Save time with BIM: 4 new manufacturer Apps for Revit

High-quality, manufacturer-specific content is essential in a BIM workflow. To provide this to MEP engineers, MEPcontent launched 4 new free apps in collaboration with manufacturers. Find out which ones and how to use them to design systems at lightning speed:

Henco Product Line Placer
Henco is a leading European producer of high quality pipes, fittings and accessories. The free MEPcontent Henco Product Line Placer App for Revit makes it very easy to place Henco piping systems in a BIM project. Just click and draw and the correct Henco fittings are added directly to your Henco piping system in Revit. From your BIM project, you can directly order items from your material list, such as Henco pipes, Henco couplings or Henco press fittings.

Ostendorf Product Line Placer
Ostendorf Kunststoffe is a renowned German supplier of sanitary systems, in which quality is of paramount importance. The new free MEPcontent Ostendorf Product Line Placer App for Revit takes the design of Ostendorf sanitary systems to the next level. Designed with the needs of MEP engineers in mind, the app is meant to save time and improve the complete BIM workflow.

POLOPLAST Product Line Placer
POLOPLAST is one of the largest international specialists in the field of plastic pipes and focuses on pipe systems for household technology, water supply and sewerage. The MEP content POLOPLAST Product Line Placer for Revit plugin gives BIM experts access to the POLO-KAL KG, POLO-KAL 3S and POLO-KAL NG series. Visit the MEP content store and watch the video to get a quick impression of this new App.

Mitsubishi Electric System Designer
Mitsubishi Electric is the world leader in the field of air-conditioning systems for residential, commercial and industrial use. The free Mitsubishi Electric System Designer App for Revit and AutoCAD enables you to quickly find the right products from Mitsubishi Electric to design your climate systems. Filter the Mitsubishi Electric HVAC units on technical properties and use your desired air conditioners in your BIM projects instantly.

Start saving time
With these solutions, you no longer have to place each component individually in your system. As you design, the autorouting functionality and nodesolver of the new Product Line Placer Apps will automatically add the right manufacturer-specific fittings to your system. You can also order items directly from the material lists from your BIM project, such as pipes and couplings. This saves a lot of time and guarantees that you always work with up-to-date content. The apps can be downloaded free of charge from the MEPcontent store.