April 2013

New: radiators of Jaga

New on MEPcontent: Revit families and DWG files of Jaga radiators. Different sizes of radiators of the series Tempo, types 10 and 15 are available from now on.

New: Vasco radiators

Available on MEPcontent: radiatoren of Vasco. Download the RFA- or DWG-files of the radiatorsfrom now on, open and for free!

New on MEPcontent: Bette

Download the DWG- and RFA-files of Bette, open and for free. Sanitary products like baths and shower flats are available from now on!

New on MEPcontent: Wisa

The first products of Wisa are now online available on MEPcontent! Sanitary products like built-in cisterns and control panels are downloadable as DWG- and RFA-files from now on.
December 2012