March 2019

New types added for Vaillant heat pump aroSTOR

For the French and United Kingdom markets, Vaillant has published new types 200 and 270 as .RFA, .DWG and .IFC files for their aroSTOR heat pump.

Thanks to the heat pump technology, the aroSTOR extracts 75 percent of the energy required for domestic hot water from the outside air, making it a very efficient heat pump boiler. The aroSTOR heat pumps are not only very energy efficient, but thanks to its design also surprisingly easy to install and maintain.

Download Vaillant aroSTOR files today

BWT Perla water softeners available

Great news for German MEP specialists: Water treatment systems specialist BWT has made new BIM files available for its Perla series. The BWT Perla is a so-called duplex soft water system, based on the ion exchange process. The result is the silky-soft ‘pearl’ water that BWT is famous for. The files for the Perla and Perla Pro water softeners are available in .DWG, .RFA, and .IFC format.

Get the BWT Perla content for your projects

App update - One place within Revit where you will find all Apps

On April 29th an update for all Apps takes place where App names will be shortened and all Apps can be found in the so-called MEPcontent ribbon (the Stabiplan ribbon will disappear).

To clarify what we mean, a .GIF image is created next to this post, showing you where you can find your Apps as of April 29th.

If you have questions about the Apps and where to find them, please contact our App support team:

With this update we plan to make it easier for you to find all Apps in one place.

Want to see the latest Apps all in one place? Go to our App store and downloads and install the Apps you need!

NIBE F730 and F750 heat pumps available

As the largest manufacturer of domestic heating products in the Nordics, NIBE has now made files for their exhaust air heat pumps NIBE F730 and F750 available on MEPcontent.

Heat pumps are indispensable when it comes to sustainable heating (and cooling) of buildings. The NIBE F730 provides high heat output with minimal energy consumption for both new-builds and the renovation and conversion market, while the F750 provides one control module for the entire climate system and great flexibility for several different systems and dockings. Both heat pumps are equipped with smart technology and an efficient control system.

The heat pumps are internationally available as Revit family, .dwg and .ifc files.

Bring sustainability to your project and download the new NIBE heat pumps.

Valsir Product Line Placer available for all Revit users

"We have never overlooked any detail in the development of our BIM models and as from today, with MEPcontent, we have also managed to facilitate engineers in the way to use them."
Eng. Alessandro Giovannini-Director, Technical Department Valsir S.p.A.

This application enables engineers to design Valsir Sanitary systems and water systems using functionalities in an user friendly App interface.

Download the free App, install it on your pc and start working with it to experience yourself how helpful it can be.

AIRSTAGE™ Conditioning Systems from Fujitsu

Specific content for international manufacturer Fujitsu is available in the Fujitsu BIM object library on MEPcontent. There are Revit families, dwg and ifc files available on MEPcontent for indoor and outdoor units.

Heat pumps outdoor units

Due to the inverter technology and refrigerant control technology, the EER/COP has been significantly improved. The outdoor size of the units has been reduced by optimizing of equipment. This allows for a reduction in the required installation area floor space. Installation flexibility is further ensured due to the total pipe length of 1,000m and 150m actual pipe length. From small to large buildings, any application can be supported.

Cassette type and mini Duct type indoor units

The AIRSTAGE™ indoor units were developed to be highly efficient, compact, low noise, and to have user-friendly operation. The design makes that they go well with the interior decoration and are easy to install and maintain.

Download Fujitsu content for your project here!

ExcelAir files on MEPcontent

Emergency Lighting Fixtures, Sensor for Ventilation and Induction Ventilator

Looking for content from ExcelAir? Here you can find Revit families, dwg files and ifc files in the categories of emergency lighting fixtures, CO sensors/gas sensors and induction ventilators.

About ExcelAir

ExcelAir offers complete solutions in the field of parking garage ventilation systems, gas detection / and fire detection systems; from advice to delivery and from installation to maintenance.

More information about ExcelAir products and services can be found at
February 2019

Valsir Product Line Placer to get Valsir Products in your BIM process

MEPcontent partnered with the well-known manufacturer Valsir S.p.A. to allow MEP specialists around the world to save time and work in a more user-friendly way. One new Application in Revit to work with the most used Valsir products for free.

"We have never overlooked any detail in the development of our BIM models and as from today, with MEPcontent, we have also managed to facilitate engineers in the way to use them."
Eng. Alessandro Giovannini-Director, Technical Department Valsir S.p.A.

