New from Zehnder: ComfoCube Flex manifold

Always the appropriate manifold at your hands.

Thanks to the new Zehnder ComfoCube Flex, countless connection variants are available to you in combination with the Zehnder air distribution system. Download it now on MEPcontent!

The new manifold for flush and surface mounting ComfoCube Flex is available in many preconfigured models. But if the right model is missing, it can be configured with just a few clicks using the practical web configurator.

The interesting price-performance ratio applies not only to the preconfigured quality modules but also to the individually configured connection solutions.

Benefit from the advantages of the Zehnder ComfoCube Flex distributor, from planning through to installation:

• Flexible and quick planning
• Interesting price-performance ratio
• Fast delivery times and simple assembly

Discover all the possible configurations of the ComfoCube Flex manifold on the Zehnder website.

Discover the new Vaillant tanks and DHW stations for multi-family houses

Don’t miss them out! With the expanded DHW portfolio for multi-family houses, you make the best choice for your customer and support the transition to climate-friendly heat pumps. 

We recently published several updated product ranges for multi-family house applications on! Our new appliances are created for high user comfort and sustainable heating.

The new uniSTOR plus is available in new storage sizes and for our heat pump storage units (uniSTOR plus VIH RW), this is a novelty in the industry. By summer, new product sizes of 1500 and 2000 litres will be available for our heat pump storage tanks (uniSTOR plus). The new allSTOR plus, a multi-functional storage for every need and every heating system, has also been improved and impresses with its large storage capacity and versatile usability for combining multiple energy sources. The new storage tanks are designed for an operating pressure of up to 6 bar. The new aguaFLOW plus as an excellent domestic hot water station is now available in different versions for high level of comfort for the user. The market launch will be in the summer 2022.
For further information, please visit the Vaillant website or your country specific Vaillant website.
November 2021

Intergas Xource, all-electric heat pump

The Intergas Xource is a fully in-house developed heat pump with some very recognizable Intergas features. It lacks a three-way valve and uses the same ICX platform for the burner controller as is used in the Intergas Xtreme units. Read more.

Climaveneta’s offering of chillers and heat pumps on MEPcontent considerably expanded

Climaveneta is Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems Group's specialized brand for hydronic comfort applications. As a European leader in the HVAC industry, Climaveneta has provided premium air conditioning and heating solutions for the most challenging and demanding projects worldwide for over 45 years.

The result is the most complete range of advanced solutions providing enhanced usability, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability to modern buildings, as well as for the health, and well-being of the people who spend their time there.

Download the latest Climaveneta BIM content on

About Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems

Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A. designs, manufactures, and markets high efficiency, reliable, economically viable, eco-sustainable solutions and value adding services worldwide, in particular by embracing renewable energy sources, operating in the market with two brands: Climaveneta and RC.

About Climaveneta

Climaveneta is a Mitsubishi Electric leading brand specialized in hydronic systems for Air conditioning in Comfort and Process Cooling applications.

Thanks to over 45 year experience, Climaveneta solutions stand for high efficiency, reliability and smart use of renewable energy sources in the most demanding projects worldwide.

Climaveneta was established in 1971 in Italy and rapidly became a premium brand for chillers and smart heat pumps in Europe, China and India. In 2015 Climaveneta was acquired by Mitsubishi Electric group together with RC, another premium Italian company specialized in IT cooling. Since then Climaveneta and RC are key brands in Mitsubishi Electric portfolio. The products are manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems: the Mitsubishi Electric Group company specialized in hydronic systems and IT Cooling solutions, headquartered in Italy with operations in Europe, China, and India.

Climaveneta's mission is to provide energy efficient heating, air conditioning, and optimization solutions that enhance everyone's comfort, improve the profitability of buildings and do not contribute to an increase in CO2 levels.

ABB service space update BIM files: Gemini, Europa, Mistral and UK600

We’ve done a big update on the service space of ABB BIM files on!

The service space is now customized in 335 file types of the series Gemini, Europa, Mistral and UK600: the service space is adjustable and adapts to any size of the combiners. For the UK600 the service space was updated with the door opening at 120°. All combiners without doors do not have a service space and obsolete BIM files were removed.

