Novembre 2023

A warm welcome to Air-Concepts on the MEPcontent platform!

Air-Concepts is convinced that a healthy indoor climate can only be achieved with proper ventilation. This has been supported by numerous studies. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential that the required fresh outside air is supplied at the right time and quantity to the area where it is needed. This is only possible when air quality and air volume are measured and (automatically) controlled.

For exact measurement and control of the air volume, Air-Concepts developed the FloXactTM air flow sensor and a variety of VAV terminals. Recent Air-Concepts projects include the implementation of 500 airflow measuring stations for Kuwait International Airport's new terminal building and the delivery of 2000+ VAV terminals to the Hilversum Ter Gooi hospital in the Netherlands.

Air-Concepts recently started a partnership with MEPcontent with a comprehensive BIM-library of their products.

About Air-Concepts

Air-Concepts Ltd. is a manufacturer of air distribution equipment and was established in 2005. Their specialization is speed sensors (FloXactTM) and VAV units. This is essential for the right temperature and ventilation.

The FloXacts are produced in Hoorn, the Netherlands, where both the R&D and sales departments are located. In Trebnje, Slovenia, Air-Concepts produces the VAV terminals and other air-distribution equipment, including swirl diffusers, perforated diffusers, linear diffusers, displacement diffusers, and floor diffusers.

Thanks to many years of experience, Air-Concepts can provide a suitable solution for every building and application. Customization can also be provided by their own production. In addition to advising and delivering on new projects, Air-Concepts can also provide an objective analysis of complaints about the indoor climate and/or climate installation. Air-Concepts is also an excellent partner for optimizing, re-adjusting, or renovating existing VAV installations.

A fossil-free future for everyone

Triple Solar is the inventor of the PVT heat pump and the corresponding PVT heat pump panels. The company wants to achieve maximum impact by reducing CO2 emissions when heating homes. To this aim they develop smart solutions in the realm of sustainable energy: produced and used in a sustainable manner, fully recyclable and without environmental impact.

World’s largest PVT installation in London
The University of West London aims to be climate-neutral by 2030 and installed 580 Triple Solar PVT heat pump panels to that end. Which will lead to energy savings of more than 500 tonnes of CO2 per year. The project involved the installation of 580 PVT heat pump panels and other energy efficiency improvements at the four university sites. Obsolete gas boilers were replaced with heat pumps to reduce nitrogen oxide pollution and improve air quality, which together with PVT heat pump panels provide renewable energy. The installation is considered to be the world’s largest PVT installation. The PVT heat pump panels work together with heat pumps to reduce an estimated 500 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. The system generates enough energy to heat 70 homes or to make millions of cups of tea!

Introduction of the compact Thermal Battery
Very recently Triple Solar introduced its latest innovative product, the Thermal Battery. The energy-efficient Thermal Battery is combined with the Triple Solar PVT heat pump. Compared to a traditional hot water vessel, the Thermal Battery is up to four times smaller and therefore fits in every home. CEO and founder Cees Mager: “Homes are getting increasingly smaller. As a result, there is often no room for a large kettle. The Thermal Battery is so compact that it even fits in a kitchen cabinet.” Unlike electric batteries, a thermal battery does not store electricity, but heat. This stored heat can be used at a later time to make instant hot water. This eliminates the usual storage of hot water in the water tank that causes a lot of heat loss.

PVT heat pump also available on the German market
During the ISH fair in Frankfurt earlier this year, Triple Solar officially launched its unique PVT heat pump on the German market. Founder and CEO Cees Mager: “This is our first official step into the German market, which in terms of numbers is five times larger than the Dutch market. Germany is therefore a very logical choice for us. We will open our own office in Germany in 2023, to support the market introduction.”

The PVT heat pump 3.5 uses the most modern techniques, including the natural refrigerant propane. It also uses the generated electricity very economically. For an all-electric setup the PVT heat pump needs 4 PVT panels as a source; whereas a hybrid setup needs 3 PVT panels.

Triple Solar’s up-to-date and ready-to-use BIM library is available on
For more information about Triple Solar, go to the company website.

Build Smart with UBBINK

For the Air Excellent products, Ubbink has recently released the updated template with the new families.

