January 2021

Have you discovered the latest NIBE content yet?

From now on available on MEPcontent the following BIM files of NIBE Energietechniek:
The AMS 20-6 Modulating air/water SPLIT heat pump, the HBS 20-6 Indoor unit of a NIBE AMS20 SPLIT heat pump, the BA-SVM Indoor module for NIBE AMS10 air/water split systems and the SMO S40 Control unit NIBE air/water heat pumps. You can find them all here as RFA, DWG and IFC formats, available in the Benelux in English and in Dutch.

ATAG takes to the floor with new boiler range

ATAG has launched a new range of technologically advanced, high efficiency gas boilers, comprising the company’s first ever floor standing unit – the XL-f – as well as the wall-hung XL-w. Boasting the exceptional levels of quality and performance for which ATAG is renowned, the new boilers offer greater flexibility in terms of installation, as well as ease of maintenance.

The boilers are now available on for download as RFA, DWG and IFC format.

The new XL-f and XL-w ranges both offer outputs of 70 to 200kW from a single boiler and up to 1.6MW in cascade. All models benefit from an excellent footprint to power ratio for greater flexibility in terms of installation, which also enables them to be fitted in small spaces and plant rooms.There are six XL-f and six XL-w boilers to choose from, each available in one Single Heat Exchanger Compact (SEc) and one Single Heat Exchanger (SE) models, as well as two Double Heat Exchanger Compact (DEc) and two Double Heat Exchanger (DE) versions. These Double Heat Exchanger models have the added advantage of built-in backup, with each heat exchanger able to operate independently.

XL-f: ATAG’s first ever floor standing boiler
The star addition to ATAG’s boiler range is the XL-f. Not only is this the most compact floor standing unit available from the company (measuring just 1.8m high including the flow and return manifolds, as well as the horizontal flue), its low water content also makes it the lightest. All models can be installed in cascade in-line or back-to-back (via a dedicated wall hung rack), offering installers and specifiers great flexibility, alongside an impressive maximum output of 1.6MW. Furthermore, XL-f boilers have flow and return manifolds positioned at the top of each unit, plus all the pumps, valves and connections can be fully accessed from the front. For projects requiring multiple units, up to four boilers can be installed in-line, while three or four models can also be fitted back to back.

XL-w: A wall-mounted powerhouse
Not only can the XL-w achieve superb outputs up to 1.6MW, models also benefit from a low installation height of just 1.7m. Plus, when fitted in cascade, these boilers have the smallest, most compact footprint (in terms of width) in the industry. As with their floor standing counterparts, up to four of these units can be fitted in-line, while there is also the option to install three or four models back to back (i.e. six and eight boilers respectively).

Commenting on the new products, Paul Martin, national sales manager at ATAG Commercial, said: “We are delighted to add the XL-f and XL-w to our range of high efficiency boilers and they are a major step forward from our existing commercial range. What helps set them apart from other units on the market is the internal redundancy offered by the double engine models; by utilising dual heat exchangers that operate independently from one another, these models effectively work as an internal cascade. What’s more, should one heat exchanger require replacement or repair, the other is still fully operational, ensuring a system doesn’t completely lose heat during maintenance or servicing.”

About ATAG
ATAG Commercial, which is part of the Ariston Thermo Group, is a manufacturer of gas fired condensing boilers suitable for a range of domestic and commercial applications. The powerful XL Series sits alongside the QR Series range of high efficiency boilers, with the company’s products proving to be highly successful throughout the UK for many years, blending manufacturing expertise with unmatched reliability.

New from Hisense: low-height ceiling ducted type and more!

New on MEPcontent! The Hisense low-height ceiling ducted type AVE-05-24HJFDL and
AVE-05-24HCFRL are available now in RFA, DWG and IFC format.

Space saving
Save ceiling spaces for higher room height with the concealed low height ducted unit: as slim as 192 mm, and the width can below until 770 mm, which fits to the narrowest ceiling spaces.