Valsir and Trimble extend Valsir 3D design app for Revit with calculations functionality

MEPcontent BIM library integration ensures seamless design integration of over 1,250 Valsir components in MEP projects

MEPcontent, Trimble’s BIM library for MEP specialists, expands its successful collaboration with the global manufacturer of plumbing components and wastewater systems Valsir S.p.A. Together, Trimble and Valsir created a unique and innovative calculation feature for the Valsir Product Line Calculator App for Revit.

This free app is a plugin that enables MEP engineers worldwide to draw Valsir water supply and waste systems twice as fast, with up-to-date and localized Valsir content. The calculations functionality for wastewater systems is fully Revit integrated and EU compliant and reduces the chance of errors to a minimum with both design and calculation taking place in the App.

The Valsir Product Line Calculator for Revit enables MEP engineers to easily place Valsir specific 3D pipe and fitting designs into their Revit models directly from within the project environment. The content is up-to-date, light, and compact. The in-App optimizer functionality helps engineers change all fittings to their preferences with a single push of a button. In the new version, this also includes flowing tees and bends. The integrated in-App content library, accessed via the MEPcontent browser, allows users to find additional, specific Valsir content for their projects, from inside the project environment.

5 product lines and 40 Valsir product groups

Content from Valsir® Triplus®, Valsir® Silere®, Valsir® PP3/PP, Valsir® Blackfire® and Valsir® HDPE product lines is included in the new calculations plugin.

Free to use in Revit

The Valsir Product Line Calculator App for Revit (Revit versions 2020, 2021, 2022) plugin can be downloaded for free from The app contains localized content that can be used worldwide. Valsir products are available all around the world. Supported languages for the plugin are English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, Dutch and Russian.

In addition to the app, all of Valsir’s product lines are also available in Trimble’s European leading modelling and calculation software Stabicad and Nova. This enables engineers to work with hundreds of articles with extended information directly in their models.

About MEPcontent

MEPcontent is a global BIM content library for every MEP engineer with up-to-date graphic and parametric product information that is ready to use in any BIM process. In close cooperation with well-known manufacturers, MEPcontent offers over 615.000 BIM components to be used for Revit and AutoCAD. The offering is completed by branded Apps that can be used on top of plain Revit and AutoCAD without a need for other software. For more information, visit:

About Valsir S.p.A.

Valsir was founded in 1987 and is now a leader in the plumbing and heating market. Located in the north of Italy, close to Garda Lake, Valsir exports its made in Italy devices all around the world. Additionally, the Valsir group is composed of several branches located in Portugal, Poland, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, France, Australia and South Africa. As a member of the MEPcontent platform since early 2019 with complete libraries of its product range, Valsir additionally offers a Revit plug-in for automatic placement of all of Valsir's families’ products in designs and furthermore offers an improved optimization of the auto-routing functionality, including a cutting edge solution for automatic calculations of wastewater systems according to EN 12056-2:2001. For more information, visit:

About Trimble MEP

Trimble MEP delivers sophisticated solutions that transform workflows from the office to the field. The Trimble Constructible Process allows speciality trades to build beyond BIM to automate fabrication and fieldwork with reliable construction data. With access to the largest library of manufacturers’ content and a broad portfolio of hardware and software solutions, Trimble optimizes the entire design, build and operate lifecycle. For more information, visit:

Download the App

October 2021

Important change about MEPcontent Manufacturer Apps

Find and download our Manufacturer Apps faster and easier than before! Click on the App button on the homepage and select the freely available manufacturer App(s) of your choice! Or select Manufacturer Apps on the top menu and select your App.

Why an App?

As BIM specialists we understand that good cooperation in a BIM project is essential. Get successful by working together. Therefore we developed relevant BIM solutions called Apps next to our Trimble software suited specifically for MEP engineers and contractors. Apps developed in close cooperation with manufacturers and engineers to make sure they are of added value. Why? Because Apps offer an easy to use interface directly in the heart of the designing and product ordering process. Linked to CRM and ERP systems, content selected by MEP engineers and contractors from within the App can be put on the materials list and be ordered in real-time. Make your life easier as an MEP engineer and get more productive working in Revit and AutoCAD. Get access for free to unique BIM objects from manufacturers to be used directly in your project environment.

