Satellite module that independently manages high-temperature and low-temperature heating (direct and mixed circuits) and instantaneous production of domestic hot water in each apartment when installed in district heating systems. Components: 30 plates heat exchanger; priority valve for domestic water circuit controlled by 230 V AC – 6 W motor; anti-scalding thermostatic mixing valve 36÷50 °C; anti-scalding device on domestic hot water circuit; thermometer on domestic hot water circuit; anti-pollution check valve at the inlet of domestic cold water circuit; mixing valve for fixed point mixing (with thermostatic control head and remote contact probe) or outside compensated temperature mixing (with axial servomotor and control unit); three-speed pump / model “E” with variable-speed pump EEI<20; summer/winter two-way valve on high-temperature and low-temperature circuits; pocket for temperature immersion probe on delivery side of primary circuit; balancing valve on primary circuit; balancing by-pass valve on mixed circuit; balancing lockshield of heating/domestic water circuit; hydraulic separator with built-in check valve; shut-off ball valve; manual air vent valve; fill-drain valves; protection filter for heat meter; expanded polypropylene insulating shell; multifunctional electronic board. Circuit connections: 3/4” flat seal. Indicative power (to be verified according to the conditions of use): 10 kW heating side, 32 kW domestic water side. Production of 12 l/min of 48°C domestic water. High-temperature domestic water outlet. Hot domestic water recirculation circuit complete with pump, check valve and electronic temperature sensor for domestic hot water priority mode activation. Installation: on frame, “C” in wall fitted box made of galvanized sheet-metal cover (white painted) 860-960 × 700 × 110-160 mm, “M” in wall hanging box made of aluminium (white painted) 722 × 600 × 150 mm. Optional accessories: mechanical or ultrasonic heat meter 1,5 o 2,5 m3/h, cold domestic water flow meter 1,5 m3/h, thermoelectric actuator, thermostatic control head, axial servomotor.
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Last update : 10-12-2018
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