With this free App for Revit it is very easy to design, manage and configure complete sets of switch ranges to match your requirements, even for the largest BIM and MEP projects.

Experiment with the variety of design options and functions with the correct annotation offered by this App to streamline your design in both 2D and 3D. Always up-to-date with the latest Niessen product data available in Spain, France and Russia.

Want to work with articles available on the Dutch and German market? Check out the free ABB Switch Range Configurator App for Revit.

This app is available for Revit versions 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024.

Switch ranges in a few clicks

With just a few clicks you can configure, place, and manage Revit electrical families for Niessen switch ranges. Easy to design in both 2D and 3D, even when working on linked models or architectural models.

Switch ranges in a few clicks


Unlimited in choice

Not only can you blend colors for different frames and cover plates, but you can also set the number of elements (like socket, dimmer, data or communication) to be used in the configuration, as well as the orientation and the mounting height. Try it now - the number of combinations is endless.



More than 30 functions

Configuring a switch range is fast and easy: just choose a function for each element (like one pole or two way switch, socket with or without earth, loudspeaker, digital radio, and many more) of your switch range. And always get the correct annotation for each function in the floorplan.

More than 30 functions


Add junction boxes

Easily add junction boxes to new and existing switch range configurations to see how the switch ranges fit into their environment.



Relevant manufacturer data

Once placed in your project, the Revit families contain the relevant data linked with up-to-date manufacturer information, GTIN and article numbers. Work only with articles available in your country and easily create your Bill of Materials with the latest product information.



Easily adjust any switch range set

Adjust your existing switch range configuration in just a few steps. Even for multiple instances of the same configuration at once.



Choose the hosting type

Choose whether you want to place a switch range on a faced object like a wall, or anywhere without being dependent on a hosting object.


Product series available in the app:

This app contains the Niessen product lines for the Spanish market.

Check the availability of specific products for your country.

  • Sky Niessen
  • Zenit
  • Zenit Estanco
  • ALBA

What does the installation do with regard to my IT department policy?

To answer this important question we created a document providing more details about system requirements, what is installed (and where) and how updates of the App work. Please find the document here MEPcontent apps IT support document explaining what the Revit plugins do.