Rotating Elements in Revit just Got a Lot Easier

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Revit is a tremendous platform that enables the collaboration between different parts involved in a BIM project. However, when it comes to really specific tasks, such as rotating MEP families in free space or around another family, Revit will propose quite tricky solutions. If you have ever attempted to rotate objects in Revit, you know what I am describing.

Multiple rotation possibilities at your disposal

Speed and accuracy can be decisive factors when it comes to the overall quality of an MEP project. Delivering in time is essential, that is why MEP engineers need to benefit from the help of specialized tools to aid them in their work.

In this case, we are talking about a Revit plugin that enables the modeler to rotate families in free space around any axis (X, Y, Z), or around another 3D object with any amount of degrees.

Rotating single or multiple elements (like fittings, pipes and ducts) connected to a system is possible by specifying the desired direction and angle. Opposed to the plain functionality offered by Revit, the connectivity won’t be lost.

You can rotate single Revit families, multiple elements connected to each other, assemblies or groups around X, Y, and Z axis in any view, including 3D views. View here the Revit plugin that will allow you to do all of this.

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