Ventilair Group Nederland B.V.

The ventilation specialist who stands next to you as a colleague.
At Ventilair we help you with a well thought-out ventilation solution, quickly. We ensure that you can work smart and efficiently and make your project sustainable, healthy, and comfortable.

We succeed because we are competent, involved, available and innovative.

We are a true ventilation specialist, we have been doing this for over 30 years. We charge into in your ventilation assignment and come up with a well thought out and purposeful advice.

We know our customers well, really pay attention to each other and the people we work with. We are open and friendly. Just like you, we want to work together well, deliver beautiful projects, and make the end user happy.

We do not like our calls to be put through endlessly, to wait for a response, or to have all kinds of different contact persons. So, if you contact us we make sure you are helped out right away.

We actively seek partnerships and we come up with new insights and solutions. We challenge ourselves in thinking and working on the development of new concepts.

Ventilair produces, innovates, and advises good ventilation solutions. And that is how people feel pleasant, alert and fit!

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Ventilair Group Nederland B.V.
Kerver 16
5521 DB Eersel
+31 (0) 497 36 00 31

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