Discover the advantages of the ABB Switch Range Configurator for Revit

Thanks to the variety of design options and functions with the correct annotation symbols, the ABB Switch Range Configurator plugin for Revit enables you to easily design, manage and configure complete sets of wiring accessories and building automation devices directly in your project. 10 ranges are already available in this plugin version and many more are in the pipeline. Download for free the ABB Switch Range Configurator to save time and insert verified parameters in your project. Download now.

Time to party! MEPcontent has reached the milestone of 150,000 users!

We are incredibly happy that more than 150,000 MEP content users have found our platform!

MEPcontent is the content library for every MEP engineer. All relevant BIM content for the installation industry is free to download from our library, which means that every MEP engineer in the world can find the latest up-to-date content from manufacturers. Most design engineering software has integrations with the MEPcontent library, allowing you to directly model with product-specific information from the elements in your drawing.

Read the article about all the newest cool features and the blog about our MEPcontent history.

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We look forward to the next 150,000 users!
loading... A small step for the engineer, one giant leap for BIM

As of today, 150,000 engineers can find content for their BIM projects on started as just after the start of the new Millennium. Now, more than 20 years later, is indispensable for engineers.

Technological progress is rapid, also in the design and construction industry, as was clearly noticeable in the 20th century. A very special step in technology - and for mankind - was in 1969, when the first man set foot on the moon. Or, as Neil Armstrong put it: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind". That this would lead to a new industrial revolution was not foreseen at the time. New technology, powerful computers, Computer-Aided Design, connectivity and many more inventions became easily available to engineering.

Computers became more and more commonplace and not only for arithmetic matters such as those found in universities and scientific purposes, but also in construction. Major companies such as Trimble have pioneered the development of applications in our daily lives. Computer design has become increasingly commonplace and today we can no longer do without the help of advanced technology to meet the demand for better and environmentally friendly buildings. What an architect creates with his own creative input, an HVAC engineer builds with the new tools available to him.

From simple 2D drawing to increasingly advanced design with 3D and calculations, the need to support this with content has grown tremendously.
Stabiplan Information Technology started in 1990 with Stabicad for AutoCAD. Unique to Stabicad's design is the immediate support for manufacturer information in the form of Parametric data. Designing pipes for e.g. water, central heating and sewerage became a lot easier. New products were regularly introduced there too and because there was no method yet to process them, better support was sought. This was provided by the introduction of a special platform with 2D data and symbols for use in designs with CAD software. The website was launched. Ease of use and accessibility were the starting points for this platform: simply expand your design with available content from manufacturers that meets your needs and can be included in the design and calculation with Stabicad. The website grew along with the demand for more content. More and more manufacturers found their way to and even paid attention to this service in their Technical Bulletins.
Below a message from the Dutch manufacturer Nefit in its Technical Bulletin:

               January 2008, Technical Bulletin 26 Nefit
In addition to the aforementioned publications, CAD drawings of the Nefit TopLines are also available. You can use these drawings to process the device directly in the construction drawing. The drawings of Nefit devices can be downloaded from:, tab professional/documentation and
Withmore and more manufacturers finding their way to, the website also received more attention from international manufacturers. Stabicad was now also available in Belgium and France. Besides the standard AutoCAD DWG support, more Revit families became available. These developments and the introduction of BIM made sure that no longer fitted in the international picture. Therefore, was announced internationally as in 2012.

The transition to a European website and room for more content in other formats brought even more suppliers (manufacturers) and users to the site. Where the first 10,000 users could be found on, the website rapidly grew to more than 50,000 registered users. More and more content became available and the demand for an unambiguous form of content took shape in the form of the EMCS, the Extended MEPcontent Standard.

Expansion of the Content team also provided more opportunities to put on the map. Foreign trade fairs were given a place in the promotion of and so more and more international manufacturers found their way up on the platform.
Companies such as ABB, Mitsubishi, Vaillant and many others ensure that now attracts visitors all over the world. got an extension to .com. Even more clarity for our manufacturers and worldwide support quickly brought the number of users to 100,000.

