Product Line Placer for Valves

Placing valves gets much easier with the new MEPcontent Product Line Placer for Valves app available for Revit. Easily filter on technical properties, select and place valves in your Revit project and work directly with localized and up-to-date manufacturer specific products.

The following content from Hattersley is available in the App: Ball valve, Series: Fig. 100.PF, 100CYL, 100C, 100CEXT, 108C, 100YL, 100, 100EXT; Butterfly valve, Series: Fig. 4930BS, 4990G, 950, 950G, 950W, 950WG, 970, 970G, 951, 951G, 971, 971G, 970W, 970WG, 4970, 4970G, 4925; Non-return valve, Series: 47.PF, M651, M651E, M653, 861, 866, M650, 42, 48, 1013; Globe valve, Series: M552, M549, M511, 30C, 35, C31, M541, M544, C618, 33X, 30, M540, 33, 669, 609, 504, 501, C4, 17, 731, 5N, 13, 5, 23.

You can download the app for free from our store.
Last update : 12-03-2018
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