Major PLS update regarding the Stago KG281 Cable Trays

The Stago KG281 Cable Trays product line sheet (PLS) for Stabicad has gone through a major update and has been completely reworked, improving the naming of the articles to match the manufacturer documentation and to increase the findability of the products within Stabicad. The PLS has also been extended with articles that were not available before.

The Stago product lines have been given a new name within Stabicad, to match with the recent takeover of the Wibe group. The Stago product name continues to apply for all 410 products, but when searching for a certain product, you will have to first search for Wibe, after which you can then select the Stago products (for example product type KG281). The well-known ladder track LB4000 can also be found under the Wibe name.

Please update your PLS files with care and take into consideration the impact it has on projects with articles that will be replaced or removed. As a Stabicad user, please reference this article for more information.

About Wibe Group
Wibe Group brings together four of the world’s leading cable management brands (Wibe, Stago, Mita and Defem) as a new independent company to offer a complete, innovative range of cable ladders, cable trays and mesh trays – for applications ranging from commercial buildings to extreme demanding industrial environments.

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