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From local specialist to global player

Making. Life. Easy. Based on this triad, we develop products and solutions that make life easier for people in many ways. We measure ourselves against this high standard. We consider customer needs at an early stage and from a comprehensive perspective. At Wilo, successful innovations are born from sound knowledge and a keen sense for future technology and market requirements. Combining these two factors takes product value to a whole new level of quality.

Intelligence. Inspiration. Inventiveness. As a pioneer in the pump industry, we have a hand in all areas of water movement technology. We have got what it takes to continuously set benchmarks with Wilo developments, products, systems and services, which includes our international team of experienced, creative employees and innovative technical systems.

Drainage and sewage
Efficient solutions for a clean conscience

All buildings and households in the world produce sewage that must be reliably disposed of in order to meet hygiene standards and prevent noxious odours. However, in places where drainage and sewage doesn't simply flow into the sewer system via gravity, efficient building services come into play.

Our high-performance and highly efficient lifting units and pumps ensure that our partners and users no longer have to worry about sewage – it is reliably transported away utilising minimal resources. Our efficient solutions are used primarily in these application areas:

  • Wastewater collection and transport

  • Sewage treatment

  • Drainage and flood control

Heating, air-conditioning, cooling
Our efficient solutions for warmth and comfort

The right temperature and optimal room climate are important factors when it comes to ensuring comfort inside a building, whether you live or work there. Both are possible with modern building services that allow reliable and efficient distribution of water.

We offer a wide variety of intelligent pumps and systems to make our users' everyday lives simply more pleasant. Our energy-efficient solutions are not only suitable for single-family and two-family homes, they are ideal for public and commercial properties as well. Wilo pumps are used in these areas:

  • Heating, including underfloor heating systems

  • Solar and geothermal energy systems

  • Potable and hot water supply

  • Air-conditioning and cooling technology

Water Supply
Our efficient solutions for water extraction and use

Fresh, clean water is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive worldwide. That's why efficient extraction and use of this resource is one of the greatest challenges of our time. We are conscious of our social responsibility in this area and are using our expertise to help create solutions.

We have developed special pumps and components for water purification systems capable of handling the many different water compositions. Our high-performance solutions for our partners and users are designed to transport water as far and as efficiently as possible. They are used in the following areas:

  • Rainwater utilization

  • Water supply and pressure boosting

  • Fire fighting

  • Water purification

  • Raw water intake

  • Desalination

  • Professional irrigation/agriculture
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