September 2022

Priva launches BIM library on

BIM library

Priva Horticulture recently launched its BIM library on This library contains BIM files of climate computers, measuring boxes, water systems and other hardware, among others. These files will help you speed up the digital plant design process. Check out Priva's offering on MEPcontent here!

About Priva

At Priva, we are driven by technological innovation in horticulture. Developing new greenhouse technology for controlled environments is our passion. We offer varieties of process computers, sensors and Cloud-based software with smart interactions to automate greenhouse systems. Modern greenhouse technology enables growers to produce fresh, safe and healthy food in a smart and sustainable way. We are proud that our solutions result in lower use of natural resources such as energy and water.

Besides horticulture, buildings such as hospitals, hotels and offices are controlled by our building automation systems and our AI services for energy optimisation. With AI, robotics and vision technology, we are developing new solutions together with partners to support smart buildings and autonomous greenhouses.

Want to know more about Priva or get in touch? Visit

Revit 2019 >>> 2020. Ja! Wir haben es wieder für Sie getan!

Ein großes Update auf ist soeben abgeschlossen worden. Unser Content Operations Team hat viele Stunden damit verbracht, das Revit-Update von 2019 >>> 2020 für Sie zu organisieren. Wir haben ein paar beeindruckende Zahlen für Sie... über 26.000 Revit-Dateien wurden insgesamt überarbeitet, die meisten davon Revit-Familien (24.200+), aber auch Type Catalogs (2.000+) und Revit-Templates (45). Vielen Dank an das Team! Nur das Beste für unsere MEPcontent-Nutzer.

Design POLOPLAST pipe systems fast and easy!

The POLOPLAST product series have been entirely updated in the App! The free POLOPLAST Product Line Placer App for Revit makes it easy for MEP engineers to design sanitary systems with accurate and localized POLOPLAST specific content. With just a few clicks you can place POLOPLAST specific pipes and fittings, directly from within your project environment. Download the latest App version here!

Available product series in the POLOPLAST App are:



  • POLO-KAL 3S Pro (country specific)

  • New is the Danish localisation: the App is now available in the Danish language and offers POLOPLAST content available in Denmark.

    Save time with autorouting

    Gain valuable time thanks to the autorouting functionality: the right fittings are automatically added to your system as you draw. What’s more, if you set up your drawing preferences, the App will instantly optimize your system based on your preferences.

    Integrated content library

    The integrated MEPcontent Browser covers a wide range of POLOPLAST products, ready to use in your BIM process. Simply load or insert 3D content directly into your Revit model without leaving your project environment.

    Optimize your system with one click

    Choose what kind of solution you prefer for each kind of fitting within your pipe system; for instance, a 90° bend can be made with two 45° bends or with a single 90° bend. Set your drawing preferences for many scenarios and, with a single click, you can instantly optimize your entire system. Without having to adjust every fitting separately.

    Predefined schedules

    Use the in-app predefined schedules (like cutting lists and pipe fittings) to list your drawn articles with all related data such as article numbers, GTIN, dimensions, and many more. Having the latest product data available, you can order your articles directly from within Revit.

    Visualize sockets on pipes

    Visualize the pipe socket of the POLOPLAST pipes in Revit by simply checking the Show pipe socket option, located at the constraints tab of the instance parameters of the fitting.

    New from ABB: branded emergency lighting ranges and Movion®, the innovative modular emergency lighting solution

    The recently introduced ABB branded emergency lighting ranges are now available on!

    ABB's emergency lighting concept is clear and simple. As ABB we offer you reliable total solutions for safe evacuation. The way in which we do this is what makes the difference. ABB offers advantages to everybody involved in the building project life cycle.

    By closely working together with consultants, architects, wholesalers, installers throughout the project life cycle – from Design, Installation, Inspection & Maintenance to Renovation. ABB solutions provide harmony with the interior and reduced total cost of ownership throughout the building life cycle.

    From office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals to stadiums, factories and train stations, our emergency lighting provides 24-7 protection. Download the ABB branded emergency lighting ranges on MEPcontent!

