IVAR Dirtstop®: Swivelling magnetic dirt separator with double filtering action, compact, with connection kit for the installation under the boiler. The double filtering action, guaranteed in any position thanks to the swiveling insert (Patent Pending), is performed by a neodymium magnet (magnetic induction B = 1,2 T (12.000 G)) and a mesh strainer (800 μm) made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The neodymium magnet is diametrically polarized and therefore it develops a homogeneous magnetic field which maximizes the capture of ferrous impurities. The mesh strainer retains all impurities. Impurities precipitate into the large settling chamber at the bottom of the dirt separator. The evacuation of impurities is possible without emptying the system and disassembling the dirt separator, thanks to the removable magnet and to the opening of a 360° swiveling shut-off ball valve. Body material: technopolymer IXEF®. Shut-off ball valve, swiveling fitting and plugs material: CW617N brass. Sealing elements material: Peroxide EPDM. Temperature: 0 ÷ 90 °C. Max pressure: 3 bars. Kv with swiveling insert in position A = 5,6 m3/h angle configuration; Kv with swiveling insert in position A1 = 6,2 m3/h straight configuration; Kv with swiveling insert in position B = 5,5 m3/h angle configuration; Kv with swiveling insert in position B1 =5,7 m3/h straight configuration. Compatible with water or glycol solutions max 50%. Connections: 3/4”M x 3/4"F.
Laatst bijgewerkt : 26-02-2020

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