Flexible air supply and return
Air from indoor units can be discharged directly with louvers or by duct connections. Whereas ducted or ceiling return air from rear or bottom of the indoor unit is also possible, when ceiling areas are very limited.

The 3D airflow panel is an accessory for ceiling ducted units, with LED temperature and humidity display. With the horizontal louver and vertical louver, the panel can offer wide air flow coverage to keep every corner of the room cool or warm in any season of the year.

New improved bendable filters
Standard filters that come with the low height ducted units are now improved to be bendable by improving the material’s malleability to improve installation flexibility in narrow ceiling height and restricted spaces.

Other features include smart & precise temperature control, adjustable static pressure and various device connection options.

More Hisense content
We’ve just uploaded more Hisense files, including the new wall mounted indoor unit AVS-05-28HJFDJD and 5 new branch controllers. You can find and download them all here.

About Hisense
Hisense’s Mission is to deliver an enhanced customer experience that exceeds expectations with every product we sell. Right from our cutting-edge technology, superior performance, elegant and sophisticated design, enduring reliability, to the most trusted retail partners in the industry, nothing is ever compromised. Step off the beaten paths, choose Hisense, where innovation meets value.

The MegaFlex UPS modular solution is now available for download on!

ABB presents its new MegaFlex solution offering the most resilient and compact uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system on the market with a reduced footprint of up to 45 percent.

The MegaFlex solution delivers excellent availability and reliability, with the most compact footprint on the market, up to 45 percent smaller for the IEC version compared to competitor models of equal power rating. Despite its small footprint, the UPS also delivers impressive sustainable power technology with reduced energy losses due to high efficiency converters of up to 97.4 percent, adaptable to variable IT load.

This supports ABB Electrification’s Mission to Zero for smart cities, a vision for a zero-emission reality for all, and reinforces its commitment to offer safe, smart and sustainable power technologies to the global data center industry.

Ciaran Flanagan, Global Head of ABB’s Data Center Business explains: “As larger data centers push power requirements ever higher, demand for scalable and redundant power solutions continues to grow. The vast amount of energy consumed by these data centers means that every percentage point improvement in efficiency brings with it cost savings. More importantly it also supports our sustainability commitments. MegaFlex DPA has been created in response to increasing power demands and cleverly combines the highest efficiency ratings with the smallest footprint. We are excited to showcase this pioneering new product together with our broader portfolio of electrification and digital solutions for efficient and reliable data center operations.”

Key features of the MegaFlex UPS solution from ABB include:

    - Standardized power distribution architectures in compliance with the Uptime Institute classification system and EN 50600
    - High-efficiency converters in VFI (Voltage Frequency Independent) mode with up 97.4 percent efficiency, driving up cost savings and improving energy consumption
    - Portability- server rack can be moved into position simply and safely with an onsite pallet truck
    - Compatible with either lithium-ion or VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid battery) for external storage
    - Optional redundant power capacity of 1,000 kW N+1 and 1250 kW N+1
    - The graphical system display allows the operator to display measurements, events and alarm
    - Connectivity for optional communication boards including SNMP, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RS-485
    - Provides up to 6 MW and satisfies the “six-nines” requirement for today’s most demanding data centers.

About ABB
ABB is a technology leader that is driving the digital transformation of industries. With a history of innovation spanning more than 130 years, ABB has four, customer-focused, globally leading businesses: Electrification, Industrial Automation, Motion, and Robotics & Discrete Automation, supported by the ABB Ability™ digital platform. ABB operates in more than 100 countries with about 144,000 employees.
November 2020

Underfloor gas condensing boiler C 340 - 640 De Dietrich

Gas condensing boilers made of cast aluminium-silicon elements with modulating burners guarantee optimised energy use for medium and high power boiler rooms (collective housing, schools, offices, etc.). Ecology is not forgotten: NOx emissions and CO2 emissions are clearly reduced.

