What content is offered on MEPcontent?


In the construction industry the role of digital 3D content is getting more and more important, as content is used at the start of almost every construction project. If the content used in a project is not correct, this will impact the quality, the calculations and the eventual realization of the project. To ensure engineers work with high quality project content, MEPcontent offers more than 500,000 3D objects in different file types.

What content types are there?
The objects on MEPcontent are offered in different file types, namely IFC, DWG, RFA and PLS. RFA files can be used in Revit, DWG in AutoCAD and IFC is a platform-independent file type, which can be used to exchange information between different parties working on different design platforms. The PLS is a file type which is particularly useful in BIM projects. PLS stands for Product Line Sheet and is actually an Excel sheet with data that can be used as a source for generating BIM content, for example for apps. The Product Line Sheet is filled with parametric information about the geometrical model. It’s lightweight, fast and therefore easy to use in BIM-projects, while still providing a realistic representation of the product with the right connectors and information that is valuable to MEP engineers.

Quality guaranteed with EMCS
Regardless of the file type, the quality of the content is guaranteed by the EMCS: the European MEP Content Standard. This ensures that the data attached to 3D-content is correct and in line with the engineers expectations and needs. The EMCS helps the engineer and the manufacturer to see how the content is being built, what kind of information is attached to it, and how it can be used in different kinds of projects. It ensures content is compact, small and easy to use which makes it faster to use in large projects. The EMCS is also matched to various BIM standards such as ETIM and VDI, to ensure content complies to leading European BIM standards.

Ready to order
In addition to enriching content with technical data, such as technical manuals, the content is also equipped with manufacturer-specific trade and product data. So besides all the technical parameters, also deeplink URLs to the manufacturer website are added, or GTIN numbers and in some cases even a connection to wholesaler databases. This way, MEP engineers can access details from their preferred supplier directly from the BIM model. This makes it easy to order products and get prices directly from the model, already in the design stage. This is the real added value of BIM, as engineers can access all the information they need directly from within the model, and information is used efficiently throughout the entire project.

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