Febrero 2024

Meet us at Light + Building in Frankfurt. Be electrified!

From 3 to 8 March 2024, the international meeting place will focus on lighting trends in all their facets, the electrification and digitalisation of home and building service technology and connected security technology.

Be electrified
The energy transition in the building sector makes a decisive contribution to achieving climate protection goals. Whether energy supply or energy management - the basis for the energy use of the future is the electrification of houses, buildings and urban infrastructure. Light + Building underlines the central importance of electrification with the claim "Be electrified".

Based on the motto of the world's leading trade fair the three top themes Sustainability, Connectivity and Work + Living specify the factors set to be essential for living, working and mobility in tomorrow’s world.

Let’s meet!
We will be there from Tuesday 5 to Thursday 7 March to meet and discuss options for your content in the Trimble Workflow.

Register here
Enero 2024


ELCO’s AEROTOP® EVO (PLUS) heat pumps are reversible and versatile, ensuring there is always a suitable, high efficiency (A++ to A+++ rated) option for every commercial application.

AEROTOP® EVO (PLUS) heat pumps can handle a building’s heating, cooling and domestic hot water (DHW) demands as part of a truly multifunctional system. Not only does this save space (as only one system is required instead of three separate ones), it also contributes to reducing costs, as less needs to be spent on installation and maintenance throughout the products’ lifespan.

The heating mode enables AEROTOP® EVO (PLUS) heat pumps to produce water temperatures up to 60°C, when it is anywhere between -4°C and +30°C outside. In cooling mode, the heat pumps can generate chilled water to a minimum temperature of 5°C, when it is anywhere between -10°C and +48°C outside. Finally, in terms of hot water, the heat pumps are capable of producing DHW up to 55°C or 60°C, respectively.

Leading the way in terms of functionality and sustainability, these commercial heat pumps offer intelligent and efficient performance, thanks to full inverter technology, alongside smart interacting modules to optimise energy input and heating/cooling output. This is complemented by high-performance compressors, a primary inverter pump and a fully modulating inverter fan. Furthermore, these heat pumps can be installed in cascade, enabling systems to be expanded and upscaled, with up to 16 units able to meet a building’s heating and cooling demands up to 1.68 MW.

Suitable for applications from residential buildings, office complexes, hotels, schools to warehouses, AEROTOP® EVO (PLUS) heat pumps from ELCO Heating Solutions provide exceptional comfort and performance alongside outstanding levels of energy efficiency.

Take a look at the ELCO BIM library for the latest BIM files and watch the AEROTOP® EVO (PLUS) video.

Soluciones energéticas HVAC para un mañana sostenible - Conozca TTM

Desde desgasificadores por vacío que garantizan un rendimiento óptimo del sistema hasta filtros de magnetita que evitan la entrada de residuos no deseados, pasando por unidades de derivación que ofrecen un control del flujo energéticamente eficiente a todas las partes del sistema HVAC. TTM lanza la primera parte de la nueva biblioteca BIM de TTM en

¿Qué diferencia a TTM?

Flujo de trabajo simplificado:

TTM entiende el valor de su tiempo y el de los instaladores. Nuestros modelos CAD Revit están diseñados para integrarse a la perfección en su flujo de trabajo, proporcionando una experiencia HVAC óptima. Nuestros productos son fáciles de instalar y poner en marcha, lo que reduce drásticamente el tiempo de instalación y el riesgo de errores.

Innovación en el núcleo:

TTM siempre ha sido sinónimo de innovación. El paso a los modelos CAD Revit es sólo una parte de nuestro compromiso de ofrecer herramientas que reflejen los últimos avances tecnológicos.

Enfoque centrado en el cliente:

Sus necesidades son el centro de nuestro trabajo. Hemos diseñado cuidadosamente nuestros modelos CAD Revit para satisfacer sus necesidades específicas, garantizando una experiencia fácil de usar que mejora sus capacidades de diseño.

Amplia gama de productos:

Explore nuestra amplia gama de productos, ahora a su alcance en la base de datos MEPcontent. Desde soluciones de eficiencia energética hasta tecnologías sostenibles, TTM ofrece una variada selección para satisfacer las necesidades específicas de su proyecto.

¡Empiece a diseñar con TTM hoy mismo!

