New! Radson PLS with a new generation of panel radiators.

New and available for the Stabicad users in the Benelux: the Radson PLS with a new generation of panel radiators.

This new range offers several improvements and advantages over previous models. Below is an overview of the new models compared to their predecessors:

  • Compact HP (formerly Compact)

  • Integra Flex 8C (formerly E.Flow Integra)

  • Integra Parada Flex 8C (formerly E.Flow Parada)

  • Integra Ramo Flex 8C (previously E.Flow Ramo)

  • Hygienic HP (formerly Hygienic)

Key improvements include an improved and safer mounting system MCW-7 with anti-sliding protection, as well as an increased working pressure of 10 bar instead of 6 bar for all radiators. In addition, the Flex valve radiators come with a preset insert and offer the option of mounting the thermostatic head on the left or right, providing more installation flexibility.

We would like to highlight that this new range completely replaces the previous models and has been available for some time. The previous models are no longer produced and can no longer be ordered.

In addition to these innovations, Radson is also introducing the Tinos H Flex, a new horizontal design radiator that can add a contemporary touch to any room.

For detailed information and benefits of the new radiators, please visit the website: