Essential update for the Electrical Schematics App for Revit


You can now generate a block schematic of your Revit electrical system

A new schematic has been added to the Electrical Schematics App: the block schematic. This schematic will show an overview of all of the panels in the Revit electrical system and has 2 variations: one with the level information included with the panel and one with the levels represented using horizontal lines and placing the panels on the correct level.

For Revit power systems, the panels will include information about the total connected load, the total estimated demand and the apparent load per phase. Great to get a nice overview!

Choose which levels to include in your system structure schematic

When generating the system structure schematic, you can now choose which levels to include in your schematic. This enables you to create system structure schematics that are more compact and easier to print. Offering you more flexibility!

Generate schematics for each panel individually

We are not only showing the main panels, but also all of the sub panels in your Revit electrical system. This enables you to generate a schematic for each main and sub panel individually.