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DYKA B.V. designs, produces and sells plastic pipe systems, consisting of pipes and fittings made of PVC, PE and PP. The company, founded in 1957, has grown into a company with a strong market position and has offices in many European countries. Additionally DYKA exports its products to many countries around the world. The headquarters of DYKA Netherlands (with the departments of product development, sales, purchasing, marketing and commerce) is in Steenwijk.


The mission of DYKA is to provide a constructive contribution to integrated water management by the production and distribution of plastic pipe systems in a socially responsible manner.


DYKA wants to be the highest rated provider of sustainable solutions in plastic pipe systems with a leading position in the market for housing, commercial buildings, floor construction, road building and hydraulic engineering.

DYKA piping systems are used by:

    • Internal Sewerage Systems
    • Ventilation ducts
    • Rainwater drainage systems
    • Rainwater Use Plants
    • Outside Sewer Systems
    • systems for filtration and infiltration of rainwater
    • Drainage Systems
    • Water supply transport
    • Gas transport
    • Electrical installations
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Postbus 33 - 8330 AA Steenwijk

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