The Valsir Product Line Placer for Revit Application combines the best of two worlds. The application enables engineers to design Valsir Sanitary systems using user-friendly autorouting. Furthermore, all articles placed with the App are actual and localized Valsir products.
The short 1:25 min video will explain how it works to get an impression of the App. The Valsir Product Line Placer also contains the optimizer functionality, which enables engineers to change all fittings to their preferences with a single push of a button.

Did you know you can even create schedules with product data in a matter of seconds? Like a Cutting List, Fittings schedule or Equipment schedule?

Download the App, install it on your pc and start working with it to experience yourself how helpful it can be.

4 Product lines, 32 product groups, dozens of Valsir system types

Content from Valsir® Triplus®, Valsir® Silere®, Valsir® PP3/PP and Valsir® HDPE is included in this plugin. The integrated content library helps you find specific pieces for your model through our MEPcontent browser.

E-Series Air-cooled Chilling Units from Mitsubishi Electric

New modules increased to 50 HP and 60 HP can be applied to larger capacity areas

Due to advancing global warming, there is a strong demand for central heat-pump solutions with higher performance. Mitsubishi Electric’s high-efficiency, large-capacity modular chillers can meet the requirements for installation of large-capacity heat source equipment in limited spaces. This now means there is a wider choice of units available in Cooling only, Heating Only or Heat-Pump options.

New features:

  • New 50 HP and 60 HP modules. With these new modules, the range is increased to include 50 and 60 HP each. Up to 6 units of each module can be connected in one group, so capacity can be increased from 150kW (50HP x 1) to 1080kW (60 HP × 6 units). These larger systems compliment the existing 30HP lineup as usual.

  • High energy saving performance with Eurovent Rank A efficiency. With an energy saving operation realized in both cooling and heating modes resulting in an EER of 3.19 and COP 3.29 and an overall SEER of 4.62 for the size P1500 and 4.58 for the size P1800. This is achieved by our efficient Y shaped coils and smart inverter technology.
  • Small space-saving and flexible module footprint. Large capacity systems can facilitate units being separated & spaced to tight site configurations.

  • Built-in redundancy, keeping all other modules working in the event of a problem. Each module comprises of 2 circuits each, maintaining a high degree of system security and peace of mind.

  • High-efficiency scroll compressor is equipped with inverter, so optimum operation can be realized according to the load. This reduces in-rush current and helps to stabilise the overall building power supply. Built-in rotation for even wear and load distribution.

  • Selectable piping system to save installation space and installation work. Standard piping and built-in header (-N) types are available. The optimum piping system can be selected according to the design and construction needs.

  • A range of control options from a simple PARW31MAA controller to an AE-200E/A with built-in Web Browser are available.

Download now the files for the E-Series air-cooled chiller units!
January 2019

MEPcontent and Constructible: impossible to ignore in the MEP sector

For more than 28 years, we made it our top priority to provide you with high quality, accurate and light BIM content that you can use in your projects. Content that contains graphic and parametric product information to be used in your projects.

With the vast amount of knowledge that flows in our team of MEP specialists, comes great responsibility as well. In other words, we had to make sure that the content we provide is being used in well-informed ways, so that MEP engineers around the world can achieve maximum productivity and cost reduction through their designs.

How did we do this?

By supplying the international MEPcontent community with knowledge articles, discussion threads and actionable and accurate information about the latest developments and best practices in the MEP sector.

You might recognize this as the news sections, which you are currently viewing, or as our email newsletter, your weekly digest of the most relevant MEP and BIM news.

Today we are announcing…

… that Constructible joins forces with MEPcontent in becoming the essential dynamic duo that you need for MEP content and MEP knowledge.

What is Constructible?

Constructible is the go-to platform where stakeholders from all construction disciplines - MEP, estimating, contracts and bids, management, structural, etc. - gather to gain knowledge and actionable information about innovations in construction technology, best practices and latest industry news.

The Constructible Hub is where you can share resources, discuss advances in construction and build your knowledge about how to implement them within businesses.

Offering Construction industry resources to help you design, build & operate better.

Look at it this way: if MEPcontent is the place where you acquire virtual MEP building blocks, Constructible is the instruction board on how to best use that valuable ammunition. Constructible also relates to the Trimble Constructible Process

Why should you care at all?

If the MEP industry could be compared to a Pokemon arena in terms of MEP knowledge, then MEPcontent would be a Charmander and Constructible would be a Charizard. With hundreds of contributors selected from among the very best professional MEP ranks around the world, the Constructible Hub now represents the hallmark for the latest verified information about MEP best practices.