Schneider Electric

The LB4000 ladderway from Stago offers a solid solution. High load capacity, solid and available in many dimensions. Naturally, various attachments and accessories are available for these ladderways. Now available in StabiCAD! The flexible Wibe runway for demanding environments is available in five finishes. You will also find the Wibe runway in StabiCAD!

Remeha launches new Gas 320/620 Ace range

Remeha launches new Gas 320/620 Ace range

Leading heating manufacturer Remeha has unveiled the new Gas 320/620 Ace, a next-generation boiler series with decades of technical knowledge built in. The new Gas 320/620 Ace builds on the success of its predecessor, the Gas 310/610 Eco Pro, combining cleverly engineered new features with class-leading compact dimensions to deliver the enhanced flexibility, connectivity, and control that modern heating solutions demand.

With a high-temperature differential (?T) of 10°C to 40°C and wide operating range of 20°C to 80°C/90°C, the new Gas 320/620 Ace is the perfect heat source for heat interface units, low-temperature heating, and hybrid installations as well as for retrofit applications. Its unique low water content heat exchanger allows for low to zero flow condition operation and monitoring, enabling it to respond rapidly to increasing or decreasing changes in load and reduce running costs.

Boiler control has been improved with the Ace control platform delivering superior control capability for optimal lifetime performance. An intuitive controller ensures rapid access to an extended range of parameters, making installation and maintenance even easier and maximizing boiler efficiency.

Connectivity has also been optimized with a new Modbus gateway option enabling remote connection to a Building Management System and optional Bluetooth functionality for enhanced connectivity.

The new Gas 320/620 Ace series is fully backward compatible with the Gas 310/610 Eco Pro. It is available in five to ten section models from 285 kW to 1,300 kW.

Download them here
October 2020

The new generation of Zehnder radiant ceiling panels: ZFP for efficient heating and cooling

Heating and cooling ceiling systems

Zehnder presents an innovative radiant ceiling panel concept for modern heating and cooling requirements – Zehnder Flexible Panels, or ZFP for short. The Zehnder ZFP system combines decades of international experience in indoor climate technology with state-of-the-art production technologies. The result: Zehnder ZFP boasts a first-class finishing process, groundbreaking energy efficiency and a high degree of flexibility.

Now available on MEPcontent!

The ZFP heating/cooling panels are now available on MEPcontent. The article is highly configurable in Revit to support thousands of combinations! Separate families for the hanging system, flow- and return valves and LED luminaire are also available for download. Check out the PDF manual for details. Download now

Cost-effective and efficient – up to 40% less energy consumption
Zehnder ZFP does more than keep your building comfortably warm in winter – it also ensures pleasant temperatures in summer without causing draughts. Thanks to its sophisticated design concept, the energy is transferred extremely effectively, increasing the proportion of radiation to up to 89%. Moreover, the radiant ceiling panels can be used in combination with modern heating technology such as heat pumps to unlock additional potential savings.

An all-rounder for diverse applications

The Zehnder ZFP components can be flexibly installed in rooms with heights between 2 and 50 m. With a pipe diameter of just 15 mm and a refined design, the radiant ceiling panels blend harmoniously into any architecture.
With its modular design, Zehnder ZFP can be tailored to all kinds of different requirements. Additional features (such as ball guards, wipeable dust protector panels, heat and acoustic insulation, perforated design) make Zehnder ZFP the ideal solution for a vast array of indoor spaces. Whether they're used in sports halls or in the food industry, factories or warehouses, theatres or workshops, the radiant ceiling panels ensure ideal heating and cooling results in every area of use. An interesting fact for planners and architects: the Zehnder ZFP system is available in over 700 colours.

Rapid installation, low weight and long life cycle

Zehnder ZFP offers extremely robust components which require fewer suspension points. This saves considerable time – and, hence, money – during installation. Weighing 14 kg/m2, the radiant ceiling panels are also up to 40% lighter than conventional solutions. This means that the components can even be used for low roof loads and makes them convenient to handle. What’s more, all components are fully galvanized and corrosion-resistant for outstanding durability.

