Dirtstop® XL

IVAR Dirtstop® XL: triple effect magnetic dirt separator: cyclonic action guaranteed by a patented internal insert, developed to guide the fluid directed to the boiler in order to maximize the slowing down and decantation of the debris; subsequent removal of ferrous particles by means of a neodymium magnet, magnetic field 14000 G; mechanical filtration with an 800 μm mesh filter (pre- assembled 500 μm filter for the first cleaning of the system). Internal components completely inspectable, removable and washable by removing the upper plug, with the special lever provided. Manual air vent valve. Draining valve with opening lever and tap. Swivel fitting for mounting to the pipeline in different orientations, with the special lever provided. Allowed installation on horizontal, vertical or oblique lines. Buttonhole on magnetic insert, sealing band supplied. Materials: body, cyclonic insert and cap in PA66 + GF 30%; "T" joint and locking ring nut in PA66 + GF 30%; filters in stainless steel AISI 304; seals in peroxide EPDM. Compatible fluids: water; water + glycol max 50%. Maximum recommended flow rate: 2.13 m3/h. Maximum operating pressure: 3 bar. Operating temperature: 0-90 °C. Flow coefficient Kv: 6.7 m3 /h. Connections: Ø22 x Ø22 copper pipe (520124); 3/4" F x 3/4" F (520135); 1"F x 1" F (520136); 1"1/4 F x 1"1/4 F (520139).
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Laatst bijgewerkt : 26-02-2020

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