MEPcontent browser ready for Revit and Autocad 2018

The MEPcontent browser app is now compatible with Revit 2018 and Autocad 2018. With the updated MEPcontent browser you can quickly find the content you need, directly from within your BIM project. The app for Revit and Autocad allows you to search the largest library for MEP engineers and enrich your project with manufacturer specific 3D content.

The browser is available for free on the MEPcontent apps page and opens from the Add-ins (Revit) or Plug-ins (AutoCAD) ribbon. In the browser you will find the same powerful search engine as on the MEPcontent platform. This makes it easy to search and find the content you need.

The MEPcontent browser app has been available for quite some time already, but is recently updated with some new features:

- Added support for type catalog families. You can directly select and insert the family type you would like to use into your project.
- Back to overview button: easily return to your search results or previous overview.
- Request content: a button and form is added to simplify the process of making a request for content.

Want to see the browser in action? Check out the video for a demonstration or download the app for free from our apps page.