Outlook: ZFP moves with the times

Further ZFP variants will be available, components with integrated, high-quality LED lights, thermal radiation shields which increase the proportion of radiation to up to 89% as well as the option of locating cut-outs for additional installations. Watch this space.

Wavin Tigris K5/M5 available on MEPcontent

Wavin's new Tigris K5/M5 turns water or air extortion into your new favourite pastime. Perform your extrusion test with air and a loud sound indicates where an unpressed fitting is located. But blackmailing with the Tigris K5/M5 press connection has many more advantages.
September 2020

New records from Wavin

Wavin is an innovative solution provider for the building and infrastructure industry on several continents. With more than 60 years of experience, we are prepared to meet some of the world's biggest challenges: Water supply, wastewater disposal, climate-resistant cities, and building services.

At Wavin, we focus on creating positive change in the world and our passion is to create livable and lovable places. We work with city managers, engineers, planners, and installers to make cities future-proof and buildings comfortable and energy-efficient.

Wavin is part of Orbia, who are committed to a common goal: improving life around the world. Wavin employs more than 12,000 people in over 40 countries worldwide and operates under brands such as Wavin, Amanco, and Pavco.

Design piping systems fast and easy with the new branded Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi Product Line Placer for Revit

We are glad to announce a new leading manufacturer joined MEPcontent: Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi!

"Attention to innovative solutions is essential to grow and compete on international markets. This is why we select competent partners who allow designers to have visibility and ease of access to the BIM models of our products. The "new era" BIM has begun and we are ready. "

Renato Brocchetta, Head of Product Manager Rubinetterie Bresciane and Fra.Bo

Design piping systems fast and easy with the new branded Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi Product Line Placer for Revit

The free Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi Product Line Placer App for Revit makes it easy to design piping systems with accurate and localized Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi content.

Just click, draw, and the right fittings are automatically added to your piping system. In addition, if you want to make advanced connections with real-world fittings rather than using Revit’s custom fittings, it takes only a few clicks.

Use the in-app predefined schedules and order your items directly from the material lists with guaranteed up-to-date content.

Download the App for free now!

Design piping systems fast and easy

Configure and place Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi specific pipes and fittings in your Revit project, 100% usable and ready to order. All directly from within your project environment.

Localized and up-to-date content

Work only with localized and up-to-date content from Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi. The integrated MEPcontent Browser library covers a wide range of articles, ready to use in your BIM process.

Model more accurately with autorouting

Design a complete Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi piping system by means of the autorouting functionality. Tees, bends, couplings, reducers, and other fittings are automatically placed while drawing based on your routing preferences. Moreover, when adjusting a dimension (e.g. diameter) of the system, the specific properties (e.g. article number) automatically change with it.

Make advanced connections

Want to rapidly solve your most complex connections? The App shows you the best solutions available, based on real-world fittings. No need to use the custom fittings provided by native Revit anymore.

Predefined schedules

Schedule your drawn articles with all relevant data such as measurements, manufacturer data and article numbers. The in-App predefined schedules (bendable pipes, cutting lists, and pipe fittings) are equipped with the latest product data, so you can directly order the articles right from within Revit.

Product series available in the app


ACV International joins the MEPcontent platform!

Excellence in hot water

We would like to welcome ACV International on our platform! We are pleased to publish the first ACV BIM files in RFA, DWG, and IFC format.

ACV has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing engineering solutions for hot water generation and for commercial and residential heating applications since 1922. ACV specializes in stainless steel. For 40 years, this material, which resists corrosion of the most aggressive water, has given the ACV products an exceptional lifetime with minimal maintenance. ACV nowadays offers innovative products that meet all requirements in hot water comfort.

Thanks to their leading-edge proprietary technology, ACV offers reliable, efficient, economic, and environmentally friendly solutions. ACV is a brand of Groupe Atlantic.