    Switch on to Movion®, the innovative modular emergency lighting solution from ABB. Download it now on!

    In response to this growing demand, ABB recently launched its innovative and easy-to-install modular Movion® emergency lighting range designed for commercial applications such as offices and retail, as well as schools, restaurants and hotels. Download it now on!

    This comprehensive new escape route signalization and lighting line features a clever, modular design that is suitable for a range of applications including recessed and surface mounting, as well as walls and ceilings. In addition, the exit signage can switch from ceiling to wall mount, by simply changing the position of the electronics box 90 degrees.

    The range provides better cable access and terminal connections for quick and easy installation, whilst offering a new track mounting option using a 3C interface for mounting to any type of track adapter available on the market, making it highly flexible and adaptable. The batteries are also simple to replace which reduces maintenance time.

    For installations where there is a need to optimize the number of luminaires, ABB has developed a hybrid Movion® version, which combines escape route signalization and lighting into one product. The solution can be used to provide one lux as escape route lighting and five lux on safety equipment. For these specific applications, different lenses are available, and both are supplied with the product. On site, the lens can be rotated to adjust to the actual situation, or the escape route lighting lens can be replaced by the lens designed for illuminating safety equipment.

    With Movion®, ABB delivers impressive lighting performance with escape route signalization that provides a bright and equal 500 cd/m2 distribution on the pictogram. The new lighting range also offers good spacing performances, with 16.5m at 3m ceiling height for escape routes and 8.5-10m by 8.5-10m at 3m ceiling height in open areas.

    Major multi-platform REHAU content update

    We’ve just completed a major content update and extension for leading manufacturer REHAU for several of our content solutions: MEPcontent, Stabicad and Trimble nova. Read what’s new!


    Wow, you can find just about everything on when it comes to REHAU BIM files! Have a look at REHAU’s complete BIM library on! Read more about all the updates and easily download for free what you need!

    New content

    We’ve added a lot of new content for wallplates and manifolds! Discover some of the newest products: the HKV Easyflow distributor, the HLV pipe distributor, the SPEED HKV-D P distributor and the 3011 ESP floor heating distributor.

    New localisations

    We added specific localisations for the countries Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom. This means that by selecting the country flag on to one of these 3 countries, you as MEP engineer will see the BIM files of the products that can actually be ordered in that country. You will also see in which other countries the product is available as well. Check out for example the new Double Connection U-Shape and where it’s available!

    Updated products

    Some existing content has been updated as these products use the new RX+ fittings and have updated article numbers and descriptions: the 2 way cold water, the 3 way hot water, the 2 way hot water, the 3 way cold water, the double wall plate and the double connection U-shape.


    The Stabicad PLS files Rehau Rautherm (NL, BE, DE, FR, RO), Rehau Rautitan (NL, DE, UK), and Rehau Raupian" (NL, DE, UK) have been updated to contain the latest Rehau product updates, including updated type names, article numbers and fittings. You can use the Rehau PLS files with a Stabicad license.

    Trimble Nova

    The following product lines have been recorded for Rehau in Trimble Nova:
    Piping system: RAUTITAN RX+, RAUTITAN PX
    Waste water system: RAUPIANO
    In total 9 underfloor heating systems
    Watch this video about Rehau content in Trimble Nova.

    If you are a manufacturer and you would like to add your content to Trimble nova, check out the Trimble Nova website.

    DINUY helps create sustainable buildings with a new BIM library on

    DINUY launches its new BIM library on to contribute to the design of construction and architecture projects. Amaia Asurmendi, Head of Marketing, highlights that “this is an important step taken by DINUY in its strategy of digitization and collaboration with MEP professionals, who increasingly rely on BIM and digital BIM catalogues to create their (green) buildings".

    The DINUY BIM library contains more than 50 products and is available for construction companies, architecture studios, engineering firms and professionals in the construction process. “It includes our newest product line* of detectors available in the colours black, silver and white, to help find the most appropriate design in interior design projects” says Amaia Asurmendi.