To make it even easier for the user, connecting the ducts to the adapter sets for the air distribution box and the valve adapters, among other things, has been significantly improved. The manual clearly describes the use of these adapter sets.

These improvements and new additions were extensively tested and adapted in close cooperation with Ubbink and with daily users.

The Ubbink template Air Excellent is now available for free download at

For questions about the products, you can of course contact Ubbink,
If you need help using the template, please contact MEPcontent.

About Ubbink

Ubbink provides solutions and technologies that enable customers to increase the energy efficiency of houses and improve the indoor climate. Our focus is on gas flue and ventilation ducting systems. In addition, Ubbink manufactures and sells products for watertightness, airtightness, room ventilation and construction ventilation. Ubbink is represented in Europe and around the world.

Our knowledge network

Ubbink is a member of the Germany-based and SDAX listed Centrotec Sustainable AG. Under Centrotec many companies are gathered together to create an enormous knowledge network on sustainable solutions in the fields of heating, ventilation and climate control technology, as well as solar thermal, biomass, heat pump technology and co-generation. Centrotec companies focus on both the market for new buildings and the increasingly relevant renovation market.

Within Centrotec, the Ubbink and Centrotherm companies formed the Ubbink Centrotherm Group; an international task force that initiates and promotes innovation and collaboration in the fields of R&D and production technology, take seats in committees and follow local and international regulations.

Henco: We Care To Connect

What an impressive expansion of the Henco BIM library on MEPcontent! For example, the new universal wall plate bridges in no less than 6 variants, perfect for any situation. For Stabicad users, 5 product series are available as PLS files. Are you designing with Henco piping systems? Then it goes twice as fast with the free Henco Product Line Placer App for Revit. Read on quickly and take a look at Henco's complete BIM library on MEPcontent!

A wall plate bridge for every situation
Every mounting of a (mixing) faucet stands or falls with the correct mounting of the wall plates behind it. System provider Henco has the solution with its universal wall plate bridges, which can be perfectly matched to any situation in 6 variants.

The 3 mm thick universal wall plate bridge made of galvanized steel is suitable for various applications: shower and bath taps, or the substructure and firm anchoring behind hollow walls. The wall plate consists of 2 variants (flat and curved) and, in combination with 6 different variants of wall plates from the Henco range, can always reach the right height. Click here to view the entire BIM range of wall plates on MEPcontent.

Updated Henco PLS files for Stabicad
Get access to the Henco products by using Stabicad. The PLS files for the United Kingdom have been updated and expanded, including the product lines Henco Vision, Henco Press, Henco Press Super Size and Henco Sprinkler.

Stabicad is a fully-integrated BIM solution for MEP design that allows you to create usable mechanical and electrical outputs while dramatically increasing your design efficiency. It is available for Revit and enables you to work with thousands of articles with extended information and up-to-date generic and manufacturer-specific content - directly within your model.

Design twice as fast with the Henco Product Line Placer
The free Henco Product Line Placer App for Revit enables MEP engineers from all over the world to design Henco piping systems twice as fast. As you draw, the right fittings are automatically added to your system. And if you want to make advanced connections with real fittings rather than custom fittings, it takes only a few clicks.
Use the in-app predefined schedules and order your items directly from the material lists with a guaranteed up-to-date content. Download for free the Henco Product Line Placer.

About Henco
Henco Industries is a leading Belgian manufacturer of multilayer pipes, fittings, taps and system solutions for the HVAC and plumbing industry. They offer a wide range of products, accessories and solutions and operate in more than 80 countries worldwide. Do you have questions about Henco products? Send your email to or visit
Ottobre 2023

Novità! Contenuti Trimble Nova visibili su MEPcontent

Su puoi trovare facilmente contenuti BIM in diversi formati: Revit, Autocad, IFC e PLS per Stabicad. È inoltre possibile vedere quali produttori hanno contenuti disponibili nel software di modellazione e di calcolo Trimble Nova. Da oggi puoi anche verificare quali contenuti specifici di ogni produttore sono disponibili in Trimble Nova. È sufficiente selezionare il Tipo di file Nova sul filtro Tipo di file di MEPcontent, utilizzando successivamente gli altri filtri della barra multifunzione per selezionare il produttore, la categoria e il paese. La pagina dell'articolo mostra un palloncino Nova per distinguere il tipo di file e i dettagli del componente Nova: un'immagine 3D, il numero dell'articolo, il tipo di articolo, la descrizione e in quali Paesi è disponibile.