Mitsubishi Heavy

Residential Air Conditioning (RAC) products from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning Europe

MHIAE domestic heating and cooling systems provide reliable air distribution for your home. The Residential Air Conditioning solutions, comprising single and multi systems, enable you to dramatically reduce your energy consumption and carbon emissions while improving the comfort of your home. Several radical design changes and engineering developments have brought about a vast improvement in energy efficiency and environmental protection. The RAC range is compatible with both R32 and R410A refrigerants.

The following RAC indoor units are available to suit any type of interior design and needs:
- Wall mounted (SRK) from 2.0 to 10.0 kW
- Floor standing (SRF) from 2.5 to 5.0 kW
- Ceiling concealed (SRR) from 2.5 to 3.5 kW
- Compact ceiling cassette (FDTC) from 2.5 to 6.0 kW

Download them here!

Welcome TMC Transformers! 30 years of experience at your service

We are pleased to announce a new manufacturer on welcome TMC Transformers!

TMC Transformers SpA is a European company with a global presence and leader of dry-type transformers in medium voltage, low voltage, and reactors. Find and download here.

TMC Transformers SpA was formed following the acquisition of TMC Italia SpA, an acknowledged world leader in the distribution transformer market, by Next Technology Group (NTG). NTG has put together a carefully selected group of engineers and technicians with vast experience in the design and manufacture of special transformers for demanding applications, including Marine & Offshore, Wind, Rail, Mining, Data Center, and distribution transformers for the Building, Industry, and Infrastructures sector.

The TMC mission is to support customers with a wide range of products and services: from special prototype development and technical consultancy to final product delivery and a service team with 24/7 availability. TMC is proud to offer to her customers our technological strengths and engineering expertise to develop opportunities for mutual business growth and market expansion.

The company has a solid foundation, with an expert management team devoted to innovation and quality. Certifications and Awards: ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - ISO 45001

Overall performance with the new De Dietrich stainless steel range

De Dietrich presents the new stainless steel range, now available on MEPcontent!

The new IX-M range of high-performance boilers for the collective and tertiary sectors, combining compactness and modularity, which can be integrated into any configuration.

Reliability at all times.
The control system is easy to use and can be integrated into an existing BMS environment for the overall optimization of the installation.

A wide range of modulation.
Quiet and environmentally friendly with emissions below 35mg of NOx.
Easy implementation with full integration of decoupling kits for greater safety and serenity.
August 2020

Remeha on sustainable solutions and BIM

Remeha is certainly not an unknown name in the Netherlands when it comes to gas boilers. But what many people do not know is that they are also engaged in an even broader range of sustainable solutions and other types of technology. In this interview, we talked about this with Robert Doornebos, Portfolio Manager at Remeha. Beautiful solutions in the field of BIM are also discussed.

Full interview in Dutch

New HRC EcoSmart/SmartComfort from Orcon

A brand new addition to Orcon's highly successful HRC range of balanced ventilation systems, which brings an innovative and completely unique 2-zone system to the market. The system communicates fully wirelessly between the CO2 sensor in the living area as well as the unit. From now on downloadable as RFA, DWG and IFC format on MEPcontent.

Easily design Henco piping systems… what’s new?

New in the Henco App and in Stabicad is the Henco Vision manifolds and wall plates. We’ve also updated the existing product lines, improved the display of the connection types, and made a number of corrections to the dimensions. The App now also supports Revit 2021!

The free MEPcontent Henco Product Line Placer App makes it very easy for Revit users to manage Henco piping systems within a BIM project. Just draw and click and the right Henco fittings will be added to the Henco piping system instantly. From within your BIM project, you can order articles from your material lists, such as Henco pipes, Henco couplings, or Henco press fittings.

The MEPcontent Henco Product Line Placer App for Revit can be downloaded for free from the MEPcontent store. Downloading and installing the App is easy to do and can be done in seconds.

Optimize your work with Raccorderie Metalliche products in your projects!

The Raccorderie Metalliche Product Line Placer for Piping is updated and extended with new information! First of all, the App has been updated with support for Revit 2021, which means that you can now use the latest Revit version with the newest features! Secondly, we have extended the App with the addition of more specific information related to the Raccorderie Metalliche products. From now on, the material is specified for each pipe. This information can be found in the predefined schedules which can be created from within the App. And last but not least, the App has also been updated with the latest product information.