The global affiliation with the acquisition by Trimble Inc. in 2018 and the introduction of more tools for users, such as the free MEPcontent browser, has brought us to 150,000 active registered users in the autumn of 2021. continues to grow and will continue to innovate and provide content for a larger group of users in addition to its current content offering.

With BIM and the associated workflow, the need for current content has only increased. BIM offers the opportunity to communicate even better with each other, to exchange information more easily and to keep up with the increasingly rapid digitalisation.

Trimble not only offers the opportunity to take those steps, but is also happy to assist the engineer with all possible appliances such as the various software tools e.g. Trimble Connect, Viewpoint, Stabicad, Trimble Nova and SketchUp. Trimlbe also offers hardware support with, among other things, the Data collection system designed together with Boston Dynamics (SPOT), the Hololens XR10 and the Total Stations RTS.

Thanks to the design software and the intelligent content of, engineers and Trimble are building together on "Deliver with Confidence".
MEPcontent now supplies more than 700,000 components from manufacturers from all over the world.

MEPcontent supports RFA files for Revit, DWG files for various design programs and the universal exchange format IFC. In addition, MEPcontent has support for more than 500 PLS files for Stabicad and there is also more and more information available for Trimble Nova. A solution that you can rely on with up-to-date content, State of the Art hardware and expert advice.

In short, welcome to the world of Trimble.

About the author

Charles M.E. Lekx is business development manager at Trimble MEP.

Why is thé BIM platform for MEP engineers worldwide?

MEPcontent reached the impressive milestone of 150,000 users this fall. With an average of 90,000 downloads and 2,000 new users per month and over 614,000 articles available, we are immensely grateful to and proud of our platform users for relying on MEPcontent for their BIM projects. We are also thankful to the over 400 manufacturers - of which 88 were added this year! - for collaborating with us to offer the most complete MEP specific BIM content platform worldwide.

User experience
Of course we continuously work to improve the user experience on our MEPcontent platform. We recently enhanced the general efficiency and speed, as well as the website navigation. It is now possible to get more accurate and localised search results. Furthermore, you can now also stay informed via e-mail of any content updates of a manufacturer by pressing the "Follow" button on the manufacturer's profile page or on the article page. Additionally, new videos in multiple languages on the MEPcontent video section were added.

Improved security
Trimble is focused on continuing to invest in delivering best-in-class reliable, secure, and performant systems. That’s why at the end of August we also made sure to offer the most secure site access available with the adoption of TIDv4, the method by which users log in to MEPcontent and to our Manufacturer Apps.

Manufacturer Apps upgrade to Revit 2022
As an MEP engineer, contractor or draftsman Revit can be challenging when it comes to designing MEP systems for complex BIM projects. Therefore, our Revit specialists developed Manufacturer Apps for a better and faster Revit experience to overcome these challenges. There are different tools available that enhance existing Revit functionalities, give access to BIM objects from specific manufacturers or do things that are not possible in native Revit. All manufacturer Apps have been upgraded this summer to Revit 2022, with support for 2021, 2020 and 2019 and are free to download from our new Manufacturer App section on MEPcontent.
All App users will now also benefit from the enhanced security features and are no longer redirected to our previous App store.

Stabicad, Trimble nova

Users of modelling software Stabicad can already check via if PLS files from their favourite manufacturers are available as well. It is now also possible to verify via the MEPcontent platform if these manufacturers have Trimble nova catalogs available.

Extensive Range of BIM Files

Due to MEPcontent's collaboration with more than 400 international manufacturers, we are able to provide a wide variety of BIM content for MEP engineers. If users can't find what they’re looking for, they can easily request new BIM files.

Complete Article Information
The available formats contain all information needed for a correct representation and calculation in both a generic and specific model, including a symbolic, a dimensionally stable and a 3D representation, as well as manufacturer product codes.

