Henco manifolds available as Revit families

Nowadays it is possible to add underfloor heating manifolds to your designs in an easy and quick way, thanks to the Henco Product Line Placer. Next to the existing data, such as the PVDF, Super Sizes and Vision ranges, you will find Henco underfloor heating manifolds in the Henco Product Line Placer.

The Henco range includes both composite as steel manifolds. One of these composite manifolds, is the UFH-MDK manifold, which is suited for both housing and utility buildings. It is compact in construction and has adaptable fixing brackets, which enables a smooth installation. This manifold is equipped with flowmeters, control valves for each circuit. Outlets are connected with a euroconus 3/4” connection. Discover our MDK-manifold here.

Take a look at the complete Henco range here:

- Composite manifolds
o MDK-manifold > Composite manifold with adjustable flow meter, thermometer washer and air vent.
o CD > composite manifold , adjustable with flow meter
o CDP > composite manifold, adjustable with flow meter and A-pump
o CDT1 > Composite manifold, city heating with A-pump

- Steel manifolds
o SECO > steel collector with A-pump
o SLT > Steel collector with A-pump (low temperature)