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Before content is placed on MEPcontent, it goes through an extensive testing process. This way we ensure the quality of the content.
Within the development team, the parameters are checked. If these are OK, a MEPcontent tester checks the content with a checklist on aspects such as the level of detail, the structure and correct dimensions. Finally, the manufacturer approves the content before it is posted on the site. If a product line (PLS) is modified, we use advanced tools to track and monitor adjustments. The new product line is placed on MEPcontent after a final check using a checklist.
MEP engineers need up-to-date article information of the products they include in their models and drawings. This article information can be found on MEPcontent and can be downloaded free of charge, both Revit families and CAD symbols.
The simple structure allows you to instantly search by product type or manufacturer. View large numbers of products with the image view. Are you looking for a specific product? Use the detail view. This view, in combination with the additional filters at the top of the page, quickly takes you to the product you are looking for.
A lot of manufacturers cooperate with MEPcontent. Simply select what you are looking for using the filters. You can find an overview of all manufacturers on this page.

Please let us know if the manufacturer you are looking for is missing. We will do our best to make this information available as soon as possible.
Although not all products are available in all formats, this site offers .rfa, .dwg and .ifc files. These extensions are compatible with your Revit or CAD software and can be used immediately.
All relevant MEP-content is being brought together on this platform. This means that every MEP engineer in the world can find the content they are looking for here. If you publish your data here, engineers will always have up-to-date information about your products.
Use the filter to easily find what you are looking for. If the manufacturer you need is not available, let us know. We will do our best to make the information available as soon as possible. Is the content inaccurate or incomplete? Contact us, we will correct it as soon as possible.
MEPcontent is here especially for MEP engineers and provides Revit families (RFA files) and 3D CAD symbols (DWG's) of products of all major global manufacturers in MEP engineering. Along with these manufacturers, we are offer our content available in both formats as much as possible. The content can be used in your Revit or CAD software directly.
The graphical article information has been made available for free by manufacturers. Therefore, the content on the site can be downloaded by everyone, free of charge. We only ask you to create an account to download the content and use all the other functionalities of the website. In addition, the content is not bound to the use of specific Revit or CAD software. This makes sharing models and drawings easy, even if the cooperating parties work with different types of design software.
No, the Revit families and CAD symbols on this website can be used without Stabicad. Stabicad however provides easy use and access, directly from the software. This direct access is for non-Stabicad users also available through the MEPcontent Browser app.
The Revit families and 3D DWG's contain all information needed for a correct representation and calculation in both a generic and specific model. The elements contain both a symbolic, a dimensionally stable and a 3D representation and product codes from the manufacturer. Parametric information is subject to so-called PLS's. By adding classifications it is possible to link with calculation and ordering software.
Because of the simple structure you can search directly on product type or manufacturer. View large numbers of products together with the list view or image view. Are you looking for a specific product? Use the detail view. Use the filters on the left side of the page to quickly find what you need.
If you want to stay informed of any updates to the content of a manufacturer, you can "follow" a manufacturer. This means that you receive an email every week if there are updates to the manufacturer's content.

You can follow a manufacturer by pressing the "Follow" button on the manufacturer's profile page or on the article page. You can follow multiple manufacturers.

You can no longer follow a manufacturer by pressing the "Unfollow" button on the same pages.

MEPcontent Browser

Use the MEPcontent Browser app to access the content quick and easy. This app is installed as add-in for Revit and plug-in for AutoCAD. With the app you can search directly from your design software for the right Revit families and DWG files to use in your projects and you have an overview of already downloaded local content.
For Stabicad engineers this functionality is already available in their Revit and/or AutoCAD software.

Download the free MEPcontent Browser now.
The MEPcontent Browser is plugin that can be installed for Revit and AutoCAD. It gives you direct access to the content of MEPcontent.com while you working in Revit or AutoCAD. You can browse and search content and insert content directly into your Revit model or AutoCAD drawing.

You can download the MEPcontent Browser from store.mepcontent.com
Revit 2017, 2018 or 2019
AutoCAD 2016, 2017, 2018 or 2019

Our Apps are not available for Revit LT and AutoCAD LT versions, since Apps are not supported by Autodesk on the LT versions.

Check out the Apps on https://store.mepcontent.com


BIM stands for Building Information Modeling (or Model) and represents an integrated approach to construction projects and the design and presentation of this in one virtual building model. MEPcontent offers the MEP engineer the needed Revit families and 3D DWG's. More about BIM.