Per saperne di più, consultate la pagina delle FAQ.
Settembre 2023

Supporto di Revit 2024 per le app

Progettate facilmente impianti meccanici, elettrici e idraulici con gli applicativi MEPcontent e gli applicativi MEPcontent dedicati di aziende produttrici! Sono tutte gratuite da scaricare e utilizzare. Ora con il supporto di Revit 2024!

Sfogliate la più grande libreria BIM e arricchite il vostro progetto con contenuti BIM generici e specifici del produttore con il nostro MEPcontent Browser. È sufficiente caricare o inserire contenuti 3D direttamente nel modello Revit o nel disegno CAD. Senza dover lasciare il vostro ambiente di progetto. Da scaricare e utilizzare gratuitamente.

In qualità di ingegneri strutturali, ora potete comunicare facilmente con ingegneri MEP e appaltatori per gestire le aperture ad alta velocità. Il BIM si basa sulla collaborazione e l'applicativo Openings è stato creato appositamente per questo. La combinazione di aperture, l'approvazione o il rifiuto delle richieste di apertura, la creazione di vuoti nel modello architettonico o strutturale e la creazione del file di risposta possono essere eseguite in modo rapido ed efficiente.

Progettate, gestite e configurate facilmente set completi di gamme di interruttori, anche per i progetti BIM più grandi, con i configuratori di gamme di interruttori dei produttori ABB, Busch-Jaeger, Niessen e Jung. Sperimentate la varietà di opzioni e funzioni di progettazione con la corretta annotazione offerta da questo applicativo.

L’applicativo Mitsubishi Electric System Designer per Revit e AutoCAD è la scelta ideale per progettare in modo efficiente gli impianti di climatizzazione di Mitsubishi Electric. Avete accesso a contenuti localizzati e aggiornati utilizzando delle opzioni di ricerca e filtro avanzate per trovare gli articoli giusti in pochi secondi. Successivamente modellate tubi e raccordi, collegandoli direttamente agli articoli. Il tutto direttamente dal vostro ambiente di progetto.

Le nostre applicazioni Product Line Placer per Revit semplificano la progettazione di sistemi di tubazioni, impianti sanitari, sistemi di drenaggio e sistemi di alimentazione con contenuti precisi e localizzati delle vostre aziende produttrici preferite: Henco, Ostendorf, Poloplast, Sanha, Raccorderie Metalliche, Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi. Basta cliccare e disegnare, e i raccordi giusti vengono aggiunti automaticamente al sistema. Grazie alla funzionalità di autorouting, i raccordi giusti vengono aggiunti automaticamente al sistema mentre si disegna. Si utilizzano i programmi predefiniti dell'applicazione ed è possibile ordinare gli articoli direttamente dagli elenchi dei materiali.

La funzionalità di calcolo per i sistemi di acque reflue nell'applicativo Product Line Calculator di Valsir è completamente integrata in Revit ed è conforme alla normativa europea. Con il grande vantaggio che si riduce al minimo il rischio di errori, poiché la progettazione e il calcolo vengono eseguiti all'interno dell'applicativo.

Scoprite tutti i nostri applicativi su MEPcontent e scaricateli gratuitamente!

Change management: the keys to successful digital adoption

Introducing a digital solution is not just about adopting new technologies: it also requires effective management of organisational change. Involving the project team, who are not always familiar with these tools, is crucial. You'll need to convince them that the new technology being adopted meets the organisation's objectives while benefiting the work of the teams. Ready to optimise your change management? Here's how. Read the article in French.

Da Valsir il plugin gratuito per i progettisti del settore ITS

Product Line Calculator è un plugin per Revit che permette ai progettisti MEP di tutto il mondo di disegnare i sistemi di adduzione idrica e di scarico Valsir in metà tempo, grazie a due importantissime novità:
la possibilità di dimensionare automaticamente gli impianti di scarico secondo le indicazioni previste dalla normativa UNI EN 12056-2;
la possibilità di verificare i sistemi che utilizzano braghe miscelatrici (o VBF).
E questo in aggiunta alle funzionalità già messe a disposizione dalla precedente versione del plugin, che permetteva l’ottimizzazione automatica dei sistemi di scarico e il download diretto di tutte le librerie Valsir, sia dei sistemi di scarico che di adduzione. Scarica ora gratuitamente il Product Line Calculator di Valsir su!