So also if you are not into Pokemon, it is clear to see that you should check out the Constructible sites to stay up-to-date about the latest trends and developments and about the Constructible process where we want to offer you Content to be used in actual buildable situations.

So here you have it: MEPcontent for IFC, Revit and CAD content and Constructible for Building industry knowledge.

As of now, most knowledge articles featured in the MEPcontent newsletter will be hosted on the Constructible Hub.

Visit Constructible and upgrade your industry knowledge!

Working with products from Raccorderie Metalliche in Revit?

Working with Raccorderie Metalliche (RacMet) product line inoxPres to complete your Revit project? From today onward you can use our free Application in Revit to get your stuff done.

Designing MEP piping systems gets much easier with the Raccorderie Metalliche Product Line Placer for Revit. Just click and draw and the right fittings are automatically added to your piping system. And if you want to make advanced connections with real fittings rather than custom fittings, it takes only a few clicks.
Even more, you can use the in-app predefined schedules and order your items directly from the material lists with a guaranteed up-to-date content.

11 Product groups to complement your RacMet piping system

Not only pipes can be adjusted and placed. Ball valves, Draw-off valves, Bends, Compensators, Reducers, Flanges and more from the inoxPRES, inoxPRES GAS, inoxPRES HT, inoxPRES STEAM, SteelPres, AESPres, AESPres Gas, MarinePres and Uniko can be added to your system to make them visible in your project in the right incoming- and outgoing diameters. 

Free to use in Revit

The Raccorderie Metalliche Product Line Placer for Revit plugin can be downloaded for free on The Application has localized content for Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and United Kingdom but can also be used in other countries. Supported languages for this plugin are English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano and Nederlands.

"Customer satisfaction is and always has been the main objective of every action and every activity within Raccorderie Metalliche. This is why we chose a global partner as MEPcontent. Thanks to their experience, MEPcontent enables us to offer practical, flexible and continuously innovating solutions to MEP engineers" Guido Ceccardi - CEO Raccorderie Metalliche

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Europe on MEPcontent

Major international manufacturer Mitsubishi Heavy Industries starts publishing their products on MEPcontent!

The items already available for download are: KXZR and KXZRX Hi-COP heat recovery VRF outdoor unit, PFD refrigerant flow branch control, remote controllers, micro KXZ heat pump VRF outdoor unit, ceiling cassette - 1 way and 4 way - indoor unit, wall mounted indoor unit and dry chiller outdoor unit. Download them now!


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Europe (MHIAE) is committed to helping people live better wherever they're based. Whether that’s finding more energy efficient heating solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or providing a reliable air-conditioned infrastructure in tough environments, we strive to offer a solution to an important aspect of life, temperature.

MHIAE offers high-efficiency systems for cooling and heating air and water in residential, commercial and industrial applications. As a reputable engineering company with vast expertise and experience, we are fully equipped to meet all your HVAC needs.

The "I" In BIM: Which Information Should Be In Your BIM Model?

BIM is all about sharing and managing information – and there’s heaps of data that can be used to enrich your models.

There are a lot of ways to describe just one object in a system: dimensions, brand, price, material type, and several other types of data. But since you want to maintain a high design speed, plus have a model that’s easy to work with, how do you decide which information should actually be in your project and to which you need to say "no"?

This article continues on Constructible >>>

Rendamax, part of the Ariston Thermo group, joins MEPcontent

Manufacturer Rendamax has joined the MEPcontent platform and has already made a range of condensing boilers available for download. The boilers are either floor standing or wall mounted and have an output from 60 to 1.870 kW. All products are very flexible for commercial environments and offer ultra-low energy consumption and the lowest impact on the environment.

The boilers are based on the through-flow technology and modulate step less between 15% and 100% of their firing rate. The boilers are therefore setting benchmarks for high output, compact dimensions, lightweight construction and low emissions. In addition, they are user-friendly and easy to install and service.

About Rendamax

Rendamax is part of the Ariston Thermo group. Founded in 1968, Rendamax is a leading manufacturer of high-quality central heating and hot water equipment, which is represented by dedicated companies / distributors worldwide. By engaging in long-term relationships and maintaining its position at the forefront of boiler technology, Rendamax is committed to adding value for its customers, shareholders and employees alike.