    Standardised BIM content

    BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a real-time collaborative work system, whose main objective is the creation and management of a construction project. Its objective is to centralise all the project information in a digital information model created by all its agents and to speed up the installation design process digitally. The DINUY BIM library guarantees consistent and standardised content which can be used for various purposes, such as geometry for spacing calculations, power or safety ratings, declaration of conformity with norms etc.

    The benefits of BIM go far beyond the planning and design phases, encompassing the entire life cycle of the building. Thanks to the data contained in the BIM files, the registration of each component is much more efficient, improving accessibility, responsibility and project management, having control of all phases of the project.

    About DINUY

    DINUY S.A., founded in 1947, is a family business dedicated to the manufacture of electrical and electronic material and is located in Irún, Spain.

    The commitment to new technologies has led to researching and mastering fields such as radiofrequency, regulation, lighting control or building automation, giving life to cutting-edge products, which are supplied to the main international markets.

    It has its own R&D team, which develops a wide variety of products focused on energy efficiency, contributing to the commitment to the environment.

    From regulators for all fields of application, movement and presence detectors, time, timed and twilight switches, radio frequency or bluetooth control systems and devices for the management and automation of buildings based on the KNX standard, DINUY offers innovative solutions of high added value for market development.

    DINUY designs, develops and manufactures innovative electronic products to create smart, more comfortable, efficient and sustainable spaces, adding value to the market and its customers. If you want to know more about DINUY, check out their website.

    (*) The newest product line of detectors includes the DM TEC 01P, the DM TEC 01N, the DM TEC 001, the DM TEC 03N, the DM TEC 03P and the DM TEC 003.
    Juli 2022

    New from Duijvelaar Pompen

    The offer on MEPcontent of Duijvelaar Pompen's pressurization systems has been updated and expanded. New types in existing families have been added and new families have been created and published. Also, the display on the control panels has been adjusted with a touch screen. Finally, the dimensions and article numbers have been adjusted.

    Adoption of BIM benefits from clear organizational vision

    The construction industry is booming. In the years to come, a lot of building and preservation work will have to be done. With the low margins in construction and a severe personnel shortage in the sector, this is a considerable challenge. But there's something else standing in the way of an effective return: insufficient adoption of processes and technology. Reason enough for Trimble Construction Benelux to conduct a market survey among Belgian and Dutch construction professionals in the field of BIM design and technology. Read the full article here
    Juni 2022

    Entdecken Sie die Berechnungsfunktionen in der kostenlosen App Valsir Product Line Calculator für Revit

    Gemeinsam haben Trimble und Valsir eine einzigartige und innovative Berechnungsfunktion für die Valsir Product Line Calculator App für Revit entwickelt.

    Diese kostenlose App ist ein Plugin, das es MEP-Ingenieuren weltweit ermöglicht, Valsir Wasserzuleitungs- und -ableitungssysteme doppelt so schnell zu zeichnen und dabei aktuelle und lokalisierte Valsir-Inhalte zu nutzen. Die Berechnungsfunktion für Abwassersysteme ist vollständig in Revit integriert und EU-konform. Sie reduziert die Fehlerwahrscheinlichkeit auf ein Minimum, da sowohl der Entwurf als auch die Berechnung in der App stattfinden.

    Mit Valsir Product Line Calculator für Revit können MEP-Ingenieure auf einfache Weise Valsir-spezifische 3D-Rohr- und Armatur Konstruktionen direkt aus der Projektumgebung heraus in ihren Revit-Modellen platzieren. Der Inhalt ist aktuell, leicht und kompakt. Die In-App-Optimierungsfunktion hilft Ingenieuren, alle Armaturen mit einem einzigen Tastendruck an ihre Präferenzen anzupassen. Dazu gehören in der neuen Version auch strömungsoptimierte T-Stücke und Bogen. Die integrierte In-App-Content-Bibliothek, auf die über den MEPcontent Browser zugegriffen wird, ermöglicht es Anwendern, zusätzliche, spezifische Valsir-Inhalte für ihre Projekte zu finden, und zwar direkt aus der Projektumgebung heraus.

