Pumps to join the Trimble MEP Apps family


Pumps, Valves and Piping Systems Apps for an MEP seamless workflow

MEPcontent, part of Trimble, launched a new App to place manufacturer-specific pumps into Revit projects to allow MEP specialists around the world to save time and work with high-quality detailed products build based on the data delivered by manufacturers to give an accurate representation.

The Product Line Placer for Pumps App for Revit allows MEP engineers and MEP contractors across the world to easily place pumps in Revit from multiple manufacturers.

Save time by searching for pumps on keywords or by filtering on technical properties to find the pumps that meet your requirements in a matter of seconds.

Even more, you can use the predefined schedules equipped with 100% reliable manufacturer-specific data to order your pumps directly from within your project environment.

Download the App, install it on your PC and start working with it to experience yourself how helpful it can be while working on mechanical projects in Revit.

4 famous pump manufacturers, 30+ Pump Product lines including double pumps

KSB, Biral, Grundfos and Wilo are all included in this plugin. The MEPcontent Product Line Placer for Pumps for Revit plugin can be downloaded and tried for free on store.mepcontent.com. The Application has localized content for Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom but can also be used in all other countries.