About Ariston Thermo group

Ariston Thermo, founded in 1930, is one of the world's leading companies in thermic comfort. It offers a complete range of heating and hot water products, services, systems and solutions designed to provide the maximum degree of comfort with the minimum use of energy.
December 2018

Sustainable MEP design with BIM content

With increased demands for sustainable design in the construction process coming from regulatory institutions, as well as the general public and project owners, MEP specialists have to be properly equipped to respond to market expectations. Sustainable engineering is not only on a mission to avoid natural damage and reduce waste, but it also aims to increase comfort and utility in the building and increase bottom-line revenues by saving energy.

What does sustainable design mean?

Designing in a sustainable way means being aware of the impact generated by human activity and planning it in such ways that the damaging effects on the surroundings and finite resources are diminished or completely eliminated.

Moreover, green design is aligned with traditional considerations about construction, such as utility, comfort or durability of the building. In fact, it aims to significantly improve the overall experience by reducing the costs of operation and maintenance. This is possible through the use of more efficient technology based on alternative energy sources other than fossil fuels, that generate outputs in an economical manner.

Sustainable design thinking is ideally present throughout the life cycle of a building, from the planning and design phase, to estimating, to construction, operation and finally maintenance.

Why should you mind?

As a study produced by the Department of Industry and Science showed, HVAC equipment and systems are responsible for more than 41% of all primary energy consumption in a building. By optimizing MEP systems with the aim of reducing energy consumption and increasing conform at the same time, buildings will become more efficient, and ultimately more profitable, since the costs associated with generating energy per year will decrease accordingly. There are several ways you can start implementing sustainable HVAC design strategies in your projects.

Solar panels (photovoltaic panels)

Solar energy has been around for years and is a leading renewable energy source alongside wind power, hydropower and geothermal energy. In Germany for instance, solar power was responsible for 5.9% of the country total electricity generation in 2016, according to a Strom Report.

  • Remeha’s solar collectors can drastically improve energy efficiency in a building. Installed in combination with boilers (e.g. Calenta series) and thermostats. The resulting configuration becomes a solar-thermal hybrid system that can safely be labeled eco-friendly.

High efficiency heat pumps

Traditional fuel-based energy sources such as boilers that run on coal are less and less used in modern construction projects. That is because they are very CO2 intensive, generating large amounts of carbon emissions that are sent into the atmosphere contributing to pollution and consequently to global warming.

So far governments and councils of scientists have proved unable to find a scalable way to extract the carbon from the atmosphere that has already been released through combustion. That means the only way to stop endangering our ecosystem further is to stop emitting nocive substances in order to power our everyday lives.

Some very popular alternative energy sources are heat pumps, and that is not only due to the environmental reasons attached to them. Heat pumps have a very good COP (coefficient of performance). This represents the ratio between the amount of resources needed and the heating and cooling produced based on that input. A normal heat pump will on average produce 4kW of heat for every 1kW of electricity put in which is equivalent to a COP of 4. For gas heating system, we are generally looking at a COP of around 0.85. So not only are heat pumps greener, but they are also great money savers.

  • The aroTHERM Split heat pump from Vaillant is suitable for semi-detached homes and single-family houses. It is formed by two components: an indoor and an outdoor unit. The system uses the heat stored in the outside air and transforms it into energy that can be controlled to regulate the inside temperature.

  • The Hisense VRF HI-FLEXI M Series inverter air conditioner systems generate significant improvement in operation efficiency under partial load. This is because of the high-efficiency scroll compressor featured with leading frequency inverter control technology.

  • The EnviLine outdoor unit - Split or Monoblock - is combined with a bivalent wall-mounted EnviLine indoor unit and an external auxiliary heater, such as a central heating boiler or a wood or pellet stove. An advantage of this variant is that the control of the heat pump continuously determines whether it is more cost-efficient to use the heat pump or the auxiliary heater. Nefit solar panels can be connected directly to the indoor unit for green power supply.

  • ALEC (ATAG's Low Energy Concept) is a hybrid boiler that uses solar energy for heating and hot water with very high domestic hot water performance. This is a hybrid system with an energy storage tank that allows a very low energy consumption.

Air Conditioners powered by AI

Data can be used to automate certain processes that can increase efficiency and reduce waste, such as in the case of artificial intelligence powered HVAC systems. Weather conditions can now be monitored an predicted with up to one hour ahead and the functioning of the air conditioners and heat pumps alike can be adapted to the newly acquired set of information.

  • Fujitsu heat pumps and air conditioners use input about outside temperatures and humidity to make their own automated decisions about air cooling and air temperatures. By relying on AI data to control the functioning of the system in the best way, optimal energy use is ensured.

