VCR 2132 NH HARMONIA Thermostatic valve


Reverse thermostatic valve with flow rate pre-regulation and pressure dynamic balancing, HARMONIA-series, with female connection. Connection to iron pipe x Connection to radiator: G 3/8"F x G 3/8"M with or without O-ring, G 1/2"F x G 1/2"M with or without O-ring. Ring nut with spingle which can be replaced and inspected while the system is working. Fluid: water, glycol-water solutions (up to 30% glycol max). Max fluid temperature: 120° C. Max operating pressure: 10 bar. Differential pressure range: 0.1÷0.6 bar. Body material: nickel-plated CW617N brass. Gaskets and O-rings materials: Peroxide EPDM. Spring, washer and spindle material: Stainless steel. Protective cap: orange ABS.
Last update : 09-10-2018
File name

HC_Valve_MEPcontent_IVAR_VCR2132NH_Reverse Thermostatic Dynamic Valve HARMONIA With Female Connection.rfa