Tutte le funzionalità

Grazie al Product Line Calculator, oggi hai a disposizione un set di nuovi utilissimi strumenti per la progettazione:
Modellazione semplificata degli impianti

  • Disegna utilizzando un unico diametro

  • Ottimizza il sistema grazie all'autorouting avanzato

Gestione dei livelli di dettaglio

  • Modella un impianto dettagliato definendo ogni apparecchio sanitario

  • Simula porzioni intere di impianto inserendo il numero di apparecchi da considerare

Dimensionamento secondo la normativa UNI EN 12056-2

  • Personalizza le impostazioni di calcolo del tuo impianto, in linea con le indicazioni normative, definendo: coefficiente di contemporaneità, pendenza dei collettori, tipo di sistema per le diramazioni.

Dimensionamento automatico con classificazione dei componenti

  • Calcolo automatico delle tubazioni con riassegnazione dei diametri

  • Classificazione dei componenti dell'impianto secondo una specifica scala di colori

Report di calcolo esportabile del tuo progetto

Introducing the Vaillant cost-attractive wall-mounted buffers for heat pumps

Discover the cost-attractive wall-mounted Vaillant buffers designed to enhance performance and efficiency of heat pump systems. Now available for download on

We are pleased to introduce the cost-attractive wall-mounted Vaillant buffers for heat pumps, designed specifically to enhance the performance and efficiency of heat pump systems. This buffer tank offers a range of key functions and features that make it an essential component for heat pump systems.

The buffer ensures the minimum running time in heating and cooling operation, thanks to sufficient water volume in the heating installation. This helps in limiting heat-pump on-off cycles and resulting in longer compressor lifespan.

The Vaillant buffer tank features two capacities (50L - 100L) to meet a wide range of applications, depending on the size of your customers house, volume of water in the heating circuit, heat pump output, etc. Additionally, it has only four connections, which is enough for simple installation, low heat loss, and optimized cost.

It is also suitable for active cooling, as the buffer tank is fully insulated with polyurethane, preventing any condensation in cooling mode.

For further information, please visit the Vaillant website or your country specific Vaillant website.
Agosto 2023

Revit 2020 >>> 2021. Sì! Ce l’abbiamo fatta di nuovo, per voi!

È stato appena completato un grande aggiornamento su Il nostro team di gestione dei contenuti ha speso ore e ore per organizzarlo a vostro beneficio: l'aggiornamento di Revit dal 2020 al 2021. Abbiamo numeri impressionanti per voi... oltre 27.000 file Revit in totale sono stati aggiornati, la maggior parte dei quali famiglie Revit (oltre 24.900), ma anche type catalogs (oltre 2.100) e template Revit (40). Un sentito grazie al nostro team! Solo il meglio per i nostri utenti MEPcontent.

Introducing recoVAIR 60/2: The basic ventilation system for reliable heat and humidity control

Discover recoVAIR 60/2 by Vaillant, the new efficient decentralised ventilation system for new buildings and modernisation projects with excellent heat recovery capabilities and simple planning and installation. Now available for download on
As a professional in the construction industry, you need reliable and efficient solutions for heat and humidity control in both new builds and modernisation projects. The Vaillant recoVAIR 60/2 system is designed to meet these demands while also providing a strong price-performance ratio.

One of the key features of the recoVAIR 60/2 is its excellent heat recovery capabilities. The ceramic heat exchanger and push-pull principle ensure that warm air is absorbed and used to heat incoming cold air, resulting in significant energy savings and lower heating bills. Compared to basic ventilation, you can reduce heating costs by up to 30%.

Another advantage of the recoVAIR 60/2 is its simplicity in planning, installation, and commissioning. The small diameter of the stand-alone units provides a high flexibility in installation. Setting up the system is straightforward using DIP switches, and the controls provide clear feedback at every step.

In addition to its technical features, the recoVAIR 60/2 also offers high customer acceptance. Its compact design and discreet covers make it nearly invisible, while the low volume in normal operation can be further reduced through the night mode. Maintenance is quick and cost-effective, with easy replacement of parts and filters that can even be done by customers themselves.

