Valsir Product Line Placer to get Valsir Products in your BIM process

MEPcontent partnered with the well-known manufacturer Valsir S.p.A. to allow MEP specialists around the world to save time and work in a more user-friendly way. One new Application in Revit to work with the most used Valsir products for free.

"We have never overlooked any detail in the development of our BIM models and as from today, with MEPcontent, we have also managed to facilitate engineers in the way to use them."
Eng. Alessandro Giovannini-Director, Technical Department Valsir S.p.A.

The Valsir Product Line Placer for Revit Application combines the best of two worlds. The application enables engineers to design Valsir Sanitary systems using user-friendly autorouting. Furthermore, all articles placed with the App are actual and localized Valsir products.
The short 1:25 min video will explain how it works to get an impression of the App. The Valsir Product Line Placer also contains the optimizer functionality, which enables engineers to change all fittings to their preferences with a single push of a button.

Did you know you can even create schedules with product data in a matter of seconds? Like a Cutting List, Fittings schedule or Equipment schedule?

Download the App, install it on your pc and start working with it to experience yourself how helpful it can be.

4 Product lines, 32 product groups, dozens of Valsir system types

Content from Valsir® Triplus®, Valsir® Silere®, Valsir® PP3/PP and Valsir® HDPE is included in this plugin. The integrated content library helps you find specific pieces for your model through our MEPcontent browser.