Mixing and boosting unit IVAR COMBIMIX for radiant installations complete with two-way mixing valve, balancing valve (on the cold way), two shut-off ball valves for the pump, two fill/drain valves, two automatic air vent valves, three thermometers 0÷80 °C (on delivery and return of boiler circuit and on delivery of mixed circuit), temperature sensor pocket (on delivery of mixed circuit), shut-off valve (on return of boiler circuit), boiler circuit connections G 1”F (centre distance 200 mm) and mixed circuit connections G 1”M with swivelling nipples (centre distance 200 mm). Upper and lower parts made of nickel-plated CB753S brass; pipe made of nickel-plated half-hard copper; gaskets and O-rings made of peroxide-cured EPDM; other parts made of CW617N brass. Max operating temperature 100 °C. Max operating pressure 10 bar. Fixed point mixing 20÷60 °C by thermostatic control head with remote sensor T5011 included (max differential pressure at mixing valve ends 250 mbar) or set up for outside compensated temperature mixing by integrating axial servomotor IVAR RV 01 or thermoelectric actuator IVAR TE 3061. Differential bypass valve (optional) 0.2÷0.6 bar with half-hard nickel-plated pipe. Pump space 130 mm or 180 mm, G 1”1/2F flat seal connections. Equipped with variable-speed electronic pump WILO4F or variable-speed electronic pump WILO4F-180 or without pump. Accessories: high-temperature kit with pair of manifolds 1” x EUROK with shut-off and lockshield valves CEP/02 I – CEP/03 I (2 ways) – (3 ways), high-temperature kit with pair of simple manifolds 1” x EUROK CEP/02 – CEP/03 (2 ways) – (3 ways), insulation shell ACM 01, threaded spacer for pumps AC 633.
Letztes Update : 26-02-2020

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