Vent-Axia Uniflexplus+ program expanded with new diameter

Vent-Axia unburdens with products aimed at convenience. The Uniflexplus+ air distribution system is designed to make installing a ventilation system as quick and easy as possible. Thanks to the unique click system, the ducts are connected to the distributors and valve collectors in a fraction of the time. Just a few clicks for an airtight connection.

Until now, Uniflexplus+ was available in a 1xØ90mm and 2xØ90mm version. Now Vent-Axia presents an extension to the Uniflexplus+ flexible plastic air distribution system: Uniflexplus+ Ø69mm. With this extension, they have a complete plastic air distribution system that is suitable for any type of residential construction. As of now, the Uniflexplus+ 69 is available for download on MEPcontent.

Uniflexplus+ 69

Uniflexplus+ 69 builds on the trusted click principle. Few components are required for a fast airtight connection. Ø69mm is suitable for new construction and renovation with a more limited construction height. Compared to systems with smaller duct diameters, such as Ø63 mm, there is less air speed, noise and energy consumption. These important advantages are the result of a lower pressure drop at the air flow rates to be achieved. Air flow rates that are easy to calculate in multiples of 25m³/h at a speed of 2.5m/s. There is sufficient margin for balancing and achieving the flow rate, so that installing an extra duct and/or valve is not necessary.

New with the Ø69mm duct, is the meter indication on the duct. This makes measuring the duct unnecessary. The duct is also easy to cut with the new Uniflexplus+ cutting blade. The new clickable bracket is easy to break off for 1, 2 or 3 ducts.
Uniflexplus+ 69 will be available in the second quarter of 2022. For data management of our wholesale customers, all information is already available now, to encode and publish this category in the systems.

Ready for the future

Vent-Axia tailors product features and components to maximize installation time. As a manufacturer of the flexible plastic air distribution system, Vent-Axia always has an eye for the future. Uniflexplus+ is continuously being developed. Building faster and smarter means, among other things, ensuring lower air velocities while preserving air volumes, flexibility and ease of installation. With the arrival of the new diameter, Vent-Axia Uniflexplus+ is prepared for the future and suitable for every type of housing construction.

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