Verified and compact 3D BIM content directly in your Revit or CAD project


Why do we need BIM content?

BIM content is essential for your project. BIM articles equipped with the correct technical and geometric parameters can be an invaluable asset in the processes of forecasting, calculating and ordering. It can potentially save a lot of time and extra costs. Here you can find out more about why MEP engineers need BIM content.

There are several aspects that come into discussion when talking about BIM content. How do you make the information is correct? And do you avoid overloading your project by using large size article files? Moreover, how will you make sure that the content you use is up-to-date with the latest changes announced by the manufacturer? Taken separately, all of these issues have their solution. Which doesn’t mean that solving them separately will be fast, nor easy.

The MEPcontent Browser

The MEPcontent Browser is a plugin that can be used both in Revit and AutoCAD to easily browse, filter and insert 3D BIM content in your projects. It is a gateway to, the largest BIM library for MEP engineers, directly from within your project environment. The plugin is free to download and to use from the MEPcontent App Store.

Uniform and high quality content

In order to provide MEP engineers with reliable 3D content, we work in close collaboration with over 300 building product manufacturers worldwide. That is how we make sure that the content we make available on the MEPcontent platform and in the MEPcontent Browser is always up-to-date, uniformly build and evaluated according to the EMCS Standard and ready to be used in your projects.

Quick access to your files

You can access the BIM library directly from within your project. No need to switch to an external window or download files locally. Using the advanced filtering options such as category, manufacturers, or availability you can find the articles that you need within seconds. If you have to take some time to decide what item you want to use, you can visit the manufacturer URL included in the article description to consult the documentation provided.

A source of BIM news

The Communication Channel available in the plugin is your constant source of information about new content releases, new manufacturers joining the platform, product updates, news from the BIM industry and a lot of valuable information to help you realize better building installations.

Download the MEPcontent Browser straight away and start working faster with BIM content!