Visite el sitio web de TTM y para explorar la primera parte de nuestra gama de modelos CAD Revit. Lleve sus diseños a nuevos niveles con TTM, donde la innovación se une a la precisión.

New SANHA piping systems available

Two new piping systems from German manufacturer SANHA are now available in the free SANHA Product Line Placer on, in Stabicad and in Trimble Nova: Streamline® ACR Copper Press and SANHA® Heavy Steel Press. Both systems are designed to meet the highest standards of quality, reliability and performance for various installations, including cooling, refrigeration, water, gas and industrial applications.

Safe pressing up to 48 bar

SANHA® has just introduced Streamline® ACR Copper Press fittings to the European market. The press fitting system is well suited for refrigeration and air conditioning applications. What makes it stand out is the high-pressure rating of up to 48 bar. This system uses copper pipes and fittings with not just one, but two special O-rings called DualSeal™ which serve to reliably contain even miniscule refrigerant molecules and are able to withstand temperatures from -40 °C to +120 °C.

The Streamline® ACR Copper Press piping system is compatible with most common refrigerants and offers a fast, easy and safe installation method without the need for brazing or soldering. The fittings are approved for use with hard, half-hard and soft copper pipes. Detailed information can be found at

Reliably connecting thick-walled steel pipes

The second system is the SANHA® Heavy Steel Press, a press fitting system for industrial and fire protection applications. This system uses carbon steel pipes and fittings with a galvanized zinc-nickel coating that provides excellent corrosion resistance and durability. The SANHA® Heavy Steel Press system can handle temperatures from -20°C to +120°C and pressures up to 16 bar. The system is suitable for various media such as water, gas, oil, compressed air and sprinkler systems.

Both systems are now available in the SANHA Product Line Placer on, in Stabicad and in Trimble Nova, ready to use in your Revit, AutoCAD and Trimble Nova projects. You can also browse and insert them directly into your models using the MEPcontent Browser app, a powerful search engine that allows you to access the largest BIM library for MEP engineers. With MEPcontent and the Trimble software’s Stabicad and Trimble Nova , you can benefit from the most up-to-date and manufacturer-specific BIM content for your piping systems.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at or or visit our website

Download the free Sanha Product Line Placer now and visit Sanha’s BIM library on

New Wildeboer plug-in in Trimble Nova

Are you tired of spending hours searching for the right parts and components for your construction projects? With WiDim, Wildeboer’s Dimensioning Software and its connection to TrimbleNova, searching for reliable components including their calculation functions is now faster and dimensioning components easier than ever before. With the information and calculation data stored in Trimble Nova, you optimise your workflow and minimise the error rate. Convince yourself of the efficient connection between WiDim and Trimble Nova!

Trimble Nova: Access to all BIM objects in just one CAD software
Trimble Nova brings manufacturers, MEP engineers and installers closer together so that projects can be planned and installed more accurately and efficiently. Because only what can be delivered can also be installed. We integrate numerous manufacturer data directly in the software so that dimensioning and design can be done immediately with all relevant and necessary facts - without manually leafing through manufacturer catalogs. Additional data, such as part numbers, allow for an even better integrated ordering, installation and maintenance process. Manufacturers also benefit because they make all their data available to the customer where it is needed most: in the model. For more information, check out the Trimble Nova website.

Wildeboer Bauteile GmbH: Experience and know-how made in Germany

Wildeboer develops, manufactures and markets products for:

    - Fire protection
    - Air distribution
    - Building control systems
    - Noise protection.

Superb product quality is the basis for highest level of customer satisfaction – from development through to easy on-site installation by the contractor.

Products from Wildeboer are manufactured exclusively in Germany – at our modern production site in Northern Germany. Production and logistics are highly flexible and most products can be delivered to site within 72 hours if required. For more information, please consult the Wildeboer website.
Diciembre 2023

Thank you!

We would like to take a moment to thank everyone contributing to the success of the MEPcontent platform: the 233.000+ MEP engineers relying on the quality of our BIM-library and downloading content for their projects, the 450+ manufacturers working with us to make their products available as BIM-files and last but not least everybody at MEPcontent and within Trimble making it happen. Wishing you all happy holidays and a sparkling 2024!

