DINUY S.A. beginnings date back to September of the year 1947, starting its activity as electromechanical constructions, dedicated to the manufacture of electromechanical material, transformers, motors, etc., in Irun, where we still are placed currently.

From the beginnings to the present day manufacturing has been adapted to the times, being at the moment the electronic products the most important fiel, representing almost all of the production.

Our commitment to new technologies has made us investigate in the last years fields as radio-frequency, dimming and control of lighting, developing avant-garde products.

At the same time our commitment to the environment has led us to manufacture a wide variety of intelligent products mainly focused to save energy, in order to take advantage of the natural conditions in all facilities and minimize the consumption of electricity.

All the efforts and dedication during more than 65 years made by the great team of people who participated and continues participating in the company together with the great support and confidence of our customers and partners have allowed us to have the current positioning in the market of electrical equipment where DINUY brand is present and is known in many countries of the world.
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Calle Auzolan N2, 20303 Irún. Guipuzcoa, Spain
+34 943 62 79 88

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