  • Air conditioners from Mitsubishi Electric are equipped with advanced sensor units that monitor the locations of people in the room, their level of activity, can measure floor temperatures, and temperature changes in the room if curtains are opened and closed, and more. Based on the data obtained this way, the operations are optimized by automatically adjusting air-conditioning levels.

Ventilation with heat recovery

Another important goal of green building is ensuring indoor environmental quality. Indoor spaces need to be properly insulated and ventilated in order to prevent the accumulation of moisture that can cause mold and other bacteria and viruses to form. Quality of life is ideally achieved by correctly insulating buildings and making use of efficient ventilation technologies.

  • The Air 70 from Brink Climate Systems is a quiet decentralized unit that requires no ducts and can completely be built into the outside wall. The system uses the air that rises upwards after being heated by machines and people to warm up the fresh air that is blown in from outside. This is done through the built-in heat exchanger which means that there is hardly any heat loss and still healthy ventilation at all times.

  • Air Excellent from Ubbink is a complete air distribution system that guarantees lower pressure losses than traditional systems due to its radial design. This means lower energy consumption overall. Moreover, the mechanical connections ensure long-term airtightness which reduces the risk of damage over time.

  • Uniflexplus+ from Ventilair Group is an air distribution system for ventilation that can be used in residential buildings, apartment buildings and small utilities. The inside of the system has been treated with antistatic and anti-bacterial additives, which means the Uniflexplus+ is designed to prevent contamination in the system.

  • The ECOFAN recirculation fan from MARK Climate Technology will redistribute the warm blanket of air that forms under the roof to the living area. This way, the air heater will be able to provide heating faster and the energy consumption can be reduced by up to 30%.

Smart control units and sensors

These devices can be controlled through smartphones or tablets and allow homeowners to control their heating and cooling systems from wherever they are. Residents can get an overview of the energy consumption over time and optimize it by setting their preferences.

  • The CO2 sensors from Orcon will monitor the level of carbon dioxide in a living area and only command the required amount of ventilation to start when the CO2 level increases above a certain value. This way, the resident can enjoy extra comfort and energy savings.

  • The Healthbox ventilation system from Renson checks the air quality 24 hours a day for CO2 or moisture and/or VOC's (odor) per room. The ventilation level per room is fully automatically adjusted in function of the measured air quality (based on sensors in the control modules). As long as the air quality in a room is good, the ventilation level is not increased.

As an MEP specialist, you are at the core of sustainable design thinking for MEP systems. Scroll through the MEPcontent library of BIM files and choose the ones that will help you green up your design!

Fire up your productivity and model with rocket speed (Attach hangers)

The Productivity Tools App has been improved with new functionalities!

This app provides productivity support for designing MEP systems. The functionality is meant for easily connecting, rotating and reconnecting Revit families in routing systems. The tools are easy to use, powerful and versatile. Moreover, the tools can also be used with self-created families.

Next to Connect Elements, Rotate Elements around Element, Rotate Elements in free space, Reconnect Elements, Connect & Copy Elements and Connect & Rotate Elements, we just added two more!

Attach hanger(s) to System

Attach & extend hanger rod(s) to Construction.

Bonus: You can add Flamco hanger(s) to your System in Revit now!

Why the Productivity Tools?

The steps for connecting and rotating families on the Revit platform with native Revit functionality are extensive. Connect and rotate functionality with the productivity tool app increase user-friendliness, expand productivity and save clicks. Reconnect element tooling makes it easy to restore disconnected saddles and solves a native Revit platform issue.

Use these 8 Productivity Tools in one App and work faster in Revit!

Revit Apps that will Boost your Workflow

Manufacturer specific jobs are hard to achieve with plain Revit if you’re not sure whether you can trust the source of your content. There are Revit Apps available that allow users to work more flexible with content without having to search all kinds of content from all over the internet, allowing for a more consistent level of quality.

Revit Apps are great additional pieces of software that go on top of Revit. In other words, software that has functionalities (and often unique BIM data access) you cannot find in Revit.

Efficient Piping System Design

The new Product Line Placer for Piping App in Revit is a great time saver for MEP engineers and other MEP specialists. Drawing piping systems from leading manufacturers such as Geberit, Georg Fischer, Henco, Nicoll, Pegler Yorkshire, Rehau, SANHA, Uponor, Viega, VSH and Wavin is done in a blink of the eye.

With the content in the App, users can create fabrication ready piping systems. 3rd party fabrication tools are no longer required, which will massively increase the engineering productivity.