Trimble obtiene la certificación ISO

Trimble se complace en anunciar que su organización de contenidos BIM en Europa ha obtenido las certificaciones ISO 9001 e ISO 27001. Estas normas, reconocidas internacionalmente, significan que nuestros archivos de contenido MEP y modelos 3D (Revit, Autocad e IFC), archivos PLS de Stabicad y catálogos Trimble Nova se crean mediante procesos que cuentan con una garantía de calidad y seguridad, lo que convierte el servicio que ofrecemos en el mejor del sector.

¿Qué normas ISO hemos conseguido?
ISO 9001 es la norma de sistemas de gestión de calidad más reconocida del mundo, establecida por la Organización Internacional de Normalización (ISO). Ayuda a las organizaciones a implantar procesos claros y repetibles para mantener un servicio de calidad para sus clientes en todo momento.

Conocida oficialmente como norma ISO/IEC 27001 para la gestión de la seguridad de la información, detalla los requisitos que deben cumplir las empresas para gestionar de forma segura los activos y datos de información según una norma reconocida internacionalmente. La norma ISO 27001 exige que las organizaciones evalúen los riesgos para la seguridad de la información, implanten controles y procesos de seguridad sólidos e integren la gestión de la seguridad de la información en toda la organización.

¿Qué significa para nuestros clientes?
Nuestros clientes ya están familiarizados con nuestra garantía de calidad interna, el Extended MEPcontent Standard (EMCS) 5.0. Proporciona a los ingenieros y fabricantes de MEP de todo el mundo una visión clara de los contenidos ofrecidos en coherentes, uniformes, compactos y conformes con las normas BIM internacionales y locales.

El EMCS es un estándar uniforme para los ingenieros de MEP de todo el mundo y ha sido actualizado recientemente.

Esta certificación ISO independiente es una reafirmación de nuestro compromiso con nuestros clientes. Beneficia a todos nuestros clientes, desde los fabricantes que desean crear y distribuir contenido BIM, hasta los distribuidores que consumen la información y los ingenieros que utilizan el contenido para crear modelos listos para la construcción. Significa que todos los clientes pueden estar seguros de que trabajan con creadores de contenidos que disponen de procesos sólidos para garantizar una calidad y seguridad superiores.

Una garantía externa de calidad, seguridad y precisión, que asegure la fiabilidad y la repetibilidad de los procesos en toda nuestra vasta organización, es de suma importancia para una empresa de datos.

Como parte de esta certificación, ahora incluimos un mecanismo de retroalimentación en todos los archivos de Con vistas a una mejora continua, nuestro formulario de comentarios permite a los productores contarnos su experiencia en nuestro sitio.

Visite para consultar nuestra biblioteca de contenidos o póngase en contacto con nosotros para obtener más información.

Major update of RAMINEX fittings

RAMINEX's PLS of fittings in Stabicad has been completely updated and expanded for the Netherlands! Among other things, dimensions, URL links and ETIM information have been updated. Almost 200 new articles have also been added. RAMINEX focuses on the development, production and sale of high-quality and practical components for gas, drinking water, heating and cooling systems. Read more! (In Dutch)

Domotec's contribution to tomorrow's housing

Energy is becoming increasingly precious and expensive. The economical use of energy and the sensible use of renewable energies while at the same time increasing comfort, cosiness and safety meet current demands in the construction and renovation industry. For these reasons, Swiss market leader Domotec is constantly expanding commitment in the field of renewable energies and offering environmentally friendly and future-orientated solutions for the homes of tomorrow.

Domotec’s comprehensive product portfolio offers the right solution for every need. It includes modern air-to-water and geothermal probe heat pumps, over 4000 water heaters in over 300 designs, self-regulating trace heating tapes and many other products.

Recently Domotec partnered up with MEPcontent with an extensive BIM library of their products. The freely available and high-quality BIM files (Revit, Autocad and IFC) are localised for the Swiss market and available in English, German, Italian and French to meet the needs of their customers. Make sure to select the Swiss flag on the filter ribbon of the MEPcontent website. 

Trimble Nova
Domotec catalogues are also available in the modelling and calculation software Trimble Nova, in the same languages. The components have 3 levels of geometry detail and are provided with a maintenance space. The catalogues include air-to-water heat pumps, hybrid water heater, hot water - heat pumps, fresh water station, photovoltaic water heater, high capacity water heater, floor standing water heater (special versions) and wall water heater 10-30 litres. Watch the video.

