Discover the new Vaillant aroTHERM pure system: an efficient, affordable heat pump solution with a fast and space saving installation.

Introducing the new, easy to install air to water heat pump aroTHERM pure: The smallest and most light weighted outdoor unit in the Vaillant portfolio for efficient heating, cooling and DHW.
With a heating power of 4 to 10 kW and a COP of up to 5,2 (A7/W35) the aroTHERM pure offers an entry level heat pump with enormous potential. This new air to water heat pump is especially suited for:

    - One and multiple family new built homes
    - A distance of up to 40 m between indoor and outdoor unit
    - Up to 30 m distance in height, therefore it is also possible to install in buildings of up to 8 floors
    - Installation also possible in coast areas (after ISO-Norm 12944-6)

    The aroTHERM pure pre-mounted indoor units are as small as a fridge and bring a compact solution for balcony and kitchen installation. With its small dimensions, low weight of only 55 and 82 kg and the split mounting system, transport has never been easier. The indoor unit uniTOWER pure brings better accessibility to all components as today for better service and repair from the front. Additional accessories can be integrated to fulfill customers’ requirements.

    Protect the environment with currently one of the best refrigerants for split units: R32. This is one of the best alternatives for the new refrigerant split heat pumps as aroTHERM pure. It has a lower global warming potential than conventional refrigerants and is used in smaller amounts. For split refrigeration systems, R32 is the economical alternative to our natural refrigerant R290. The market launch will be in February 2023. The launch date may differ in some countries. For further information, please visit our website or your country specific Vaillant website.