HydroControl V Double regulating and commissoning valves PN25


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Paese United States Of America
Balancing valve for the hydraulic balancing of distribution lines in central heating and cooling systems with closed circuits. Flow determination by differential pressure measurement taking into account the preset values, e.g. with the OV-DMC3 measuring system. Installation in flow or return.
In an angled version with continuously controllable, infinitely fine presetting using a non-rising handwheel. Presetting is reproducible, lockable and sealable as standard. All functional elements on the handwheel side. Equipped with two measuring, draining and filling valves as standard. Valve housing and parts in contact with the medium made of dezincification-resistant brass, EPDM or PTFE. Maintenance-free, double spindle seal.
Female thread on both sides according to EN 10226
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