Domotec will participate in the Swissbau trade show that will take place from 16th to 19th January 2024 in Basel, Switzerland. During the trade show they will dedicate a part of the booth to Building Information Modelling. You are welcome to visit Domotec at booth E50, hall 1.1. Trimble MEP will as well be present at Swissbau in the same hall, booth D20, offering advanced solutions that transform workflows between the office and the construction site.

About Domotec AG, 45 years of experience
Since their founding in 1976, Domotec developed into the Swiss market leader in the areas of water heating and sustainable heating solutions with a lot of commitment and foresight, with high-quality products, needs-oriented services and comprehensive customer service. Their goal is to inspire with qualitative, economical and future-oriented home technology products.

For more information and inspiration, go to Domotec’s website.
Noviembre 2023

A warm welcome to Air-Concepts on the MEPcontent platform!

Air-Concepts is convinced that a healthy indoor climate can only be achieved with proper ventilation. This has been supported by numerous studies. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential that the required fresh outside air is supplied at the right time and quantity to the area where it is needed. This is only possible when air quality and air volume are measured and (automatically) controlled.

For exact measurement and control of the air volume, Air-Concepts developed the FloXactTM air flow sensor and a variety of VAV terminals. Recent Air-Concepts projects include the implementation of 500 airflow measuring stations for Kuwait International Airport's new terminal building and the delivery of 2000+ VAV terminals to the Hilversum Ter Gooi hospital in the Netherlands.

Air-Concepts recently started a partnership with MEPcontent with a comprehensive BIM-library of their products.

About Air-Concepts

Air-Concepts Ltd. is a manufacturer of air distribution equipment and was established in 2005. Their specialization is speed sensors (FloXactTM) and VAV units. This is essential for the right temperature and ventilation.

The FloXacts are produced in Hoorn, the Netherlands, where both the R&D and sales departments are located. In Trebnje, Slovenia, Air-Concepts produces the VAV terminals and other air-distribution equipment, including swirl diffusers, perforated diffusers, linear diffusers, displacement diffusers, and floor diffusers.

Thanks to many years of experience, Air-Concepts can provide a suitable solution for every building and application. Customization can also be provided by their own production. In addition to advising and delivering on new projects, Air-Concepts can also provide an objective analysis of complaints about the indoor climate and/or climate installation. Air-Concepts is also an excellent partner for optimizing, re-adjusting, or renovating existing VAV installations.

A fossil-free future for everyone

Triple Solar is the inventor of the PVT heat pump and the corresponding PVT heat pump panels. The company wants to achieve maximum impact by reducing CO2 emissions when heating homes. To this aim they develop smart solutions in the realm of sustainable energy: produced and used in a sustainable manner, fully recyclable and without environmental impact.

World’s largest PVT installation in London
The University of West London aims to be climate-neutral by 2030 and installed 580 Triple Solar PVT heat pump panels to that end. Which will lead to energy savings of more than 500 tonnes of CO2 per year. The project involved the installation of 580 PVT heat pump panels and other energy efficiency improvements at the four university sites. Obsolete gas boilers were replaced with heat pumps to reduce nitrogen oxide pollution and improve air quality, which together with PVT heat pump panels provide renewable energy. The installation is considered to be the world’s largest PVT installation. The PVT heat pump panels work together with heat pumps to reduce an estimated 500 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. The system generates enough energy to heat 70 homes or to make millions of cups of tea!

Introduction of the compact Thermal Battery
Very recently Triple Solar introduced its latest innovative product, the Thermal Battery. The energy-efficient Thermal Battery is combined with the Triple Solar PVT heat pump. Compared to a traditional hot water vessel, the Thermal Battery is up to four times smaller and therefore fits in every home. CEO and founder Cees Mager: “Homes are getting increasingly smaller. As a result, there is often no room for a large kettle. The Thermal Battery is so compact that it even fits in a kitchen cabinet.” Unlike electric batteries, a thermal battery does not store electricity, but heat. This stored heat can be used at a later time to make instant hot water. This eliminates the usual storage of hot water in the water tank that causes a lot of heat loss.

