Modelling with Esylux Movement Detector families

Recently the content factory team from MEPcontent created Esylux 3D content. Esylux, among other products, produces movement detectors. The movement detectors detect movement within a certain area. This area is called Field of Detection (FOD). Esylux wanted to have a user-friendly approach for Revit engineers to integrate FOD in the families. It has been done by connecting the FOD to 3D visualization for 3D-views and a symbolic representation for 2D views.
Both reach and functions of the FOD are completely connected to parameters.
Esylux can tell you for each of the products what the exact reach is and what the function of the FOD contains. Thanks to the family with integrated FOD, users can now use the right set of movement detectors to calculate what is needed in their project.

Because movement detectors can be placed on the ceiling, but also on the wall, we created two separated families with two different nested shared families for FOD: FOD for ceiling mounted (E_Detector_Movement_F_MEPcontent_Esylux_Field of Detection for Ceiling) and FOD for wall mounted (E_Detector_Movement_F_MEPcontent_Esylux_Field of Detection for Wall).