    5 Produktlinien und 40 Produktgruppen von Valsir

    Die Inhalte der Produktlinien Valsir® Triplus®, Valsir® Silere®, Valsir® PP3/PP, Valsir® Blackfire® und Valsir® HDPE sind im Berechnungs-Plugin enthalten.

    Kostenlose Nutzung in Revit

    Das Valsir Product Line Calculator App für Revit Plugin (Revit 2020, 2021, 2022) kann kostenlos heruntergeladen werden unter Die App enthält lokalisierte Inhalte, die weltweit genutzt werden können. Die Produkte von Valsir sind auf der ganzen Welt erhältlich. Unterstützte Sprachen für das Plugin sind Englisch, Deutsch, Spanisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Rumänisch, Niederländisch und Russisch.

    Zusätzlich zur App sind alle Produktlinien von Valsir auch in den in Europa führenden Modellierungs- und Berechnungsprogrammen Stabicad und Nova von Trimble verfügbar. Dadurch wird den Ingenieuren die Möglichkeit geboten, in ihren Modellen mit Hunderten von Artikeln mit erweiterten Informationen zu arbeiten.

    Über MEPcontent
    MEPcontent ist eine globale BIM-Bibliothek für jeden TGA-Ingenieur und bietet aktuelle grafische und parametrische Produktinformationen, die in jeglichen BIM-Prozessen eingesetzt werden können. In enger Zusammenarbeit mit namhaften Herstellern bietet MEPcontent über 615.000 BIM-Komponenten zur Verwendung für Revit und AutoCAD. Abgerundet wird das Angebot durch Marken-Apps, die zusätzlich zu den Grundfunktionen von Revit und CAD genutzt werden können, ohne dass weitere Software installiert werden muss. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter:

    Informationen über Valsir S.p.A.

    Valsir wurde 1987 gegründet und ist heute ein führendes Unternehmen auf dem Sanitär- und Heizungsmarkt. Im Norden Italiens, in der Nähe des Gardasees ansässig, exportiert Valsir seine "Made in Italy"-Geräte in die ganze Welt. Die Valsir-Gruppe hat ferner mehrere Niederlassungen in Portugal, Polen, Russland, Rumänien, der Ukraine, Frankreich, Australien und Südafrika. Als Mitglied der MEPcontent-Plattform seit Anfang 2019 mit kompletten Bibliotheken seiner Produktpalette bietet Valsir zusätzlich ein Revit-Plugin für die automatische Platzierung aller Produkte der Valsir-Familie in Entwürfen und bietet darüber hinaus eine verbesserte Optimierung der Auto-Routing-Funktionalität, einschließlich einer innovativen Lösung für die automatische Berechnung von Abwassersystemen nach EN 12056-2:2001. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter:

    Informationen über Trimble MEP
    Trimble MEP liefert anspruchsvolle Lösungen, die Arbeitsabläufe vom Büro bis zum Einsatz vor Ort verändern. Mit dem Trimble Constructible Process können Fachgewerke über BIM hinaus die Fertigung und die Arbeit vor Ort mit zuverlässigen Konstruktionsdaten automatisieren. Mit dem Zugriff auf die größte Bibliothek von Hersteller Inhalten und einem breiten Portfolio an Hardware- und Softwarelösungen optimiert Trimble den gesamten Lebenszyklus von Planung, Bau und Betrieb. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter:

    Link zur App:
    Mai 2022

    Charot BIM Library updated

    The BIM files of the following Charot products have been updated: Helio Tampon ATL and Helio Tampon Inox boilers and +ECO Réchauffeur MAX ATL and +ECO Réchauffeur MAX INOX water heaters. Discover the Charot BIM library on MEPcontent!

    Read more in French

    Green building: an idea for the future

    Eco-construction, sustainable building. How can we define these expressions that have become everyday? What have they brought to the construction sector? How are they evolving? Sustainable construction is already well established. And it has a bright future.