Overall, the recoVAIR 60/2 provides a reliable and efficient solution for heat and humidity control that meets high standards in the construction sector and satisfies the demands of your customers.

The market launch was in June 2023. The launch date may differ in some countries. For further information, please visit the Vaillant website or your country specific Vaillant website.
Maggio 2023

New template for Ubbink Air Excellent products

Trimble MEPcontent created a revised template for the Ubbink-Centrotherm Group, Air Excellent products. This template is in cooperation with the manufacturer Ubbink and companies who are working with the Ubbink Air Excellent products revised, updated, and extended with new products and features.
With this revised template Ubbink offers a better user experience and easier use of their Air Excellent products in your design.
The new and revised topics are:

    The new template is having now separate supply and return (exhaust) systems. This makes it easier to use the calculation methods of Revit.

    New flexible ventilation ducts have been added, it is now possible to design an air distribution system that has the actual pattern as in practice. By choice of the engineer, he can still use the old method of straight flexible air ducts.

    All components have been updated with the connector position where the ductwork enters the meets the length of the sock. With this revision it is easier to make a prefabricated installation with the correct dimensions.

    The height (offset) positions of the valve adapters are made equal to the position adapters on the distribution boxes. They will help to connect the ducts to each other.
    Horizontal and vertical split for the ducts is set in the auto routing preferences. With this revision it is easier for the engineer to design a system to another floor.

    Calculations of flow rate will be more correct because there are no lost airflows through thru the distribution box.

    Trimble has built this template according to the new platform. This feature makes it more flexible to create and publish new or existing localizations (countries or languages where Ubbink deliver the Air Excellent products).

    All descriptions (technical and or extra information) in the accessories are delivered by Ubbink and is equal to their system. With this new data there is no misconception in ordering or communication with Ubbink. All extra documentation and texts correspond to the officially published texts of the Ubbink-Centrotherm Group.

    The improvements have been evaluated by Ubbink in cooperation with external companies approached by Ubbink.

Trimble will publish first the updated Ubbink-NL Air Excellent template. For questions, please contact Ubbink (, about the products, or the Trimble Helpdesk when using the Template.
Aprile 2023

“Less is more” met de ComfoAir Flex

De beste dingen in het leven zijn ongezien. Het nieuwe Zehnder ComfoAir Flex ventilatiesysteem combineert een compact ontwerp met topprestaties.

De nieuwe plafond ventilatie-unit ComfoAir Flex:
-- Ruimtebesparend
-- Flexibel voor installatie
-- Zeer laag verbruik
-- Hoog Rendement
-- Ingebouwde vochtsensor: EPB conform
-- Connectivity: Wifi onboard

Lees meer over de ComfoAir Flex op de Zehnder website.

Bespaar gebruiksoppervlakte met de ultra compacte ComfoVar Aero voor de gestapelde woningbouw

De vraag naar duurzaamheid en techniek in woningen groeit. Tegelijkertijd wordt woonoppervlakte kostbaarder. Vanwege de huidige woningnood worden er steeds meer kleine appartementen gebouwd. De ultracompacte ComfoVar Aero is bij uitstek geschikt voor deze kleine woningen. De ComfoVar Aero zorgt dat zoveel mogelijk gebruiksoppervlakte per appartement overblijft.

Meer m2 gebruiksoppervlakte per appartement
Hoge BENG score
Voordelig in onderhoud
Bewezen Zehnder topkwaliteit

Geschikt voor ventilatie met behulp van een luchtbehandelingskast in appartementen tot 360 m3/h. Lees meer over de ComfoVar Aero op de Zehnder website.

BIM-bestanden van Zehnder op MEPcontent
Download de BIM-bestanden van de ComfoAir Flex 250 HRV, de ComfoAir Flex 350 HRV en de ComfoVar Aero DN 160 en vind hier het volledige BIM-aanbod van Zehnder op!

Over Zehnder
Zehnder is een toonaangevende wereldwijde leverancier van complete oplossingen voor een gezond binnenklimaat. Lees meer over Zehnder.

