New Vaillant and Saunier Duval items available for download: Select your preferred localization


3+ localizations for Saunier Duval heat pumps

RFA, IFC and DWG files are now available for free download for the GeniaAir HA, GeniaSetSplit and MEHsplit with the following localizations: Belgium, Poland, Italy, Spain and France.

The new air-to-water heat pump for heating, cooling and domestic hot water

The new GeniaAir Split system with refrigerant split technology is the natural extension of Saunier Duval heat pump portfolio and has been developed to make installation easier for you.

New Revit and AutoCAD files available for aroTHERM5, MEHsplit and uniTOWERsplit Vaillant heat pumps with 11 new localizations

If your project requires RFA and DWG files for Vaillant heat pumps with product information from Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, Croatia, Norway or Poland, you can download these for free from the MEPcontent library.

The new items are available for aroTHERM5 air and water heat pump, the MEHsplit and uniTOWERsplit.

High performance, low noise

The aroTHERM Split is an efficient, environment-friendly option for heating, cooling and hot water. You can enhance the system even further with a wide range of system components like ventilation or solar collectors (also on MEPcontent).

Vaillant heat pumps also extended with IFC files

IFC files for aroTHERM5, MEHsplit and uniTOWERsplit can now be downloaded and used with with localizations for France, the United Kingdom and Germany.