    Read more in French

    Congratulations to winners of VSK Awards 2022!

    During the festive opening of the 25th edition of VSK, the winners of the VSK Awards were announced. Triple Solar, Ubbink, Zehnder and Itho Daalderop: congratulations on behalf of the MEPcontent team! And you know... for the BIM files of these top performers, check out MEPcontent.

    Read more in Dutch

    Geberit FlowFit

    Geberit FlowFit is a new and innovative piping system, specially developed to meet the greatest challenges of the supply system. The flow-optimized product design offers a range of benefits and contributes to a streamlined planning and design process. Geberit FlowFit gives a new dimension to efficient supply, economic planning and sustainability. Now and in the future.

    Read more in Dutch

    Can You Afford Outdated Content? Probably Not.

    In business, a decision based on incorrect information can have far-reaching consequences. This isn’t breaking news, of course, but consider: A recent Autodesk study on the repercussions of data errors in the construction industry shows that in a single year, "bad data may have caused $1.8 trillion in losses worldwide and may be responsible for 14% of avoidable rework, which amounts to $88 billion in costs."

    Read the full article here

    NX2 by Climaveneta. Quieter. Greener. Cooler.

    NX2 is the latest Climaveneta range of chillers engineered to deliver premium efficiency to comfort or process buildings. The BIM files of the NX2 range are now available for download in Revit, Autocad and IFC format.

    Highlights of the NX2 are:

  • Top-level efficiency, in less space

  • One of the most silent scroll compressor chillers in the market

  • Unyielding in extreme weather conditions

  • Boast the lowest amount of CO2eq in the scroll unit market

  • With KIPlink user interface to operate the unit directly from a mobile device

  • Available with either R410A refrigerant or the low GWP R454B, the new range spans from units with two, four to eight compressors in a multi-circuit configuration, from 44 to 921 kW.

    All the main hydraulic and mechanical components are integrated inside the unit, providing the ideal plug & play solution for HVAC plants.

    For more information, check out the Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems website.
    April 2022

    Caleffi Hydronic Solutions guides customers to the right technical choices with MEPcontent

    About Caleffi: quality, completeness, and compliance to corporate and international standards

    In 2021, on the 60th anniversary of its 1961 founding, Caleffi marked a new milestone in its growth from a small supplier in the taps, fittings and valves industry to a benchmark manufacturer of components for hydraulic heating and domestic water systems.

    Caleffi’s 10 production plants and 20 sales offices employ 1,300 people in more than 90 countries. The company’s Italian base of operations is strategic; it ensures compliance with quality standards imposed not only by international regulations, but also by Caleffi’s corporate expectations.
    As at its founding, Caleffi’s success has come by guiding customers to the right technical choices through the full design and building process, and by anticipating customer needs before they arise.

    That focus on full-cycle customer support is what led Caleffi to Trimble and MEPcontent.

    Engineering firms require high-quality BIM models and skilled partners

    Walter Bertona is the Caleffi BIM project coordinator also responsible for digital marketing and communication.
    “We have noticed in the last few years that engineering firms not only require high-quality BIM models, but they are also searching for a partner skilled in the full scope of design and building,” Bertona said. “Trimble expertise—specifically, the expertise of the MEPcontent team—enables us to optimally support Caleffi customers.”

    MEPcontent provides an unmatched library of manufacturer-specific Revit families, AutoCAD blocks, and IFC files ready for MEP engineers to download and use in their projects.

    MEP engineers and contractors use MEPcontent to deliver technically accurate models and drawings that include manufacturer-specific content. Doing so ensures the model contains uniform and accurate information for fabrication and documentation.

    Understanding the needs of our MEP engineers

    In 2014, Caleffi recognized the importance of understanding the needs of MEP engineers using building information modeling. Their search for an expert partner led them to Trimble and MEPcontent.

    “MEPcontent was the perfect partner,” Bertona said. “More than creating and publishing our first BIM library, the MEP experts at Trimble showed how to select and to manage the parameters that matter to our customers.”