PVT heat pump also available on the German market
During the ISH fair in Frankfurt earlier this year, Triple Solar officially launched its unique PVT heat pump on the German market. Founder and CEO Cees Mager: “This is our first official step into the German market, which in terms of numbers is five times larger than the Dutch market. Germany is therefore a very logical choice for us. We will open our own office in Germany in 2023, to support the market introduction.”

The PVT heat pump 3.5 uses the most modern techniques, including the natural refrigerant propane. It also uses the generated electricity very economically. For an all-electric setup the PVT heat pump needs 4 PVT panels as a source; whereas a hybrid setup needs 3 PVT panels.

Triple Solar’s up-to-date and ready-to-use BIM library is available on
For more information about Triple Solar, go to the company website.

Build Smart with UBBINK

For the Air Excellent products, Ubbink has recently released the updated template with the new families.

To make it even easier for the user, connecting the ducts to the adapter sets for the air distribution box and the valve adapters, among other things, has been significantly improved. The manual clearly describes the use of these adapter sets.

These improvements and new additions were extensively tested and adapted in close cooperation with Ubbink and with daily users.

The Ubbink template Air Excellent is now available for free download at

For questions about the products, you can of course contact Ubbink,
If you need help using the template, please contact MEPcontent.

About Ubbink

Ubbink provides solutions and technologies that enable customers to increase the energy efficiency of houses and improve the indoor climate. Our focus is on gas flue and ventilation ducting systems. In addition, Ubbink manufactures and sells products for watertightness, airtightness, room ventilation and construction ventilation. Ubbink is represented in Europe and around the world.

Our knowledge network

Ubbink is a member of the Germany-based and SDAX listed Centrotec Sustainable AG. Under Centrotec many companies are gathered together to create an enormous knowledge network on sustainable solutions in the fields of heating, ventilation and climate control technology, as well as solar thermal, biomass, heat pump technology and co-generation. Centrotec companies focus on both the market for new buildings and the increasingly relevant renovation market.

Within Centrotec, the Ubbink and Centrotherm companies formed the Ubbink Centrotherm Group; an international task force that initiates and promotes innovation and collaboration in the fields of R&D and production technology, take seats in committees and follow local and international regulations.

Henco: We Care To Connect

What an impressive expansion of the Henco BIM library on MEPcontent! For example, the new universal wall plate bridges in no less than 6 variants, perfect for any situation. For Stabicad users, 5 product series are available as PLS files. Are you designing with Henco piping systems? Then it goes twice as fast with the free Henco Product Line Placer App for Revit. Read on quickly and take a look at Henco's complete BIM library on MEPcontent!

A wall plate bridge for every situation
Every mounting of a (mixing) faucet stands or falls with the correct mounting of the wall plates behind it. System provider Henco has the solution with its universal wall plate bridges, which can be perfectly matched to any situation in 6 variants.

The 3 mm thick universal wall plate bridge made of galvanized steel is suitable for various applications: shower and bath taps, or the substructure and firm anchoring behind hollow walls. The wall plate consists of 2 variants (flat and curved) and, in combination with 6 different variants of wall plates from the Henco range, can always reach the right height. Click here to view the entire BIM range of wall plates on MEPcontent.

Updated Henco PLS files for Stabicad
Get access to the Henco products by using Stabicad. The PLS files for the United Kingdom have been updated and expanded, including the product lines Henco Vision, Henco Press, Henco Press Super Size and Henco Sprinkler.

Stabicad is a fully-integrated BIM solution for MEP design that allows you to create usable mechanical and electrical outputs while dramatically increasing your design efficiency. It is available for Revit and enables you to work with thousands of articles with extended information and up-to-date generic and manufacturer-specific content - directly within your model.

Design twice as fast with the Henco Product Line Placer
The free Henco Product Line Placer App for Revit enables MEP engineers from all over the world to design Henco piping systems twice as fast. As you draw, the right fittings are automatically added to your system. And if you want to make advanced connections with real fittings rather than custom fittings, it takes only a few clicks.
Use the in-app predefined schedules and order your items directly from the material lists with a guaranteed up-to-date content. Download for free the Henco Product Line Placer.