The App combines specific product and trade data from 11 manufacturers with a powerful design tool for Revit. Due to the Autorouting functionality, the correct fittings and bends are selected automatically and placed on the bill of materials. Just draw and click and you’re done.

In addition to the core functionality, the Product Line Placer for Piping App allows users to draw flexible pipe systems with special bends. This is done without any configuration needed. When selecting a flexible pipe type, you can simply form the pipe by clicking the next point for the bendable path to follow.

After you design the flexible piping systems, add the relevant tags, and finally create schedules with all relevant data such as measurements, manufacturer data and article numbers. Now your piping system can be ordered and fabricated right from within Revit.

Add Valves and Keep your Piping System Connected

Another App that works great in combination with the Piping App is the Product Line Placer for Valves. With it, you can easily filter on manufacturer, diameter, valve category, or technical properties. Select and place valves in your Revit project and work directly with localized and up-to-date manufacturer specific products.

The MEPcontent Product Line Placer for Valves App will give you access to valve series from 8 leading manufacturers (Belimo, Econosto, Hattersley, Kemper, Oventrop, TA (IMI Hydronic Engineering), Victaulic and Watts Industries) and this number will increase in the future.

Select valves based on pressure stage and have fittings and flanges added automatically. Content is optimized and localized by region including article number, GTIN, manufacturer data and category. Use the diameter from the pipes you use in your model and see what valves are available to fit with your piping system.

The two Apps can be downloaded in less than one minute from

Manufacturer Dedicated Apps

If you are only interested in content from only one or a few product manufacturers, and want to cut the clutter by only having to scroll through the content that is directly relevant to you and your project, then browse the MEPcontent store for that manufacturer specific App.

8 manufacturers have already published their own dedicated Revit Apps, with content raging from electrical equipment to heating and cooling content. MEPcontent is currently developing new Apps for 2 manufacturers based in Italy.

Visit the MEPcontent store now!
November 2018

How Building Product Manufacturers benefit from BIM [Whitepaper]

BIM isn’t something that only concerns planning and engineering agencies: also manufacturers can benefit a great deal from BIM. This free Whitepaper explains what you as a manufacturer need to know about BIM and more importantly: how to turn it into your competitive advantage.

Key take-aways from the whitepaper:

✔ Why Manufacturers should care about BIM
✔ Turn BIM into a data-driven Marketing tool
✔ Increase the likelihood of purchase through BIM

Download the whitepaper today

New products of Grundfos on MEPcontent

We've uploaded a new batch of Grundfos products on our platform More than 50 series have been added to the library. Multistage pumps from the CR series, double pumps from the Magna series, submersible pumps, circulation pumps, etcetera. The families are using type catalog files in order for engineers to make the right selection.

Here you may find all the products of Grundfos

Therminon Manifolds: Heating and Cooling Technology

Therminon is a leading company in the development and manufacturing of systems and manifolds of underfloor heating and cooling. More than 20 Revit families for manifolds are available on MEPcontent and can be downloaded for free!

Composite OEM Industry

The composite OEM manifold is available in different versions. Thanks to the insulating air chambers around the hydraulic passage there is no condensation during cooling. In heating mode the air chambers make sure that the heat loss is reduced to a minimum. The composite OEM manifold can be supplied with a pump set in case of a high-temperature system or without for heat pump installations.

Composite Nuon / Eneco

The composite manifold is used to distribute the medium in installations for underfloor heating and cooling. This series of manifolds is produced out of a special composite to be installed in low-temperature systems. The composite manifold is available in two basic versions, with or without pump mixing unit. The version with pump is available as model LTV or district heating. The model LTV is fitted with a regulating valve to limit the amount of water from the return manifold. The manifold without pump (model Industry) is especially suitable for heat pump installations where the manifold itself doesn’t need an additional pump.

View the complete BIM library of Therminon manifolds!

The CAD Revolution In Construction

From pencil and paper to 3D, 4D, or even 5D BIM— there is no question that things are changing rapidly in the construction industry. CAD is transforming the way we all work and will continue to do so in the future.

Computer technology has offered many advantages when it comes to managing processes and increasing efficiency and productivity to both design and manufacturing industries. A lot of time that was previously spent on lengthy design and correction processes by hand, has been saved by the introduction of Computer Aided Design.

The next step after 3D systems is BIM (Building Information Modelling), which is attracting a lot of attention in recent years. However, the concept of BIM dates 30 years back and nowadays we can already talk about 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D BIM. What is the history of BIM and what does the future hold when it comes to CAD?

This article continues on Constructible >>>