New supply systems available in the Valsir Product Line Placer

The free Valsir Product Line Placer App for Revit enables MEP engineers to draw Valsir supply and waste systems twice as fast with up-to-date and localized Valsir content. We would like to inform you about important new functionalities available for the app.

Besides waste systems, it is now also possible to draw with Valsir supply systems. This means that besides the waste connection of a washbasin, you can also connect the tap. In addition to placing rigid / straight sewage pipes, you can now also place flexible pipes from the supply systems product series.

For the supply series the BravoPress®️, PexalBrass®️ and PexalEasy®️ product series have been added. The Valsir Mixal®️ and Pexal®️ pipes can also be combined with the BravoPress®️, PexalBrass®️ and PexalEasy®️ fittings.

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