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Our dream: excellent indoor air available to everyone

We eat, we sleep, we work. And we breathe. More than 25,000 (!) times a day. Healthy indoor air has a positive effect on our daily life: it makes us happier, gives us more energy and can even extend our life expectancy.

Every day, we at Brink use our knowledge and our wealth of experience to create top-quality climate solutions, with a constant focus on innovation and sustainability. To make excellent indoor air accessible to everyone.

To realize our dream, we are happy to inform and to advise. The people at the Brink Knowledge Centre know all there is to know about the latest regulations on ventilation and air heating and they are happy to advise on feasibility and practicability issues.

Need support in making a design? Please feel free to contact our specialists of the Consultancy Department. Our consultants will be glad to help you create the optimum solution for any installation. Of course you can also contact us for other questions.
Call us at +31 522 46 99 44 or email to:

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Brink Climate Systems