Polymelt PLS and BIM files extension

The Polymelt Ecosan and the Polymelt Mechanical product line sheets (PLS) for Stabicad have been updated and extended! More than 750 new products are now available.

The Polymelt Mechanical PLS (previously Polo-Klima) includes 447 products. The Polymelt Ecosan PLS (previously Polo-Ecosan) contains 312 products. They are now available with localisations for the Benelux, France, UK, Germany and Romania.

Additional BIM files of the accessories and valves are also available and can be downloaded on MEPcontent.

Discover Polymelt’s latest innovations in this Polymelt video.

About Polymelt

The Polymelt brand has existed since 1968 and has since been synonymous with high-quality plastic pipe systems from southern Germany for customers and business partners. Due to a change of ownership and a merger in 2003, a new brand association was created under the Poloplast brand from Austria. In recent years, the company operated under the name Poloplast GmbH. At the turn of the year 2021/2022, this brand association was dissolved - returning to the tried and tested - and Poloplast GmbH became Polymelt GmbH again from January 2022. The company retains its location in Ebenhofen, Germany and the proven production facilities also remain as before. The best quality "Made in Germany". Polymelt operates as well in the United States, with Polymelt America Inc, based in Houston, Texas.

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