Did you know that for global manufacturer Raccorderie Metalliche, you actually have different options to choose from to work with products in your projects? Raccorderie Metalliche has made it easy for you as a user to choose which way you prefer.

Raccorderie Metalliche BIM App

The free Raccorderie Metalliche Product Line Placer App for Revit makes it easy to design piping systems with accurate and localized Raccorderie Metalliche content. You can select products from the InoxPres, InoxPres Gas, InoxPres HT, InoxPres Steam, SteelPres, AESPres, AESPres Gas, MarinePres and Uniko product series. Download the app here.

Product Line Sheets for Stabicad

For Stabicad users, all mentioned product series are also available as Product Line Sheets in Stabicad for Revit and AutoCAD. You can import the Product Line Sheets directly in Stabicad.

More information about Product Line Sheets can be found here.

Extensive BIM Library

Lastly, to complement the content available in the Product Line Placer App for Revit and the Product Line Sheets in Stabicad, separate Revit files are available to download from or directly via the MEPcontent Browser (also available in Stabicad). For the complete overview, please visit the Raccorderie Metalliche library here.

Discover the benefits and latest news of the Valsir App

Almost 9,000 unique placements and over 3,100 downloads made with the Valsir Product Line Placer App for Revit from MEPcontent! The Valsir Product Line Placer for Revit Application combines the best of two worlds. The application enables engineers to design Valsir Sanitary systems using user-friendly autorouting. Furthermore, all articles placed with the App are actual and localized Valsir products.

Latest updates!

Did you know that all Valsir manifolds have been updated? And did you check out the newest Valsir product line, the Blackfire, a fire-resistant push-fit waste system that is perfect for high and low-temperature drainage systems, drainage ventilation systems and rainwater drainage systems, within any sort of building? The Valsir Product Line Placer also contains the optimizer functionality, which enables engineers to change all fittings to their preferences with a single push of a button. It has now been extended with the implementation of the flowing tee and bend. Last but not least, the App has been updated with support for Revit 2021.

Content from Valsir® Triplus®, Valsir® Silere®, Valsir® PP3/PP, Valsir® HDPE, and Valsir® Blackfire is included in this plugin. The integrated content library helps you find specific pieces for your model through our MEPcontent browser.

Download the App, install it on your pc and start working with it to experience yourself how helpful it can be.

MEPcontent Powers SANHA App and BIM strategy leading to increased sustainability and collaboration


The SANHA group is one of the leading European manufacturers of press-fit pipe systems for drinking water, gas, solar, heating, cooling and sanitary applications for use in domestic and industrial settings. The company has approximately 8500 products, covering the most commonly used materials such as copper, copper alloys, stainless and carbon steel, as well as innovative silicon bronze, lead-free fittings for use in drinking water applications. As a family-owned and operated business, SANHA has over 50 years of experience and employs over 650 people.

In recent years, SANHA has focused strongly on corporate social responsibility and has developed solutions for sustainable buildings and applications such as CO2 refrigeration. The company’s products are produced on as much self-generated energy as possible through the use of solar panels, and it is focused on energy-efficient production methods overall. SANHA was also the first to market with lead-free pipe systems for drinking water installations. In order to stimulate sustainable building, the company began focusing on Building Information Modeling (BIM) as part of its digitization process.

Using BIM for Better Coordination

SANHA typically sells its products via wholesalers who in turn deliver them to installers or industrial customers, and large industrial customers are often supplied directly by SANHA. The company also collaborates with planning offices, engineering firms and architects.

“We try to assist our customers in the best possible way and offer various services. For example, we have our own planning service, and can deliver to construction sites and provide containers on site that are automatically replenished,” said Mathias van den Broeck, Product and Business Development Manager at SANHA.