Kom naar de Connected Construction Conference (voorheen SUM)

Op 25 mei 2023 is het zover: de Connected Construction Conference vindt plaats in de Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. U bent van harte uitgenodigd!

Voor onze trouwe klanten: dit evenement is vergelijkbaar met wat wij vroeger de “SUM” noemden! Voor onze iets minder trouwe (of nostalgische) klanten, check hier de aftermovie van de SUM 2018.

Leer, connect en laat u inspireren

-- Meer dan 15 sessies om uit te kiezen, onder andere over de beslissende rol van up-to-date content in BIM-projecten
-- Praktijkverhalen van VolkerWessels, EEG, Cordeel, en vele anderen
-- Netwerken met honderden branchegenoten
-- Ontmoet de CTO van Trimble Inc.
-- Demonstraties van nieuwe BIM software
-- Spot de robothond live in actie
-- Onafhankelijke waarborger Borg4 deelt tips voor de WKB

Dit gratis evenement is voor iedereen die werkzaam is in de bouwsector. Het programma is met veel aandacht in elkaar gezet om netwerken te faciliteren, maar tegelijkertijd een dagprogramma te leveren dat u zelf op maat kunt samenstellen zodat het in uw dag past.

Wij hopen u op 25 mei in Utrecht te ontmoeten!

Meer informatie en aanmelden:

New on MEPcontent: w-NEXT HD S & K chillers

New on! The w-NEXT HD S & K chillers (HD version) by Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems. These air conditioners for IT Cooling for chilled water feeding are now available for download in RFA, DWG and IFC format, in Revit 2020 and EMCS proof.

The following BIM models are available:

w-NEXT HD K U E1-E10
w-NEXT HD S U E1 -E9

w-NEXT HD S: Air Conditioners for IT Cooling
• High cooling density version;
• Chilled water feeding;
• Variable air and water flow;
• Plug fans with EC electric motor.

This series, for perimeter installation, is offered in 10 models available in the following version:
• Downflow version (Under) characterized by air intake from the top and air delivery from the
bottom of the unit.

Cooling capacity: 14,7 ÷ 145,0 kW

w-NEXT HD K: Air Conditioners for IT Cooling
• High cooling density version;
• Operation with high chilled water temperature for the highest energy efficiency
• Chilled water feeding;
• Variable air and water flow;
• Plug fans with EC electric motor.

This series, for perimeter installation, is offered in 11 models available in the following version:
• Downflow version (Under) characterized by air intake from the top and air delivery from the
bottom of the unit.

Cooling capacity: 14,3 ÷ 183,0 kW

Key Features & Benefits

• Optimization of the hydraulic circuit;
• New plug fans with EC electric motors with impeller in composite material, which guarantees a
reduction of power consumption;
• New fans electric motor that do not require maintenance;
• Improvement of the control software, developed by MEHITS, with advanced control logic;
• Increased cooling density, up to 56,1 kW per m2;
• Operation with high chilled water temperature (K version) for the highest energy efficiency;
• Total front access for the routine maintenance;
• Panels fully removable to facilitate the operations of extraordinary maintenance.

Mise à jour PLS Saint-Gobain

Nous venons d’actualiser les fichiers PLS pour Stabicad du fabricant leader Saint Gobain:

Saint-Gobain SMU Plus avec 226 produits
Saint-Gobain SME avec 128 produits
Saint-Gobain SMU S avec 250 produits

À propos de Saint-Gobain
Leader mondial de la construction durable, Saint-Gobain conçoit, produit et distribue des matériaux et services pour les marchés de l’habitat et de l’industrie.

Développées dans une dynamique d’innovation permanente, ses solutions intégrées pour la rénovation des bâtiments publics et privés, la construction légère et la décarbonation du monde de la construction et de l’industrie apportent durabilité et performance.

L’engagement du Groupe est guidé par sa raison d’être « MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER HOME ».

Mise à jour PLS Lindab

Le PLS des conduits d'aération et pièces auxiliaires Safe line de Lindab à été étendu avec 650 produits, pour un total de 6695 produits Lindab disponibles en Stabicad !

Lindab Group
Le groupe industriel suédois Lindab, leader mondial du secteur de la ventilation, possède une expérience et un savoir-faire reconnus depuis plus de 60 ans dans la conception, la fabrication et la commercialisation de solutions de ventilation pour les bâtiments d’habitation, les locaux tertiaires et industriels, mais aussi les bâtiments maritimes (navires, plateformes offshore...).

