Specialist for more than 60 years evacuation and water management systems in synthetic materials, Nicoll designs solutions Sanitary, Plumbing, Building, for all types of construction, residential and non-residential, and for different. Specializing in injection and extrusion, Nicoll is one of the European leaders in synthetic materials for building and public works. Nicoll is a range of solutions for fluid management, from water drainage to the distribution network to building ventilation.

High value-added solutions for fluid management
We design solutions Sanitary, Plumbing, Building, for all types of construction, in residential and non-residential, and for different types of markets: individual housing (the individual house, private pools, gardens, individual spas), collective housing (small and large collectives, high-rise buildings), agricultural buildings, tertiary buildings (offices, shops, hotels, educational institution, health buildings, leisure, ports and transport infrastructure), transport (marine, railway. ..).

Nicoll is part of the Aliaxis group: a global presence
With a global workforce of about 15,500 employees, Aliaxis offers specific solutions that meet our customers’ most demanding needs across the globe. Aliaxis is active through leading local brands and operating in over 40 countries, combining local solutions with global innovation and operational excellence. The company is privately owned, with its global headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.
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