About Henco
Henco Industries is a leading Belgian manufacturer of multilayer pipes, fittings, taps and system solutions for the HVAC and plumbing industry. They offer a wide range of products, accessories and solutions and operate in more than 80 countries worldwide. Do you have questions about Henco products? Send your email to or visit
Octubre 2023

¡Novedad! Tipos de archivo Trimble Nova visibles en MEPcontent

En puede encontrar fácilmente contenido BIM específico del fabricante en varios formatos: Revit, Autocad, IFC y PLS para Stabicad. También puede comprobar qué fabricantes tienen contenido disponible en el software de modelado y cálculo Trimble Nova. Ahora también puede ver qué componentes Nova están disponibles para cada fabricante. Simplemente seleccione el tipo de archivo Nova al hacer clic en el filtro Tipo de archivo en el sitio web MEPcontent. Puede utilizar los demás filtros de la cinta para seleccionar el fabricante, la categoría y el país. La página del artículo muestra un globo Nova para distinguir el tipo de archivo y los detalles del componente Nova: una imagen 3D, el número de artículo, el tipo de artículo, la descripción y en qué países está disponible.

Para más información, consulte la página de preguntas frecuentes.
Septiembre 2023

Aplicaciones compatibles con Revit 2024

Diseñe fácilmente sistemas mecánicos, eléctricos y de fontanería con MEPcontent y las aplicaciones MEPcontent dedicadas de los fabricantes. Todas ellas son de descarga y uso gratuitos. Ahora compatibles con Revit 2024.

Explore la mayor biblioteca BIM y enriquezca su proyecto con contenido BIM genérico y específico de fabricantes con nuestro MEPcontent Browser. Simplemente cargue o inserte contenido 3D directamente en su modelo Revit o dibujo CAD. Sin tener que salir del entorno de su proyecto. Descarga y uso gratuitos.

Como ingeniero de estructuras, ahora puede comunicarse fácilmente con los ingenieros y contratistas de MEP para gestionar las aperturas a gran velocidad. BIM es sinónimo de colaboración y la aplicación Openings se ha creado específicamente para ello. Combinar aperturas, aprobar o rechazar solicitudes de apertura, crear huecos en el modelo arquitectónico o estructural y crear el archivo de respuesta se puede hacer de forma rápida y eficaz.

Diseñe, gestione y configure fácilmente conjuntos completos de gamas de interruptores, incluso para los proyectos BIM más grandes, con los configuradores de gamas de interruptores de los fabricantes ABB, Busch-Jaeger, Niessen y Jung. Experimente la variedad de opciones de diseño y funciones con la correcta anotación que ofrece esta aplicación.

La aplicación Mitsubishi Electric System Designer para Revit y AutoCAD es la elección ideal para diseñar de forma eficiente los sistemas de aire acondicionado de Mitsubishi Electric. Tiene acceso a contenidos localizados y actualizados mediante opciones avanzadas de búsqueda y filtrado para encontrar los artículos adecuados en cuestión de segundos. A continuación, modele tuberías y accesorios y conéctelos directamente a los artículos. Todo ello directamente desde su entorno de proyecto.

Nuestras aplicaciones Product Line Placer para Revit simplifican el diseño de tuberías, fontanería, drenaje y sistemas de suministro con contenido preciso y localizado de sus fabricantes favoritos: Henco, Ostendorf, Poloplast, Sanha, Raccorderie Metalliche, Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi. Basta con hacer clic y dibujar, y los accesorios adecuados se añadirán automáticamente al sistema. Gracias a la función de autorouting, los accesorios adecuados se añaden automáticamente al sistema a medida que se dibuja. Se utilizan los programas predefinidos de la aplicación y los elementos pueden pedirse directamente a partir de las listas de materiales.

La funcionalidad de cálculo de sistemas de aguas residuales de la aplicación Product Line Calculator de Valsir está totalmente integrada en Revit y cumple las normas europeas. Con la gran ventaja de que se minimiza el riesgo de errores, ya que el diseño y el cálculo se realizan dentro de la aplicación.

Descubra todas nuestras aplicaciones en MEPcontent y descárguelas gratis.

Change management: the keys to successful digital adoption

Introducing a digital solution is not just about adopting new technologies: it also requires effective management of organisational change. Involving the project team, who are not always familiar with these tools, is crucial. You'll need to convince them that the new technology being adopted meets the organisation's objectives while benefiting the work of the teams. Ready to optimise your change management? Here's how. Read the article in French.