Van den Broeck recognized that working with BIM would help provide better coordination between the various construction partners, which would save a lot of time and failure costs. He also needed to ensure that the most accurate product information was available to engineers, planners and architects at all times.

Custom Cloud App with Up-to-Date Product Information

SANHA was the first manufacturer to enter the market in 2017 with the SANHA Product Line Placer (PLiP) app in REVIT. This free BIM tool enables engineers, planners and architects to design pipe systems with SANHA’s products in no time and is at the core of SANHA’s BIM strategy. SANHA combined its strength and knowledge of piping systems with the IT knowledge of Trimble MEPcontent in order to create its own application to serve customers. MEPcontent is the BIM library where engineers can find free up-to-date graphic and parametric product information for BIM projects.

“Trimble MEPcontent is the largest and most important player in the Benelux and a major player in Europe. Since BIM and REVIT solutions are a strong focus in those markets, a collaboration with MEPcontent was obvious. There was also a good understanding from both sides from the very first contact. The feeling was right, and we were clearly on the same wavelength,” said van den Broeck.

The app is an innovative BIM tool that allows MEP engineers worldwide to design an entire SANHA pipe system in REVIT very quickly with smart functionalities. It contains all the SANHA product ranges, approximately 1,400 in total.

In addition to the app, all of SANHA’s product lines are also available in Trimble’s BIM software StabiCAD for StabiCAD users in Europe. StabiCAD is available for Revit and AutoCAD and enables engineers to work with thousands of articles with extended information from more than 300 manufacturers.

With the BIM product data, SANHA provides technical planners with a flexible and practical solution for the design of piping systems for heating, cooling, ventilation and drinking water installations as well as for industrial projects. The data is available for all relevant SANHA systems in REVIT format. It includes pipeline systems made of stainless steel (NiroSan® and NiroTherm®), C-steel (SANHA®-Therm), copper (SANHA®-Press) and the special lead-free drinking water series PURAPRESS® and 3fit® pb-free and PPSU fittings for multilayer pipes.

SANHA also uses the Trimble MEPcontent Analytics Dashboard, which provides a deeper understanding of how users interact with the app and allows SANHA to have data-driven insights to grow its business. The online custom dashboard shows real-time information including where the app is downloaded from, the number of downloads, app users and in-app placements in a selected time frame and/or region, as well as details about each in-app placement.

Creating More Sustainable Building Practices While Saving Time and Improving the Customer Experience

By using the app, an engineer doesn't need to download each REVIT component from a BIM library and can design the system in about half the time. The components are always up to date since the app is cloud-based and can easily be downloaded from the MEPcontent store.

The app also provides other timesaving features. For example, the auto-routing function ensures that correct fittings and pipes are automatically selected, and using the auto-scaling function, dimensions can be adjusted at any time during the drawing process. All pipes and fittings used are also automatically transferred to a bill of materials. This allows users to place orders easily and quickly.

“Trimble and MEPcontent have several international platforms that are highly regarded by different target groups of wholesalers, installation companies, engineers and architects. By implementing our SANHA app with MEPcontent and communicating over these platforms, we have been able to reach new customers,” said van den Broeck. “The fact that conflicts can be resolved in the planning phase instead of during the construction itself is also a huge advantage of working with BIM.”

In each phase - design, construction, management and maintenance - all data from all construction partners are included in the model. Because a BIM model is always up-to-date, better coordination is possible. Thanks to BIM, there is also less product waste. Since any errors can be discovered early at the design phase instead of during the construction process itself, builders can ensure the correct pipe dimensions and any deviations, and thus avoid wasting material. In addition, all information is stored in the cloud so there is less paper waste and ink consumption. All partners can access the necessary information anytime and anywhere, so there is no need to print anything on paper and unnecessary travel is avoided - all of which leads to greater sustainability in the construction process.

“With the free SANHA app, we offer an extra service to our customers that is highly appreciated in the market and is certainly not considered standard,” said van den Broeck. “Customers can access to the most recent portfolio at any time and are kept informed of all new features and updates.”

Download SANHA BIM files now