July 2013

Central Junction Boxes from ABB

Today the wide product range of ABB on is expanded with central junction boxes. The models 165A, C70-16-19, C80-16-19, C55 and C75-G can be downloaded as Revit family. The central junction boxes from ABB are distinguished by the great dimensional stability, locking the tube by means of wedges or spring clamps and of course the famous blue color.

Universal connector sets

Universal connector sets for boilers and floor slabs for meter cupboards, containing all relevant connectors. By configuring this Revit family, you always have disposition over the right connector set or floor slab. Before using the family, download also the manual that explains you how to configure the families.

Light fixtures from Sylvania

New on Various light fixtures from Sylvania available as Revit family.
For the Sylproof Eco Superia are also the light source definition files available for download.
June 2013

New general Revit families

New on generic Revit families from the categories sewage, sanitary and plant room. Download free products like a septic tank, rainwater cisterns, a bidet, counters with sink and a grease trap.
May 2013
April 2013

New: radiators of Jaga

New on MEPcontent: Revit families and DWG files of Jaga radiators. Different sizes of radiators of the series Tempo, types 10 and 15 are available from now on.

New: Vasco radiators

Available on MEPcontent: radiatoren of Vasco. Download the RFA- or DWG-files of the radiatorsfrom now on, open and for free!

New on MEPcontent: Bette

Download the DWG- and RFA-files of Bette, open and for free. Sanitary products like baths and shower flats are available from now on!

New on MEPcontent: Wisa

The first products of Wisa are now online available on MEPcontent! Sanitary products like built-in cisterns and control panels are downloadable as DWG- and RFA-files from now on.
December 2012