ELCO’s AEROTOP® EVO (PLUS) heat pumps are reversible and versatile, ensuring there is always a suitable, high efficiency (A++ to A+++ rated) option for every commercial application.

AEROTOP® EVO (PLUS) heat pumps can handle a building’s heating, cooling and domestic hot water (DHW) demands as part of a truly multifunctional system. Not only does this save space (as only one system is required instead of three separate ones), it also contributes to reducing costs, as less needs to be spent on installation and maintenance throughout the products’ lifespan.

The heating mode enables AEROTOP® EVO (PLUS) heat pumps to produce water temperatures up to 60°C, when it is anywhere between -4°C and +30°C outside. In cooling mode, the heat pumps can generate chilled water to a minimum temperature of 5°C, when it is anywhere between -10°C and +48°C outside. Finally, in terms of hot water, the heat pumps are capable of producing DHW up to 55°C or 60°C, respectively.

Leading the way in terms of functionality and sustainability, these commercial heat pumps offer intelligent and efficient performance, thanks to full inverter technology, alongside smart interacting modules to optimise energy input and heating/cooling output. This is complemented by high-performance compressors, a primary inverter pump and a fully modulating inverter fan. Furthermore, these heat pumps can be installed in cascade, enabling systems to be expanded and upscaled, with up to 16 units able to meet a building’s heating and cooling demands up to 1.68 MW.

Suitable for applications from residential buildings, office complexes, hotels, schools to warehouses, AEROTOP® EVO (PLUS) heat pumps from ELCO Heating Solutions provide exceptional comfort and performance alongside outstanding levels of energy efficiency.

Take a look at the ELCO BIM library for the latest BIM files and watch the AEROTOP® EVO (PLUS) video.