About Ubbink

Ubbink provides solutions and technologies that enable customers to increase the energy efficiency of houses and improve the indoor climate. Our focus is on gas flue and ventilation ducting systems. In addition, Ubbink manufactures and sells products for watertightness, airtightness, room ventilation and construction ventilation. Ubbink is represented in Europe and around the world.

Our knowledge network

Ubbink is member of the Germany-based and SDAX listed Centrotec Sustainable AG. Under Centrotec many companies are gathered together create an enormous knowledge network on sustainable solutions in the fields of heating, ventilation and climate control technology, as well as solar thermal, biomass, heat pump technology and co-generation. Centrotec companies focus on both the market for new buildings and the increasingly relevant renovation market.

Within Centrotec, the Ubbink and Centrotherm companies formed the Ubbink Centrotherm Group; an international task force that initiate and promote innovation and collaboration in the fields of R&D and production technology, take seat in committees and follow local and international regulations.

About Centrotec

The CENTROTEC Group is Europe’s only listed full-service supplier of energy-saving solutions and renewable energy in buildings. The product range spans mainly system solutions for the areas of heating, ventilation and climate control technology, as well as solar thermal, biomass, heat pump technology and co-generation, both for new buildings and for the increasingly relevant renovation market.
Centrotec structure and strategy
Through its subsidiaries, the CENTROTEC Group is active mainly in the markets for energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings. Since going public in 1998, the business volume has steadily been expanded profitably through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions. This development has been based on the creation of a comprehensive, user-friendly, highly efficient product portfolio featuring solutions for heating, ventilation and climate control, plus renewable energy solutions for buildings. Together with the steadily expanded international presence and corresponding sales structures, this forms the basis of a long-term group strategy that will continue to focus on giving the individual group companies ample entrepreneurial leeway.

The CENTROTEC Group’s business activities are divided into three segments, of which the largest in revenue terms, Climate Systems, along with Gas Flue Systems, makes up the core business area for energy-saving solutions and renewable energy in buildings. The third segment Medical Technology & Engineering Plastics, which is the smallest by revenue, develops, produces and sells medical technology solutions and high-performance plastics.
CENTROTEC’s corporate philosophy is fundamentally based on granting considerable entrepreneurial freedom to the individual operating units as well as to employees and managers. This enables the operating subsidiaries to respond to their respective markets swiftly, innovatively and in a market-led manner. This entrepreneurial leeway moreover motivates employees, helps them to identify with their specific company and ultimately leads to lower employee turnover and sickness rates. Collaboration between the individual group companies is moreover being promoted across the segments in order to develop product solutions across all companies, make greater use of existing customer relations, open up or develop markets more effectively, optimize logistics processes and realize synergies in the purchasing and sales areas.
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