    Caleffi aspires to be an international reference in approved certifications. To meet that goal, the company needs to offer MEP engineers the highest possible quality of BIM content.

    “The EMCS—the Trimble Extended MEPcontent Standard—is the high standard we want to offer our customers,” Bertona said. “All Caleffi BIM files comply with the EMCS standard.”
    Quality is not the end of the story for the Caleffi-Trimble collaboration. Even better is the knowledge Caleffi gains of what its customers need. “Since our collaboration in 2014, we gradually expanded our library based on data received from the analytics from the MEPcontent construction analytics dashboard,” Bertona said. “MEPcontent provides us with a direct insight into the BIM demand of our customers.”

    Access to international markets began as an online BIM library for MEP contractors and engineers in Europe. Trimble acquired the site in 2018 as part of its acquisition of Stabiplan, a specialist in mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) software and content.

    Bertona said Caleffi is making the most of Trimble’s international status. “Trimble’s acquisition of MEPcontent allows us to operate even more on international markets, the United States market being one example,” Bertona said.

    “Caleffi has a branch in Milwaukee, which is very active with the production and promotion of U.S.-exclusive BIM objects via, localized to the needs of MEP engineers in the U.S.A.”

    Caleffi’s example shows the value of Trimble’s goal of supporting customers around the world in digitizing their MEP estimating, project management, modeling, detailing, layout and construction.

    “Having a global partner who understands the needs of MEP designers gives our organization the ability to offer high-quality solutions wherever we do business,” Bertona said. “Combining this aspect with the recognized quality of our products allows us to gain the trust of designers all over the world.”

    Meeting present and future needs

    Bertona isn’t satisfied with solving today’s challenges alone, because he knows BIM standards are evolving worldwide.

    “We help our stakeholders when we keep up to date with the evolution of BIM standards,” Bertona said.

    Among future trends to watch, Bertona cites sustainability as foremost among them. Caleffi pursues sustainability through its own corporate initiatives and participation in Eubac, the European Building Automation and Controls Association.

    “Whether we’re meeting the needs of an individual customer or building a world where buildings are smart, efficient and sustainable, with Trimble by our side, we are confident that we will be able to meet these challenges,” Bertona said.

    More information about Caleffi and BIM is available via the new Caleffi BIM website:

    Important change about MEPcontent Manufacturer Apps

    Find and download our Manufacturer Apps faster and easier than before! Click on the App button on the homepage and select the freely available manufacturer App(s) of your choice! Or select Manufacturer Apps on the top menu and select your App.

    Why an App?

    As BIM specialists we understand that good cooperation in a BIM project is essential. Get successful by working together. Therefore we developed relevant BIM solutions called Apps next to our Trimble software suited specifically for MEP engineers and contractors. Apps developed in close cooperation with manufacturers and engineers to make sure they are of added value. Why? Because Apps offer an easy to use interface directly in the heart of the designing and product ordering process. Linked to CRM and ERP systems, content selected by MEP engineers and contractors from within the App can be put on the materials list and be ordered in real-time. Make your life easier as an MEP engineer and get more productive working in Revit and AutoCAD. Get access for free to unique BIM objects from manufacturers to be used directly in your project environment.

    The very latest NIBE products in a row! Discover them all on

    NIBE S2125: the quietest air-to-water monoblock heat pump on the market

    The NIBE S2125 is an excellent basis for a sustainable and energy-efficient comfort installation. This system is available in two capacities and can be combined with various complete indoor units or control units, with a separately installed boiler and in cascade arrangements. Thanks to the use of a natural refrigerant, the NIBE S2125 distinguishes itself by a very low GWP-value (Global Warming Potential) of only 3 and can also deliver a maximum central heating supply temperature of 75 °C. Now available for download on MEPcontent.

    Read more in Dutch
    März 2022

    Wavin Ventiza available on MEPcontent

    Fresh air in the home is important for everyone. Especially in these times when our living and working environments are increasingly converging. This calls for more comfort and well-being in the place where we are most. Fortunately, the indoor climate can be influenced well in favor of our health.

    Read more in Dutch