Le Valetis, terminal de ventilation compact haute performance de Ubbink pour extraction de VMC simple et double-flux

Afin de répondre aux besoins actuels du marché de la construction neuve, Ubbink propose un nouveau terminal de ventilation haute performance pour VMC simple et double flux. Plus compact, plus performant, plus esthétique, plus polyvalent ... Dès maintenant aussi disponible comme fichier BIM sur la bibliothèque MEPcontent !

Un terminal haute performance
Le Valetis contribue à améliorer la performance des systèmes raccordés (VMC simple et double-flux, chauffe-eau thermodynamique) en limitant très fortement les pertes de charge du réseau de rejet.

Moins de pertes de charge
Le terminal Valetis génère très peu de pertes de charge permettant ainsi d’optimiser les performances du réseau de ventilation (les efforts demandés au moteur de la VMC pour extraire l’air sont moindres et le matériel est préservé dans le temps) et de maximiser la conformité lors du contrôle du réseau en fin de chantier (RE 2020) tout en compensant d’éventuelles problématiques au sein du réseau (écrasement de conduit…)

Plus polyvalent
Le terminal est équipé d’une Bavette Ubiflex® grande dimension (600 x 600 mm) permettant de s’adapter facilement aux toits avec des tuiles fortement galbées (type G3 ou tuiles canal) et ainsi assurer une étanchéité parfaite.

Une esthétique retravaillée
Son design innovant permet de limiter les phénomènes de salissures sur le toit dues à l’extraction de hotte ou VMC (tuiles ou ardoises connexes tachées).

En effet, grâce à sa conception, l’air est extrait de manière à ne pas être rejeté au contact direct des tuiles/ardoises connexes, permettant ainsi de conserver l’esthétique naturelle du toit.

Conforme à la réglementation
Le Valetis maximise la conformité du réseau lors du contrôle des débits à réception dans le cadre de la RE2020. Il est testé selon la dernière norme en vigueur (EN 13141-5 2020) et évalué par le laboratoire indépendant CETIAT certifié COFRAC. Il est conforme au DTU 68.3. Le terminal + réseau de rejet génère uniquement 10.3 Pa (pression totale) pour 200 m3/h alors que le DTU 68.3 exige < 25 Pa.

Pour en savoir plus, consultez le site web de Ubbink.

A uniform standard for MEP engineers globally

Out now! The updated Extended MEPcontent Standard (EMCS) 5.0 provides MEP engineers and manufacturers all around the world with a clear understanding of the content as it is offered on consistent, uniform, compact and compliant to international and local BIM standards.

The standard has been rebranded to Trimble and updated with new and extended rules as well as new basic parameter values. The EMCS is a uniform standard for MEP engineers globally. Download the newest version now!

Carisma Whisper by Sabiana

The Carisma Whisper fan coil unit combines a beautiful design and a reduced overall depth with particularly interesting performance in terms of sound level and energy consumption.

Carisma Whisper is proposed in the MV wall-mounted version and in the IV built-in version; the MV version has a very reduced depth of 126 mm with a modern aesthetic that integrates very well with the furnishings of any type of home, maintaining excellent performance in terms of noise and consumption.

Carisma Whisper is available in 5 sizes and 2 versions (wall-mounted and built in), each equipped with a 2-row heat exchange coil. The Carisma Whisper series is equipped with a brushless BLAC (brushless) and sensorless (sensorless) permanent magnet electronic synchronous motor controlled by an inverter board designed and developed in Italy. The air flow rate can be varied continuously through a 1-10 V signal. High efficiency even at low number of revolutions allows a great reduction in electricity consumption with absorption values, in the most frequent conditions of use, not exceeding 5 Watts.

The sound levels are particularly low in all operating conditions, without any resonance phenomenon at any frequency.

A basic command and an advanced command with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi operation, in addition to the possibility of management via APP, make this fan coil the ideal solution for the air conditioning of any residential environment.

