New Caleffi content with US localization

New Caleffi content with US localization on!
The following series are now available for download - specifically for the United States - in RFA, DWG and IFC format: 290030 series, 520 series, 6000AS series, 6000AS series with flange, 6000A series and 574A series. Download them now!

Flowing Expertise
With our heating and plumbing solutions, we have been redesigning the comfort of the spaces we live and work in for over 60 years. This is thanks to the flow of expertise, technology, experience and innovations that we have acquired over the years by constantly exchanging ideas with our customers and suppliers. A flow that pushes boundaries, allowing us to constantly set the benchmark. A flow that allows us to always look one step ahead into the future.

About Caleffi
We are a leading Italian manufacturer of components for heating, air conditioning, plumbing and renewable energy systems, for civil and industrial usage, and supplier of state-of-the-art installations in the heat metering field too. The Caleffi Group has over 1340 employees worldwide and distributes to over 90 countries with a record turnover above 318 Million Euros in 2020.