January 2014

Vasco C400

The Vasco C400 ventilation unit provides continuous ventilation for a healthy indoor climate.
This domestic fan is now available as Revit and AutoCAD file.
December 2013

Wilo-Yonos Pico

Awarded with the 'Green' Innovation Award 2013 and now also available as Revit Family and 3D DWG on The high efficiency pump Wilo-Yonos Pico. In comparison to other pumps, up to 90 percent of electricity can be saved with this pump.

Orcon exhaust unit with accessoires

An extra ordinary indoor climate is the motto of Orcon, a new manufacturer on
To put force into this motto, the website has been extended today with the exhaust unit MVS-15 including accessories, such as the Remote control 15RF and CO2 room sensor 15RF.
November 2013

Geberit Duofix and Sanbloc

The Geberit Sanbloc and Duofix have been improved. The concealed cisterns move along with the position of the levelers. Download the latest version.

Charger for electric cars

The group of generic Revit Families and DWGs has been expanded with a charger for electric cars. The article is available in four different types. The models can be attached to the wall, on the floor or freely placed.

Products for sewage

The system Sewage has been expanded today with a DuBoRain street inlet of DYKA and an Aeration sewerage type ZBO of Geberit.
Both articles are available as Revit Family and 3D DWG.

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Lightning conductor

Available as Revit Family: Lightning conductor. This protects an object from direct lightning strikes, this can be damaging. The lightning protection system attached to an object forms a so-called "Faraday Cage", and ensures that lightning current of 30 to 60 kA is diverted to earth, and the damage is limited to a minimum.

Sanitary articles

Are you looking for sanitary products which you can use in your model?
Today various articles have been added to the system Sanitary on
Download the Revit Families and 3D DWG's of these products:
-Drinking fountain of Franke
-Tap mixer wall mounted of Grohe
-Thermostatic mixer tap of Rada
-Tap mixer wall mounted of Venlo
-Broen stop valve of VSH

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Generic fire hydrant

A generic fire hydrant with T-piece has been added and can be used for drawing dry pipe extinguisher. The hydrant can be downloaded as Revit Family and DWG.
October 2013

That's why Legrand, ABB and Spelsberg are on MEPcontent

More and more manufacturers are loading their products onto the global content portal as Revit Families and 3D DWG files. The reasons are varied, but the fact that BIM increases importance is true for all manufacturers. We made some enquiries and asked the manufacturers ABB, Spelsberg, and Legrand to explain the main reasons for them to provide their supply programs 'open and free' on for Revit and CAD engineers.

Generic barrier and lamppost

Do you need a barrier or lamppost in your model? From now on available as Revit Family and DWG. Both items are generic and can be found in the system Electro.