The Extended MEPcontent Standard (EMCS) has been prepared by Trimble to provide MEP engineers and contractors all around the world with a clear understanding of the need for high quality and uniform content, i.e. graphical article information like it is offered on this content platform in close cooperation with leading Building Product Manufacturers. The document also represents MEPcontent’s vision for the future. Preparing the best content for MEP projects still has a long way to go, especially because the leading BIM platform Revit is still evolving and market adoption is spreading. We want to share our knowledge on MEP and content for MEP because we know that MEP is a dedicated business that deserves its own standard, and that this should be done on a global level, reflecting the current state of our industry in which boundaries between countries fade away. Leading to a more universal approach of high quality BIM content.

We believe EMCS itself can still be improved. Therefore you, the readers of this page and the related PDF document, are invited to provide us with feedback – together we can reach our common goal: delivering better building services by means of the best content available in the world. We value transparency so we want to be completely clear and open on the way we work. Your openness and willingness to contribute to this document are greatly appreciated. Contact us at +31 172 630023 or info@mepcontent.com.

See also our FAQ’s about EMCS.

Version: 5.0
Last update: 09-03-2023