Turbo Press

Made of CW 617N brass fittings, TURBO PRESS, with integrated hose tail and two ageing-resistant and leak proof EPDM rings, they withstand high pressure and high temperature ensuring the hydraulic tightness. the design of the O-ring LBP (Leak before press) allows to identify a possible leakage of the fluid, during the testingphase of the installation, in case the fittings was not pressed.

The TURBO PRESS fittings are suitable for tooling with TH, B, U e H, clamp’s profile till size 32, while for larger sizes they are suitable with TH jaws.
Last update : 24-03-2020
File name

SA_Wall Plate_F_MEPcontent_Bonomi_Turbo Press_502100_INT-EN.rfa