Duct Connected - High static pressure - Indoor unit
- Adjustable external static pressure by wired remote controller from 10 to 200 Pa
- Energy efficiency is improved by using DC fan motor & high efficient heat exchanger
- Zoning system: effective temperatures control of multiple rooms with one indoor duct unit
- Quiet operation (sound pressure level of 37-38 dBA) is achieved thanks to DC fan motor
- Motion sensor (option): detects the presence/absence and human activity in a room to improve comfort and energy saving
- Impeller and motor can be pulled out easily and maintenance can be carried out from the right or bottom side
- Drain-pump (600 mm) is mounted in all models and the drain pan is equipped with a window to quickly check the cleanliness
- Compatible with R410 and R32 refrigerants
Laatst bijgewerkt : 20-11-2021