Fire up your productivity and model with rocket speed (Attach hangers)

The Productivity Tools App has been improved with new functionalities!

This app provides productivity support for designing MEP systems. The functionality is meant for easily connecting, rotating and reconnecting Revit families in routing systems. The tools are easy to use, powerful and versatile. Moreover, the tools can also be used with self-created families.

Next to Connect Elements, Rotate Elements around Element, Rotate Elements in free space, Reconnect Elements, Connect & Copy Elements and Connect & Rotate Elements, we just added two more!

Attach hanger(s) to System

Attach & extend hanger rod(s) to Construction.

Bonus: You can add Flamco hanger(s) to your System in Revit now!

Why the Productivity Tools?

The steps for connecting and rotating families on the Revit platform with native Revit functionality are extensive. Connect and rotate functionality with the productivity tool app increase user-friendliness, expand productivity and save clicks. Reconnect element tooling makes it easy to restore disconnected saddles and solves a native Revit platform issue.

Use these 8 Productivity Tools in one App and work faster in Revit!