E-Series Air-cooled Chilling Units from Mitsubishi Electric


New modules increased to 50 HP and 60 HP can be applied to larger capacity areas

Due to advancing global warming, there is a strong demand for central heat-pump solutions with higher performance. Mitsubishi Electric’s high-efficiency, large-capacity modular chillers can meet the requirements for installation of large-capacity heat source equipment in limited spaces. This now means there is a wider choice of units available in Cooling only, Heating Only or Heat-Pump options.

New features:

  • New 50 HP and 60 HP modules. With these new modules, the range is increased to include 50 and 60 HP each. Up to 6 units of each module can be connected in one group, so capacity can be increased from 150kW (50HP x 1) to 1080kW (60 HP × 6 units). These larger systems compliment the existing 30HP lineup as usual.

  • High energy saving performance with Eurovent Rank A efficiency. With an energy saving operation realized in both cooling and heating modes resulting in an EER of 3.19 and COP 3.29 and an overall SEER of 4.62 for the size P1500 and 4.58 for the size P1800. This is achieved by our efficient Y shaped coils and smart inverter technology.
  • Small space-saving and flexible module footprint. Large capacity systems can facilitate units being separated & spaced to tight site configurations.

  • Built-in redundancy, keeping all other modules working in the event of a problem. Each module comprises of 2 circuits each, maintaining a high degree of system security and peace of mind.

  • High-efficiency scroll compressor is equipped with inverter, so optimum operation can be realized according to the load. This reduces in-rush current and helps to stabilise the overall building power supply. Built-in rotation for even wear and load distribution.

  • Selectable piping system to save installation space and installation work. Standard piping and built-in header (-N) types are available. The optimum piping system can be selected according to the design and construction needs.

  • A range of control options from a simple PARW31MAA controller to an AE-200E/A with built-in Web Browser are available.

Download now the files for the E-Series air-cooled chiller units!