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EMCS is the Extended MEPcontent Standard and describes the following main parts of high quality content:
• Naming conventions
• Rules about the main properties of a family (Revit category, host)
• Rules about using parameters
• Rules about creating the geometry/representation
• Rules about connectors
• Rules about classification data and supporting external standards
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MEP families have to comply with a set of rules. These rules guarantee that the families are consistent, will behave correctly in a Revit project and contain the relevant information.
The rules are the guiding principle when families are created in MEPcontent’s content factory. They are also used to check if families delivered from external parties are suitable to publish on MEPcontent.
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Every family that is published in accordance with EMCS can be used in Revit 2017 and later, but also in applications that run on top of the Revit platform, like Stabicad.
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EMCS complies as much as possible with existing standards and guidelines, both from Autodesk (Autodesk Content Style Guide) and Dutch and European standardization organizations (e.g. ETIM, VDI 3805, EN, BS). We use the families in the Revit MEP Content Library (the family library that’s included in a Revit MEP installation) as a source of knowledge on how to build high quality families. Not all content currently on MEPcontent is yet compliant to all details of this standard, but together with manufacturers and engineers we are continuously improving it.
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We believe EMCS itself can still be improved. Therefore you, as a reader of this document, are invited to provide us with feedback on this document – together we can reach our common goal: delivering better building services by means of the best content available in the world. We value transparency so we want to be completely clear and open on the way we work.
You can download the EMCS from this page.


You can use the following file types in Revit:
- Revit files: these are individual Revit families
- Revit files from product lines: these are files generated from Stabicad product
  line sheets. If you have Stabicad installed, you can place these files through
  Element Selection.
Most DWG files contain 3D symbols and are intelligent. The files can be used in any application, but the intelligence is only available in Stabicad.
Contact us using the form. In our content factory a team of BIM engineers works daily to build CAD and Revit content. They can assist in producing content for your products.
A .csv file that contains the parameter values for a Revit family. The default location for Revit lookup table files is C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RME[Revit version]\LookupTables
A type catalog is a text file belonging to a family, in which the different types of the family are defined. When loading a family that is using type catalogs, the user can select which types to include in the family. This limits the size of families that have a lot of types.
To make sure Revit recognizes the type catalog, the text file should have the same name as the family and should be located in the same folder. Use the function ‘Load family’ from the Insert ribbon to load it in Revit. When dragging and dropping the family from Windows Explorer in the project, the type catalog is not recognized.

Want to place type catalog families easily in Revit? Then download the free MEPcontent Browser.


Stabicad is a fully-integrated BIM solution for MEP design, allowing you to bring both your mechanical and electrical project teams together to streamline your M&E workflows. Stabicad is available for Revit and supports your design workflows with time-saving productivity tools, comprehensive multi-region compliant integrated calculations, and always up-to-date manufacturer content.
With Stabicad, you can go beyond default Autodesk functionalities and dramatically increase your design efficiency while creating usable electrical and mechanical outputs. Stabicad is specifically designed to increase the productivity of MEP professionals by providing a seamless design workflow, without the need to maintain numerous models simultaneously or completely rework the design at each stage. With Stabicad you can design and install your next model to be truly constructible.
Instead of purchasing a complicated set of modules, Stabicad is available via a range of clear subscription packages. These packages are tailored to meet the needs of different roles within building technology, and designed to give you access to the tools you need, including a MEPcontent subscription. Do you want to learn more or ask for a quote? Reach out, — our team is happy to help!
A Product Line Sheet (PLS) is an Excel file that contains parametric data for a complete product line of an individual manufacturer which is then imported into Stabicad. Examples of parametric data are type numbers, descriptions, dimensions, details about connections, and article numbers.

You will find new and updated PLS files on MEPcontent which can only be imported using Stabicad. When you install or update Stabicad, you will be asked which files from the website you want to import. Furthermore, you can check at any time whether new or updated product information is available.
  1. Go to StabiBASE
  2. Click Manage >> Import Product Lines. The PLS’s on MEPcontent are shown on theOnline tab
  3. Select the desired PLS
  4. Click OK

The product line is now imported in your Stabicad database and all articles from the product line can be placed within Stabicad. The order information is visible in the different reports that can be generated from Stabicad.
The date in the Product Line Importer is the date the last changes were made in the PLS, while the date on MEPcontent is the date the file is uploaded. As the PLS is tested extensively before being uploaded, the dates are different and quality is ensured.

Trimble Nova

Trimble Nova is a platform for a complete workflow of construction projects. Trimble Nova stands for quality, continuity and reliability to help support your daily business. The software consists of an independent CAD core and integrated calculations. Thanks to its extensive 3D modelling capabilities and manufacturer content it also enables a smooth BIM workflow.
After starting Trimble Nova, click on Extras - Manage central data pool. All available data for calculations are shown in the central data pool. In order to keep a clear view, a restriction can be added via the drop-down menu "Field of applications". The list of datasets still available in the data pool can be viewed at the right side of the dialog box. If a dataset has been selected in the "Available" area, it can be moved to the data pool so this dataset is available in the project. 
More information about Trimble Nova can be found here.
Trimble Nova is a standalone software with his own subscription based plan
Find out more about Trimble Nova here.