Reliable, High-Quality BIM Files
Before BIM components are placed on MEPcontent, they go through an extensive testing process to ensure that the parameters, level of detail, structure and dimensions are correct. The Extended MEPcontent Standard (EMCS) has been prepared by Trimble to provide MEP engineers and contractors all around the world with a clear understanding of the need for high quality and uniform content, i.e. graphical article information like it is offered on this content platform in close cooperation with leading Building Product Manufacturers. This document also represents MEPcontent’s vision for the future. Due to Revit's constant evolution and the spread of market adoption, preparing and providing the best content for MEP projects can be challenging.
We understand that MEP is a dedicated business that deserves its own global standard, reflecting the current state of our industry where country borders and boundaries are secondary, which should lead to a more universal approach of high quality BIM content. That's why we are passionate about sharing our knowledge of and content for MEP.
For further information read our blog Structures and Standards in BIM, an absolute necessity.

About Trimble MEP
Trimble MEP delivers sophisticated solutions that transform workflows from the office to the field. The Trimble Constructible Process allows specialty trades to build beyond BIM to automate fabrication and fieldwork with reliable construction data. With access to the largest library of manufacturers' content and a broad portfolio of hardware and software solutions, Trimble optimizes the entire design, build, and operate lifecycle.

About Trimble
Trimble is transforming the way the world works by delivering products and services that connect the physical and digital worlds. Core technologies in positioning, modeling, connectivity and data analytics enable customers to improve productivity, quality, safety and sustainability. From purpose built products to enterprise lifecycle solutions, Trimble software, hardware and services are transforming a broad range of industries such as agriculture, construction, geospatial and transportation and logistics.

About the author
Kim Smit, is Customer Success Manager working for MEPcontent, Trimble MEP
September 2021

New ranges available in the Mitsubishi Electric System Designer App

Don’t miss them out! We recently published several new product ranges from Mitsubishi Electric, including: the Lossnay range, the MXZ range, the PUMY-P250-300YBM, the PAC-IF071B-E and PAR-WT51R.

Check them all out on and use the Mitsubishi Electric System Designer App for Revit and AutoCAD, the perfect choice to efficiently design air conditioning systems.

Gain access to localized and up-to-date content, and make use of the advanced searching and filtering options to find the right equipment in a matter of seconds. Then start drawing pipes and fittings, and directly connect them to your equipment. All straight from within your project environment. Download this free App now and find the Mitsubishi Electric Revit families and CAD files for your BIM projects!

New chapter in ACV’s history

In 1922, the Belgian company ACV was founded with the dream of providing warmth and comfort to people around the world. Over the last century, ACV evolved into an international industry leader in the manufacturing and supply of quality stainless steel hot water equipment, with flagship technologies such as Tank-in-Tank and HeatMaster.

In August 2018, ACV was acquired by Groupe Atlantic, enabling it to reach new heights and seize new business opportunities, by opening up to previously unexplored markets.

To mark this important new chapter in ACV’s history, and to celebrate in 2022 one hundred years of existence as a brand, ACV updated its company logo and modernized its branding. This change was an evolution rather than a revolution, to show the world that ACV remains true to its DNA, while at the same time embarking on new business ventures.

The new ACV logo is a symbol of stability, craftsmanship and knowhow, all represented by a drop of water sheltering a flame, to convey excellence in hot water solutions.

The BIM content offering of ACV has recently been expanded. Discover the ACV product ranges on

Soil and waste systems quite as a whisper with the Master 3 Plus

Get access to 170 products of Pipelife Master3+ by using Stabicad.

Water discharge pipes are an essential component in all building structures, but they can sometimes be noisy and disruptive. The new Pipelife premium sound-insulated piping systems, known as the Master 3 Plus, meet this challenge head on.

The Master 3 Plus reduces noise generated by vibrations, which has been successfully tested at the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. Results show that these characteristics make Master 3 Plus Systems quieter than any other sound-absorbing soil and waste piping system on the market. The comparison is based on values published by the producers.

About Pipelife

Pipelife is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic piping and fittings in Europe. Since 1947 it develops, manufactures and supplies a complete trendsetting program completely focused on the needs of Dutch and International customers.

It is our mission to provide sustainable solutions for all streams of water and energy. Regardless of the type of product, we guarantee an optimal value for money according to your wishes and plans. And of course great to work with.