Valsir free plugin for plumbing designers

The Valsir Product Line Calculator is a Revit plugin that allows MEP designers all over the world to design Valsir water supply and drainage systems in half the time, thanks to two very important new features:

  • the possibility of automatically dimensioning drainage systems in accordance with the UNI EN 12056-2 standard;

  • the possibility of checking systems that include VBF.

This is in addition to the functions already made available by the previous version of the plugin, which allowed the automatic optimisation of waste systems and the direct download of all Valsir libraries, both for drainage and supply systems. Download the free Valsir Product Line Calculator on!

All functionalities

Thanks to Product Line Calculator, you now have at your disposal a set of very useful new design tools:
Simplified system modelling

  • Design using a single diameter

  • Optimise your system with advanced autorouting

Management of detail levels

  • Design a detailed system by defining each sanitary appliance

  • Simulates entire portions of a system by entering the number of sanitary appliances to be considered.

Dimensioning according to UNI EN 12056-2

  • Customise the calculation settings of your system, compliant with normative indications, by defining contemporaneity coefficient, manifold slope, type of system for branches.

Automatic dimensioning with component classification

  • Automatic calculation of pipes with re-allocation of diameters

  • Classification of system components according to a specific colour scale

Exportable calculation report of your project

Introducing the Vaillant cost-attractive wall-mounted buffers for heat pumps

Discover the cost-attractive wall-mounted Vaillant buffers designed to enhance performance and efficiency of heat pump systems. Now available for download on

We are pleased to introduce the cost-attractive wall-mounted Vaillant buffers for heat pumps, designed specifically to enhance the performance and efficiency of heat pump systems. This buffer tank offers a range of key functions and features that make it an essential component for heat pump systems.

The buffer ensures the minimum running time in heating and cooling operation, thanks to sufficient water volume in the heating installation. This helps in limiting heat-pump on-off cycles and resulting in longer compressor lifespan.

The Vaillant buffer tank features two capacities (50L - 100L) to meet a wide range of applications, depending on the size of your customers house, volume of water in the heating circuit, heat pump output, etc. Additionally, it has only four connections, which is enough for simple installation, low heat loss, and optimized cost.

It is also suitable for active cooling, as the buffer tank is fully insulated with polyurethane, preventing any condensation in cooling mode.

For further information, please visit the Vaillant website or your country specific Vaillant website.
Agosto 2023

Revit 2020 >>> 2021. ¡Sí! ¡Lo hemos vuelto a hacer pare usted!

Se acaba de completar una gran actualización en La que nuestro equipo de operaciones de contenido pasó horas y horas para organizar para su beneficio: la actualización de Revit de 2020 a 2021. Tenemos unas cifras impresionantes para usted... más de 27.000 ficheros Revit en total han sido renovados, la mayoría de ellos familias Revit (más de 24.900), pero también type catalogs (más de 2.100) y templates Revit (40). ¡Gracias, equipo! Sólo lo mejor para nuestros usuarios de MEPcontent.

Introducing recoVAIR 60/2: The basic ventilation system for reliable heat and humidity control

Discover recoVAIR 60/2 by Vaillant, the new efficient decentralised ventilation system for new buildings and modernisation projects with excellent heat recovery capabilities and simple planning and installation. Now available for download on
As a professional in the construction industry, you need reliable and efficient solutions for heat and humidity control in both new builds and modernisation projects. The Vaillant recoVAIR 60/2 system is designed to meet these demands while also providing a strong price-performance ratio.

One of the key features of the recoVAIR 60/2 is its excellent heat recovery capabilities. The ceramic heat exchanger and push-pull principle ensure that warm air is absorbed and used to heat incoming cold air, resulting in significant energy savings and lower heating bills. Compared to basic ventilation, you can reduce heating costs by up to 30%.

Another advantage of the recoVAIR 60/2 is its simplicity in planning, installation, and commissioning. The small diameter of the stand-alone units provides a high flexibility in installation. Setting up the system is straightforward using DIP switches, and the controls provide clear feedback at every step.