About Sabiana

Sabiana is an Italian company that has been designing, producing and selling innovative heating and air conditioning products for over 80 years. All of the products use the best existing natural liquid that has always stood side-by-side with humans in all of their activities: water.
In fact, by heating and cooling water, the climate of any work environment can be controlled with great precision and a high degree of comfort. Sabiana has paid a great deal of attention to the noise level of its products (it was the first Italian company to introduce radiant ceiling panels in industrial environments in 1973, providing heating without any noise), their electrical consumption (it was the first company to introduce Cassette fan coil units with electronic motors and low power consumption on the Italian market in 2009) and indoor air quality (it was the first company to adopt a patented electronic filter on a wide range of air conditioners in 1993).

Consistent with the great Italian ability to produce products with sophisticated design, Sabiana offers products that can be harmoniously added to any building's architectural structure.
The main product lines are:
o Radiant panels
o Unit heaters
o Fan Coils
o Air handling units
o Recovery Units
o Heat pumps
o Stainless steel flues
o Electric units

Over 50% of turnover is in foreign markets, especially in Europe, North and South America and the Middle East, with over 50 exclusive distributors. In Italy there are 45 Sales Agents who can recommend the Sabiana product that best fits your climate control needs.

Major PLS update regarding the Stago KG281 Cable Trays

The Stago KG281 Cable Trays product line sheet (PLS) for Stabicad has gone through a major update and has been completely reworked, improving the naming of the articles to match the manufacturer documentation and to increase the findability of the products within Stabicad. The PLS has also been extended with articles that were not available before.

The Stago product lines have been given a new name within Stabicad, to match with the recent takeover of the Wibe group. The Stago product name continues to apply for all 410 products, but when searching for a certain product, you will have to first search for Wibe, after which you can then select the Stago products (for example product type KG281). The well-known ladder track LB4000 can also be found under the Wibe name.

Please update your PLS files with care and take into consideration the impact it has on projects with articles that will be replaced or removed. As a Stabicad user, please reference this article for more information.

About Wibe Group
Wibe Group brings together four of the world’s leading cable management brands (Wibe, Stago, Mita and Defem) as a new independent company to offer a complete, innovative range of cable ladders, cable trays and mesh trays – for applications ranging from commercial buildings to extreme demanding industrial environments.

About Trimble
Trimble MEP delivers sophisticated solutions that transform workflows from the office to the field. The Trimble Constructible Process allows specialty trades to build beyond BIM to automate fabrication and fieldwork with reliable construction data. With access to the largest library of manufacturers' content and a broad portfolio of hardware and software solutions, Trimble optimizes the entire design, build, and operate lifecycle.
Dicembre 2022


Questo Natale vogliamo esprimere un caloroso ringraziamento per la fiducia e la preferenza accordata a MEPcontent, che appartiene a ciascuno di voi. È un privilegio servire le esigenze di persone speciali come voi! Con la speranza di continuare a collaborare insieme ai nostri clienti, partner e fornitori, auguriamo a tutti buone feste ed un anno nuovo pieno di soddisfazioni. Il team di MEPcontent
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Latest content Mitsubishi Heavy

Mitsubishi Heavy recently published new BIM files and added the new ZTL and PAC standard Inverter FDC125VNP-W model, which also includes all the latest Wi-Fi models!

All models are available in Revit, Autocad and IFC formats.

Mitsubishi Heavy also created BIM files for the Hyozan C02 Refrigeration Condensing Unit, which is designed for medium temperature applications such as refrigeration, as well as low temperature applications for freezing. It has the world's first 2-stage compressor (rotary and scroll), also known as the GSR Hybrid Compressor. The unit provides easy installation with flexibility and workability with a long refrigerant pipe up to 100 meters and is applicable in a wide range of applications for refrigeration.

Mitsubishi Heavy will continue using smart BIM solutions in the future and adding more products from their RAC, PAC and VRF lines.

The BIM files can be downloaded on and via the Mitsubishi Heavy website.

About Mitsubishi Heavy
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Europe (MHIAE) is committed to helping people live better wherever they're based. Whether that’s finding more energy efficient heating solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or providing a reliable air-conditioned infrastructure in tough environments, we strive to offer a solution to an important aspect of life, temperature.

MHIAE offers high-efficiency systems for cooling and heating air and water in residential, commercial and industrial applications. As a reputable engineering company with vast expertise and experience, we are fully equipped to meet all your HVAC needs.