In addition to its technical features, the recoVAIR 60/2 also offers high customer acceptance. Its compact design and discreet covers make it nearly invisible, while the low volume in normal operation can be further reduced through the night mode. Maintenance is quick and cost-effective, with easy replacement of parts and filters that can even be done by customers themselves.

Overall, the recoVAIR 60/2 provides a reliable and efficient solution for heat and humidity control that meets high standards in the construction sector and satisfies the demands of your customers.

The market launch was in June 2023. The launch date may differ in some countries. For further information, please visit the Vaillant website or your country specific Vaillant website.
Mayo 2023

New template for Ubbink Air Excellent products

Trimble MEPcontent created a revised template for the Ubbink-Centrotherm Group, Air Excellent products. This template is in cooperation with the manufacturer Ubbink and companies who are working with the Ubbink Air Excellent products revised, updated, and extended with new products and features.
With this revised template Ubbink offers a better user experience and easier use of their Air Excellent products in your design.
The new and revised topics are:

    The new template is having now separate supply and return (exhaust) systems. This makes it easier to use the calculation methods of Revit.

    New flexible ventilation ducts have been added, it is now possible to design an air distribution system that has the actual pattern as in practice. By choice of the engineer, he can still use the old method of straight flexible air ducts.

    All components have been updated with the connector position where the ductwork enters the meets the length of the sock. With this revision it is easier to make a prefabricated installation with the correct dimensions.

    The height (offset) positions of the valve adapters are made equal to the position adapters on the distribution boxes. They will help to connect the ducts to each other.
    Horizontal and vertical split for the ducts is set in the auto routing preferences. With this revision it is easier for the engineer to design a system to another floor.

    Calculations of flow rate will be more correct because there are no lost airflows through thru the distribution box.

    Trimble has built this template according to the new platform. This feature makes it more flexible to create and publish new or existing localizations (countries or languages where Ubbink deliver the Air Excellent products).

    All descriptions (technical and or extra information) in the accessories are delivered by Ubbink and is equal to their system. With this new data there is no misconception in ordering or communication with Ubbink. All extra documentation and texts correspond to the officially published texts of the Ubbink-Centrotherm Group.

    The improvements have been evaluated by Ubbink in cooperation with external companies approached by Ubbink.

Trimble will publish first the updated Ubbink-NL Air Excellent template. For questions, please contact Ubbink (, about the products, or the Trimble Helpdesk when using the Template.
Abril 2023

“Less is more” met de ComfoAir Flex

De beste dingen in het leven zijn ongezien. Het nieuwe Zehnder ComfoAir Flex ventilatiesysteem combineert een compact ontwerp met topprestaties.

De nieuwe plafond ventilatie-unit ComfoAir Flex:
-- Ruimtebesparend
-- Flexibel voor installatie
-- Zeer laag verbruik
-- Hoog Rendement
-- Ingebouwde vochtsensor: EPB conform
-- Connectivity: Wifi onboard

Lees meer over de ComfoAir Flex op de Zehnder website.

Bespaar gebruiksoppervlakte met de ultra compacte ComfoVar Aero voor de gestapelde woningbouw

De vraag naar duurzaamheid en techniek in woningen groeit. Tegelijkertijd wordt woonoppervlakte kostbaarder. Vanwege de huidige woningnood worden er steeds meer kleine appartementen gebouwd. De ultracompacte ComfoVar Aero is bij uitstek geschikt voor deze kleine woningen. De ComfoVar Aero zorgt dat zoveel mogelijk gebruiksoppervlakte per appartement overblijft.

Meer m2 gebruiksoppervlakte per appartement
Hoge BENG score
Voordelig in onderhoud
Bewezen Zehnder topkwaliteit

Geschikt voor ventilatie met behulp van een luchtbehandelingskast in appartementen tot 360 m3/h. Lees meer over de ComfoVar Aero op de Zehnder website.

BIM-bestanden van Zehnder op MEPcontent
Download de BIM-bestanden van de ComfoAir Flex 250 HRV, de ComfoAir Flex 350 HRV en de ComfoVar Aero DN 160 en vind hier het volledige BIM-aanbod van Zehnder op!

Over Zehnder
Zehnder is een toonaangevende wereldwijde leverancier van complete oplossingen voor een gezond binnenklimaat. Lees meer over Zehnder.